Don’t Eat Cancer – A “Health Basics 101″ Book and Documentary Film!

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Did you know that hospitals serve artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and they serve genetically modified food, like corn oil, canola oil and soybean oil in their cafeterias and in the recovery rooms, all across our great nation? Can you imagine eating pesticides and insecticides while trying to recover from surgery or a sickness in the hospital? Do doctors know?

You simply cannot walk blindly into this modern day conventional food barrage of toxins and expect ideal health. In fact, preventable diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are not discussed in the right light when you visit the hospital, no matter what your ailment. Why?

From infant to senior, we could all experience longevity without disease and disorder; without this food agent chaos – we could share the health and the wealth – being happy all the while. After all, health is the greatest wealth – just ask a sick rich person.

How can you filter all 70,000 food toxins that the FDA allows in foods, out of your normal daily intake? How can you also filter toxins from your drinks, personal care products and basic water? Where is the Health Basics Guide – the cancer-free guide to life and prosperity?

What if I told you today that the medical industry discovered an inoculation for cancer – would you get it? What if the cancer “vaccine” itself was the right knowledge and simple purchase modifications you could make starting right now?

The great hidden truth of the for-profit cancer industry is that preventing cancer is remarkably easy. Most people wouldn’t have cancer if they didn’t give it to themselves; day after day, bite after bite, toxin after toxin.

What you don’t know can and WILL hurt you, in fact, it can give you cancer and kill you. At least 70% of the general public are walking around full of GMOs – genetically modified organisms, and processed foods, trying to digest bug killer and weed killer, wondering why they just “don’t feel right” most of the time.

There is no question that cancer has touched many of our lives. Much of that cancer is caused by unknowingly consuming poisons in the food that we eat. “Don’t Eat Cancer” teaches how to guard your body and mind, and how to filter common chemicals out of your daily food intake.

Most stress and illness starts with a lack of nutrition. Bleached foods, fluoridated water and fake sugars can cripple your immune system and lead you right towards an otherwise preventable disease. Knowledge is power. It’s time to feed your self some power.

Don’t Eat Cancer teaches you how not to be a victim in the kitchen, the grocery store, restaurants and more. It’s time to change the way that we look at cancer, as well as how to cure it.

We invite you to this movement to become part of this enlightening, documentary style film that is based on the book, “Don’t Eat Cancer,” by Sean David Cohen. Don’t Eat Cancer is scientific research on food toxins put in a health basics 101 guide we can all understand and appreciate. It’s time to get healthy and stay healthy. Take control of your life. Don’t Eat Cancer.

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The Clean Food Act of 2014 by Peer-to-Peer Activism!

We the People of the natural health community simply will no longer tolerate corporate-driven censorship and intimidation attempts against honest journalism conducted in the public interest, and we will respond with a spontaneous, decentralized, peer-to-peer activism campaign to remove your products from the marketplace forever. Clear enough?

On the other hand, if you wish to engage us in a polite discussion about how we might re-test your products as your materials improve, we are more than happy to conduct such tests for you at no charge and share those results with the public. We will never ask you for money to test your products, and we will never alter our test results in exchange for money. We cannot be bought off, which is precisely the reason we are so rare in today’s corrupt society (and why we are so popular with health-conscious consumers).

Keep in mind that our goal in publishing these results is not to embarrass your company but to encourage you to do your own heavy metals testing and manufacture cleaner products. We also seek to empower consumers with factual information they can use to make informed purchasing decisions in the best interests of their pets’ health.

We believe in CLEAN FOOD. And we are willing to fight for it using every (legal) tool at our disposal, including social media, videos, articles, emails and more.

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Media is playing an important role in underplaying how vaccines can cause autism!

autism in class
According to Natural News, when Chili’s recently announced that they would make a one-day gesture to provide financial assistance to families devastated by autism, even that was too much for the medical mafia.
Also being targeted in all this is the National Autism Association (NAA), a group that does extraordinary work helping mothers and families understand the causes of autism and possible treatments to help alleviate symptoms of autism. Much like Natural News, the NAA is routinely defamed by the mainstream media through the deliberate engineering and publication of false, defamatory lies and misinformation intentionally spread by the medical mafia to try to shut down anyone who questions vaccine safety.
For more information, log onto:

Factually speaking, vaccines are so dangerous and deadly that the vaccine industry had to achieve total legal immunity for their products through an act of Congress! Thanks to that act, families of children damaged by vaccines cannot pursue justice in the courts. They must submit to a special “vaccine court” where financial settlements are only offered if those families agree to remain forever silent about how their children were harmed by vaccines. These “payoffs for silence” are part of the formula for keeping the lid shut tight on the truth about vaccines.
Those same courts, by the way, have repeatedly been forced to admit that vaccines DO cause autism! Just last year, in fact, the vaccine courts awarded millions of dollars to the families of two children made autistic by vaccine injections.
Vaccines still contain toxic neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde — all openly admitted by the Centers for Disease Control. These toxic substances are injected into children, going directly into their tissue and blood where they are circulated to their brains. Once in the brain, these neurotic substances can and do cause permanent brain damage. They can also cause damage to the digestive tract, as is common in autistic children.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the autism issue and more, one can easily log onto:

