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U.S. military bioweapons research moved offshore?

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Attention Smokers: Think Deep and Learn the Natural Method to Quit Cigarettes!

Originally posted on The Stop Smoking "King" Saves Thousands from the Habit!:
Attention all smokers … Think deep and read this: The best method for quitting cigarettes for good is 14AndOut- Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days. Not only…

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People once thought the world was flat, and currently the CDC believes you can’t get Ebola from indirect contact

The Natural News Tracker is keeping up with breaking Ebola news on Alternative Media and Natural Health News. If we don’t learn from history, like that Columbus didn’t discover America and that the Holocaust really DID happen, then we might … Continue reading

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CDC director maintains that people with Ebola virus who travel on planes should maintain “controlled movements” to ensure less risk

The CDC seems to be talking about everyone who is suspected of Ebola infection should simply travel on private airplanes or vehicles so we won’t contaminate SO MANY people at once. How stupid can this “disease control center” possibly be? … Continue reading

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Late on the payment to your Sub-prime lender? You car gets disabled now from a satellite feed the lender controls!

Remember PREDATORY LENDING that got exposed during the big housing bubble burst of 2008? Remember how we all found out banks were issuing toxic loans they knew would fall apart, and then foreclosing on the “victims?” They’re at it again, … Continue reading

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Guns can’t stop Ebola, and neither can the TSA! Just HOW dumb is US security and safety?

Screening potential Ebola victims after they’ve arrived is useless Natural News has this cover story: “In Burwell’s view, the best defense is properly screening West African travelers at their point of departure rather than after they arrive in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Can the CDC in Connecticut grab any “Ebola” suspects and force-vaccinate them in quarantine with their patented version of Ebola?

What the heck is going on in our country that Big Government and its regulatory agencies keep usurping control over local authorities in US states? Do the sheriffs or the people have any say anymore? What happened to the Constitution … Continue reading

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