Jon Entine – the Perfect Sellout! – A precedent “case” for unveiling GMO lies and propaganda

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Good lawyers in court will always cite a precedent case that serves as the ultimate example for their argument or proof. When the evidence is strong and is similar or the same as the evidence in a prior case, the old case often is enough for a judge to “see the light” quickly and make a decision. Same goes for a grand jury. Organic food enthusiasts are all on the same page this month – the month Jon Entine was exposed for his actions and propaganda journalism – and Biotech Front Man Jon Entine is that precedent “case” that will expose other “shills” for years to come.

Shills of now and the future

Nobody wants the label of conspiracy theorist, so people shy away from conversations that involve speaking about planned evil, planned conning, planned rip-offs and the fact that people are “out to get them” and take their money and health away. Still, conversations ensue behind closed doors, at dinner tables, and after the fake news comes on TV.

Families and couples talk about all the BS they must endure. They try to laugh it off. They talk about toxic food, toxic water and toxic personal care products. they talk about staged events the feds pull off and they talk about 9/11, still.

Conspiracy also means governments and corporations that conspire to make money off people being sick. Theory means you believe something to be true so you try to work out in your mind how it “went down” or is going down now. You think about who said what and to whom. You think about the planning that must have taken place. The money that exchanged hands. How many people would now have to keep their “mouth shut” and never speak of travesty? Can we at least TALK about false, absurd and distorted situations? Is it legal to discuss, or will the cameras and audio recorders in our smart tv, smart phone, and smart meter report to NSA that we’re domestic terrorists, as labeled in Obama’s NDAA “manual?”


You CAN talk about it all, and you should. You should be discussing the latest “greatest” example of how the Biotech Industry pays front men to write that pesticide food is good for humans to eat, and safe. You should be livid about the fact that complete sellouts make a fortune off doing falsified research to say that toxic herbicides are safe and good for humans to consume. You should also be happy though, to know that these jerks aren’t happy and they have been caught being abusive, in courts of law.

Then you not only see justice prevail, but you “pull the wool” from over the publics’ eyes and expose the truth. This is cause for celebration. We NOW KNOW not to believe any of the research that comes from the very carcinogenic manufacturers of this Biotech nightmare. GMO means they infuse toxic herbicide and pesticide into seeds and it grows inside plants. These same corporations are paying people like Jon Entine, former ABC News Producer, to write books like somehow he can justify and promote science he doesn’t even understand or practice. The man has no degree in science, no degree in nutrition and no degree in medical practice, so he shouldn’t be allowed to act as such, but that’s the world we live in.

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So now we all get smarter, and sharper, and fall for less BS. That’s the bottom line. We don’t believe the Jon Entine’s of the World and not for one second! We remember the “precedent case” where the Biotech Shill got busted in court documents for abusing his wife and daughter psychologically, putting them through a nightmare for seven years and counting, subpoena after subpoena, lie after lie, just like the people who believe what he writes about GMO, Syngenta, Monsanto and other evil corporations – he promotes them and their toxic products. He touts the whole industry. He blasts the natural news network and health enthusiasm in general so you won’t believe in organic food as medicine.

The big goal for the Jon Entine Front Man mentality is to make money and have control of people. This goes for politicians and lobbyists for Monsanto. This goes for Dupont and Bayer, Dow Chemical and Big Food in General. They invest in cancer medicines and equipment that doesn’t even work. The scam is planned and planned well, and the only conspiracy is them planning how to keep it going and growing, while we deconstruct the whole facade when they get busted in court for abuse, lies and manipulation!