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and basic confusion come from eating toxic heavy metals for years. Aluminum in antacids (like tums), aluminum and fluoride in tap water, cadmium and tungsten in rice protein, and the list goes on and on. The Health Ranger Mike Adams is working hard in the Forensic Foods Lab at Natural News and broadcasting even from in the lab his results, research, discoveries and shocking revelations about the food industry’s sinister ways. Find out more in just one click of your mouse:

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Heavy metals in food that kill you – Natural News exclusive

molten food 5
Did you know that everyday foods can contain mercury, the toxin many people accept as an “injection” that causes disease rather than curing it? That is correct so you better check out the foods you eat. Mike Adams the Health Ranger has insight on this phenomenon so common in America:

“As a consumer, it’s about getting in to healthy habits and staying aware.”

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The Natural News Tracker reflects on the winter of 2014 and so much learned!


I’ve learned a lot this past winter thanks to Natural News and my pursuit of real research regarding chemicals in foods. I learned that most prepared food bars have salads chalk full of canola oil, and that even organic canola oil isn’t good for you. I learned about heavy metal toxins in cereals, certain health shakes like protein shakes.

I learned that organic foods from China might as well be from the sewers of New York City, with all the industrial waste and chemical pollution that invades those foods and products in general.

I learned about Supplement SCAMS! Yep.

I learned from doctors about how nearly all edible oils create disease and disorder in the body, except for coconut oil and organic olive oil.

I learned the Monsanto will do anything to have total immunity from lawsuits that arise from their pesticide food they feed the masses. I know that Monsanto has grown because Obama puts their leaders in charge of the FDA, USDA, CDC and more.

I am so grateful for what I know about organic food. I have so much energy daily now thanks to juicing organic vegetables, mixing in superfoods into my smoothies regularly, and supplementing with tinctures we keep in the fridge! Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, thank you for being a pioneer in this charge for great health! What a model of success and an information warrior. A scientist who investigates poisons in foods. What a connection to have in this world of madness, with all these preventable diseases attacking one in every three people and killing half of them. That means preventable disease, diseases that YOU can PREVENT, are killing one in every six people. Talk about Russian roulette. That’s an insane statistic for something you have the choice NOT to entertain.

Great Choices and Great Health

The winter of 2014 was very interesting on many levels. It ushered in the spring, where we see the mass media royally screw up by NOT covering the Bundy Nevada Ranch “occupation” and theft of cattle by the Feds. This was a revolutionary STAND OFF between pro-constitution patriots and government bullies with automatic rifles, helicopters and snipers all backed up by a piece of paper about some federal mandate to save some turtles. We saw how this complete mass media blackout actually strengthened alternative media, natural news and infowars in the biggest way. This was monumental. How exciting to see real patriots stand up for the constitution and the whole thing went viral, bigger than any mass media propaganda could hope to accomplish with their hoaxes. Oh yes, we learned the NEW RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!! Take that George Orwell! The country “hill billies” are all smart and have great guns. They’re waiting in the hills for the Anti-government U.S. Government to try to invade again with their 1st amendment “area” signs:

The winter of 2014 ushered in some critical thinking about how politics spills into our food, in the form of food criminals and food agents that kill us quicker than they ever did. From Neotame to Whole Grains, we are all quickly learning what causes inflammation. From Gluten to GMO, we are quickly learning what causes confusion, depression and of course cancer.

I will not be a fool. I will not get sick from preventable disease. I will not self-incur disorder from eating toxic food, drinking toxic drink, and putting known carcinogens on my skin, my largest organ.

Yes I learned all of this, and put it together with politics, corporations, and other greedy businesses that don’t care about me, except as a statistic and health care bill. I won’t be those things. I have a choice. I have hundreds of choices I love making every day. The fun of life is that it keeps changing, evolving and getting better when we couple knowledge with nutrition. I am my own ultimate natural health enthusiast.

All U.S. soil is the 1st Amendment AREA!

You have the right to speak. Anything you say can and will help you in a court of law – as you record it on video and share it instantly with the world. No mass media could ever take that away again. It’s on. The infowar. That war that is stronger than any weapon at communicating who is in control. The people are in control of what they choose, and their own property, and their own health. Yes. They are. We learned that last week in Nevada, and the shots that we heard around the world we’re just videos, because no gun was ever even fired. Peace, intelligence and firepower made history, and the television news stations all made their biggest mistake ever trying to hide what took place.

BUSTED! – Watch the interview w/Judge Andrew Napolitano:
Why Is Harry Reid Been Silent About This?
Harry Reid’s Son & A Chinese Company With Big Solar Project?

No matter where you stand in the United States, your right to defend your own safety, your children and your health remain in tact. Have no doubts. Remember this: never look to the TV for real news, never look in newspapers for real health news, and always rely on your own research after you’ve looked in the right places. This is key.