So we take a close look at this case of the Biotech Shill of the decade, and we remember it. We read every detail we can tolerate until it sinks in, that people are really like this and they will steal your money and your health with their misinformation. They will change what you buy and eat, with their disinformation. They twist and distort what’s real and they flip and contort what’s real. They bastardize the news and they mutate your news, so you’ll follow their (fake) lead and run into problems that cost you money – the money the corporations take for your carelessness and stupidity. People develop preventable disorders because of bad choices, but it all changes when they KNOW truth and FACE the truth. Talk about it at YOUR dinner table, behind closed doors, if you must, but just talk about it. Talk about what you read about Jon Entine and Syngenta, the evil Biotech villains of the world, who promote sickness so they can bankroll off you and I. Don’t let it happen. You have control. Remember this precedent case and it will help you identify other trolls and shills of the internet news for years to come.

Here are more great blog resources that summarize a TON of news that has been published regarding Entine and Biotech this month!

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3-D Printers for $1,000 make gun parts, tools, and ornaments at your home! Home-Technology will change DRASTICALLY in next 2 – 3 years

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How could it be? Won’t the Obama Administration step in and patent and deny? How can you make tools for weapons at home with a printer? That’s like a welder making a rifle, right? Are people preparing for another Revolution? You bet they are. Forget about liquid televisions for a minute and jacuzzi tubs, you could be “swimming” in self reliance for under $2,000, making food, cleansing water, making tools for your garden and house fixups, and even parts for your car. How? The Health Ranger Mike Adams is doing it, and he’s about to release a patented invention that does ALL of the above, over and over and over at your home. How will you keep up with the news and the release? You keep up with the Natural News Tracker, who provides the best research links and professional blog articles on Natural Health News, the Natural News Network.

This just in from Natural Health News and Mike Adams the Health Ranger:

Dremel releases consumer-level 3D printer for just under $1000

The Dremel company has just released a consumer-friendly 3D printer that brings this technology closer to becoming a common household appliance. It’s called the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, and while I’ve never used this myself, it looks really simple and easy to operate. The object build dimensions are limited to 9″ x 6″ x 5.5″, but that’s plenty for many objects you’ll need around the home or office. ( even sells this new 3D printer, by the way.) Learn more:

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“Pre-Conditioning” for New Years … A Natural News Exclusive look at Quitting Smoking, Losing Weight and Eating Organic

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Why are trace minerals so important? Find out here by tracking Natural News.

Why is organic food SO MUCH BETTER for you than conventional or GMO?

What is so important about food and mineral ABSORBTION?

Here are your answers and more, with great research links!

It all starts with the right food. That’s what drives your moods, and that’s what drives your engine (your body and mind) — the purest food on Earth. Then you dive right into your grand idea, your invention, your theory. Then your brain seems to be firing on all cylinders, all the time. You can focus and think deep, and for longer periods of time. You don’t even mind the down time; in fact, you completely appreciate it now. You are calm. This is the beginning of conditioning, starting now, for 2015, so you will be physically, mentally and, most of all, spiritually connected to your own dream.

If you started smoking or want to quit, you can. There’s a natural method. If you have no energy, creativity or enthusiasm, you can gain that. There’s organic food, superfoods and tinctures to talk about. If you’re depressed, stressed and anxious, there’s a solution. There’s always an “organic” way out of every problem, and there’s always a natural way to accomplish your goals. Keep an open mind here and take a look at fitness in regard to organic food.

Studies on fitness, weight loss and organic food

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Did you know that switching to organic produce could help you live longer AND keep you slimmer? Academics say so. Let’s talk about artificial fertilizers killing off significant amounts of key nutrients in fruits and vegetables, including vitamin C. You could expand your lifespan up to FIVE YEARS by eating organic food, and this means that you age less today, tomorrow and January 1!

The University of Newcastle study also suggests eating organic improves general health, encouraging the body to burn fat. Are you devoted to your own body running perfect? You can’t just rely on exercise to lose weight, says another study published in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association). This applies to the 35,000 women studied and especially to the heavier women analyzed for over 15 years.

Why are trace minerals so important?

There are 92 elements found in nature, in the earth’s crust, oceans and atmosphere, and hundreds of isotopes of the elements playing multiple roles in human health. Our body must draw upon these elements to survive and thrive. Keeping the level of minerals in balance in every tissue, cell, organ and fluid is the ultimate key to maintaining health. The next question to consider then is how well can your body absorb what you are eating?

“Whatever the nutritional potential of a food, its contribution is nonexistent if it does not pass the test of absorption. Those nutrients that have not been transferred through the intestinal mucosal cell to enter the circulation have, for all nutritional intent and purpose, never been eaten. The variety of nutrients from the organism’s environment that have been made available by absorption must be transported through the circulatory system to the aqueous microenvironment of the cells. There, they serve their ultimate purpose: participation in the metabolic activities in the cells on which the life of the total organism depends,” wrote Ruth Pike and Myrtle Brown in Nutrition: An Integrated Approach.

Non-essential toxic elements: Lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminum can have an “unbalancing” effect on trace element balances in the body’s cells. Cadmium, an air pollutant from cigarette smoke, is known to cause hypertension, cancer and immune disorders. Cadmium is a stress agent implicated in learning disabilities. Cadmium increases the toxicity of other agents, like choride compounds, altering liver metabolism.

Stop Smoking Naturally before 2015 starts!


First, watch the free preview trailer to 14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days! or share this link with a friend, relative, neighbor or coworker who smokes and has said they would like to quit.

Learn about the “Cigarette Hangover” and the cure:

Learn more:

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Don’t Eat Cancer – A book that will blow your mind about chemicals in foods

Don’t Eat Cancer – A book that will blow your mind about chemicals in foods.

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Don’t Eat Cancer – A book that will blow your mind about chemicals in foods

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The “two” lives of Jon Entine! Read to know more….

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According to Natural News, contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in a comprehensive, five-part investigative series by Natural News. The documents reveal how his wife pleaded for court protection against domestic violence and child abuse and sought a restraining order against Entine to halt him from “physically, verbally and / or psychologically abusing, annoying, harassing or injuring” herself or their young female daughter.

Jon Entine has professional ties to Monsanto, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Proctor & Gamble and other similar corporations. He is a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a research fellow at George Mason University, and was a paid lecturer at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Entine is a key “attack operative” for the biotech industry well known for authoring wildly defamatory character assassination articles to target GMO skeptics and scientists who disagree with the biotech industry’s contrived safety claims.

For more information, log onto:

Part One of this Jon Entine investigative series revealed the verified court documents where Entine’s wife pleaded with the Ohio courts to issue a restraining order against Entine to protect herself and her daughter from physical injury. She also recorded, under oath, that Entine violently attacked her, gouged her eye, choked her and shoved her. In additional court documents, Entine’s wife described him as “irrational and unpredictable” and “exceedingly hostile and belligerent,” and explained that Jon Entine’s “mental health has deteriorated.”

Part Two of this Jon Entine investigative series revealed how Entine “purchased listening devices” to surveil his own wife, pursued romantic relationships in their home while she was still living there, interfered with his wife’s professional business activities and became “irrational and unpredictable” according to public court documents. It also covers how Entine was fired from ABC News and reportedly manufactured false evidence to destroy a thriving company with a published hit piece.

Part Three of this Jon Entine investigative series reveals how Entine secretly vandalized the Wikipedia page on Seralini and then got caught, how he demanded his wife turn over her personal diaries and journals, how he illegally entered her home — causing her to demand his psychological evaluation — and how he then threatened his traumatized daughter’s own therapist with a lawsuit in order to halt therapy sessions.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about HOW Jon Entine abused his wife and daughter (physically, emotionally and psychologically), one can easily log onto:

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American people are complete morons! … or at least that’s what our Government Leaders think

big lie

This report headlining on Natural News today:

A former judge has come out heavily against President Obama, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and MIT economist and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber for the administration’s and congressional Democrats’ total lack of transparency and outright deception in getting the overly bureaucratic Affordable Care Act passed into law.

Learn more:

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