Follow the Natural News Tracker and you will see:

I have a Master’s degree in Education and a degree in Journalism and I love sharing what I find on line. The internet can reward you like a college degree. Follow the greatest nutritionists on the planet and find energy all day, every day for the rest of your life. Find natural immunity to the stuff TV and newspapers try to scare you with their propaganda. Food is medicine my friends. Certified organic food from organic soil watered with clean spring water. Life is full of surprises, changes, and things I plan WELL. Here are some more of my favorite research “engines:”

Check it out:

NaturalNews launches citizen journalism program, invites writers to contribute articles for publication

Learn more:

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FED FRACKERS beaten back with armed “PEACE” at Bundy Ranch in Nevada

Image: An armed man stands watch as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

Health, Environment and the Constitution – three great reasons to follow natural news regularly, daily, and usually many times a day – that’s the way to stay informed and to make informed decisions, about life and how to live it. Certainly the boob-tube TV won’t tell you what you need to know, and the newspapers are scripted as badly as Wolfe Blitzer himself. Do you know the Revolutionary War of 2014 has already been fought, without firing a single shot, and it just happened this week in Nevada? If you’ve been watching CNN and MSNBC, or ABC, CBS or NBC – well then you missed it.

The Constitution was defended on horseback, with armed citizens taking to the dirt roads to protect their cattle and their land from the FED FRACKERS. Yes, the government is selling fracking contracts and thieving minerals, and it’s not just in Afghanistan or Iraq, – but this home turf invasion went way too far, and the federal “occupancy” and cattle “concentration camps” got cold busted in action, during the attempted heist, of rights, of land, of righteousness, and the whole land and resource illegal “grab” blew up in their faces.

The “cognitively accomplished” New America that rules by the Constitution:

As the Health Ranger puts in best, “the cognitively accomplished” just set a precedent by fighting a battle with logic, common sense and ethics. Ooops, sorry U.S. government, about your bad luck! All Americans are not retarded from your fluoride water. All Americans are not mentally challenged and looking for their rights in a fenced off area with signs that read “1st Amendment Area.” The first amendment area is the soil known as the United States, including Nevada. This peaceful “stand off” set new precedents for human rights and personal freedom that cannot be erased or eradicated, ever!

Mike Adams writes this about the Bundy family and the peaceful militia that stepped up to the “plate” to defend the Constitution and win this preliminary Revolutionary War:

“Most of what you are being told about these people is propaganda, not factual truth. As a result, when you think you are about to go toe-to-toe with what you’ve been taught are “low IQ, inbred anti-government extremists,” the truth is that many of these people are actually far more cognitively accomplished than your own agents. For example, members of the Bundy family possess well-developed philosophical ideas about liberty, personal perseverance and spiritual courage.”

“Members of the Bundy family possess well-developed philosophical ideas about liberty, personal perseverance and spiritual courage. At the same time, most lower-tier federal agents have never spent any real time pondering ethics, values, courage or philosophy at all.”

Learn more:

Listen to secret recordings that reveal the Fed’s plot that got unraveled by Alternative Media:

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American politics means printing money at will and taxing hard working folks for control

It doesn’t really matter if you’re democratic, republican, or just about power, because 99% of all politicians go to Washington DC for one thing – control. When a President is sworn in, he/she is put in the ultimate “authoritarian” position, and he/she is told secrets about how to maintain that control under the guise of taxation WITH representation.

Remember why the Europeans fled Europe for the land of milk and honey to begin with? Do you? – Taxation without representation. Remember that little document called the Constitution? Nowhere does it allow for “income tax” and there really is no law – still – you go to jail or worse for not paying. Go figure.

If you total up all the income tax paid by Americans yearly, it’s only around 3 trillion. If you total the war costs for fighting (occupying) Afghanistan – it runs well over 1 trillion a year. Did you know the politicians in charge of “staying in the war” are the same CEOs and CFOs who run the companies that are making hundreds of billions off the war right now? Yep. Remember Dick Cheney? Do you know about Haliburton? Why do you think we are still at war? Dick Cheney is a billionaire. Your income taxes go into politicians pockets. NO – America doesn’t need your tax money for roads, bridges and school’s infrastructures – just look at the decrepit state of those now! The U.S. debt that the politicians like Obama all want us to “work together” to fix, that’s all unnecessary spending by the government. The bailouts of Big Businesses and Big Banks – that’s all more money for the filthy rich. Don’t be fooled by control tripping bureaucrats who want you to keep voting for them so they can spend your hard earned money. Listen to Ron Paul speak – at least he makes sense!

Watch the movie that proves income tax is not even legal!


“The true enemies of liberty and all modern societies and people are the central bank counterfeiters. The largest counterfeiter in the history of the world consists of the Federal Reserve banking scheme, which counterfeits American dollars through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.”

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, speaks out on wasted money, printed money and bailouts for the richest people in the world (that run the big banks).

Learn more about why “the real purpose of the IRS tax code is to exist as a tool of social control where behaviors can be punished or rewarded by lawmakers and special interests. Learn about how money is created as a debt burden against the People.”

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