Knowledge is Power – and today, you are empowered to know the truth about Biotech and cancer-causing GMO


How will your day be different after you learn the truth about something MAJOR that affects your life and health? Will you have a righteous hatred for lying journalists, lying scientists and lying media producers who make money off your demise?

When a whistle-blower sounds the alarm on fraud within the government and the agencies that regulate food and medicine, you better listen.

When a whistle-blower fires the warning shots into the air, you better take heed, grab your self-defense weapons (truthful news and organic food) and read every word, so you know how to react, and what products and “news” to never consume again!

There are CDC whistleblowers sounding the alarms about toxic vaccines. There are scientists like Seralini sounding the alarms with long-term research proving GM corn causes cancer in animals. There are REAL journalists and scientists like Mike Adams at Natural News sounding the alarm RIGHT NOW about Biotech “writers” and Biotech “researchers” who lie, cheat, steal and abuse to make money and get the wrong message out, the one that makes people weak, sick, and vulnerable to more BAD news.

This person of the latter would be known as Jon Entine, Biotech Industry Front Man and part of a Front Group of Thugs who write bad things about good people. This is the story of a man who has lied to America for years, from producing ABC News to writing in, and this is a man who abuses his family to suit his means to another end – money and control/power.

If you think newspapers and online “award winning” news outlets simply report objectively what is happening in the food and medicine world, you couldn’t be more wrong.

If you think newspapers, whether national or local just report what you need to know, think again. Nearly all newspapers have editors who report to executives who get their script from the very top – meaning the White House. It’s a trickle down effect, just like the TV news, and it’s all about sponsors, fake research, covered up truths, and just plain lies that get you to buy products that make you sick and drive you to expensive, unnecessary healthcare that all these SHILLS invest in!

Define shill: an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

Define huckster: promote or sell something – typically a product of questionable value.

Define domestic violence: Violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse and/or children.

Define Jon Entine: A biotech big media “huckster” who spins lies using a journalistic front and scientific lies to propagate pesticide-food as safe while abusing his family at home.

Court documents exposed on Natural News reveal that a writer for and former ABC Producer engaged in defamatory journalism for money in order to ruin the natural health news site known as Natural News, with a following of over 7 million fans monthly. Mike Adams came under attack from this hack for the past year, and now it comes to light that Jon Entine really is a fraud, and has been his entire career.

Several professionals, family members, professional associates and lawyers testify in court and examine years of abuse, fraud, staging of events, and the outright destruction of the value of hard working Americans and organizations that oppose Biotech/GMO and the whole Big Food Industry that feeds America toxic carcinogens as food.


What if you went to the doctor and he/she told you to take one teaspoon of roach-killer each morning with two tablets of ant killer and wash it down with some chlorinated water from a swimming pool?

What if the newspaper told you that eating ten donuts a day prevents cancer?

What if CNN, FOX and did huge stories on how you should get a flu shot every day for three months this winter in order to avoid the flu, would you do it?

What if a company that made bug killer also made corn with bug killer in it, and the only safety tests for human consumption were done by that company, with no federal regulation or checks and balances, would you believe them and eat that corn? Guess what, you probably do it every day!

Talk about UNDERMINING THE ADVANCES OF MODERN MEDICINE, this media shill Jon Entine was described on court documents by his wife as abusing her and her six year old daughter. Still wanna read up on that Forbes coverage of GMO? How about anything ABC news has to say about Jon? What about Huffington Post? If they have Big Pharma ads, you can bet they support synthetic drugs as cover up for toxic food syndromes like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and more. They invest in these toxic medicines and the companies that make them, they invest in Fast Food empires, and more!

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Stop Smoking in 60 Minutes – Natural News Tracker reveals 100% Natural Method

Stop Smoking in 60 Minutes – Natural News Tracker reveals 100% Natural Method.

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Stop Smoking in 60 Minutes – Natural News Tracker reveals 100% Natural Method


How could you possibly watch a one-hour video and then never have another cigarette as long as you live? There is a natural method that’s sweeping the nation and not enough people know about it. Some people quit immediately after seeing the 60 minute video instructional guide, and other people need the 14 day weaning period, but either way, they quit cigarettes for good! This could be you … but first, let’s cover why you probably don’t want to choose the other methods out there that barely help anyone quit smoking and are usually a complete waste of money, time, energy, and most of all, do NOT help your health:


Statistical Success versus Failure of other “Quit Smoking” Methods

#1. Medications

(Chantix and Zyban)

Understanding why suicide is a side effect of smoking cessation pills is of ultimate importance to smokers considering taking the drug. Several lawsuits have been filed because the manufacturers of these pills do not provide ample warning. Smoking cessation pills simply make anxiety and depression worse. Chantix blocks nicotine receptor sites in the brain in order to reduce nicotine cravings, but in that process, naturally occurring dopamine and serotonin are blocked, creating dangerous and nearly intolerable side effects. When a human being experiences a stressful or exciting event, natural hormones create neural reactions in the brain’s central processing area called synapses, which involve neurons firing electrical charges that stimulate behavior and mood elevations.

By taking Chantix, the smoker is blocking these natural reactions from doing their job, preventing the person from coping with anxiety, depression, and frustration. Chantix disables the natural “fight or flight” reactions, which in turn makes even small problems seem insurmountable, leading to feelings of intense anxiety and thoughts of suicide. No wonder why sleeplessness and nightmares are the most common side effects. Chantix, chemically known as varenicline, is a drug sold by Pfizer. Chantix side effects include agitation, depression, and onset of psychiatric illness such as psychosis, mania, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and hallucinations. Chantix may lead to the recurrence of old psychiatric illness. Some patients have attempted or committed suicide.

#2. Scary Commercials and Pictures

(posted by the CDC – Center for Disease Control)

A dismal 6.25% of smokers who attempted to quit after seeing a series of CDC scary commercials actually quit smoking. That statistic is taken directly from their website where they tell the public that an estimated 1.6 million smokers attempted to quit. Only 200,000 succeeded for less than six months, and after that, only 100,000 remained non-smokers. That number probably greatly diminished since then, since the CDC offers no nutritional advice or guidance to people who are suffering nutritional and mineral deficiencies from years of smoking commercial cigarettes that contain over 7,000 chemicals. Although the CDC acts excited over this statistic, it’s pretty sad that 93% of the smokers who see this multi-million dollar ad campaign are not affected at all. They’re simply still stuck in the cigarette nightmare the CDC allowed in the first place, knowing it was highly addictive and lethal. See for yourself right here:

#3. The Nicotine Patch

How many milligrams of nicotine are in a cigarette? Over 100 mg. thanks to ammonia converting it into a vapor ready form. How many milligrams of nicotine are in the average nicotine patch? A measly 3 to 4 milligrams are “released” into the body throughout the day. Nothing close to smoking! Big Tobacco knows this. Is this how a human being is to WEAN themselves off one of the most addictive drugs in the world? Patch users are “bound” to have a nicotine fit that ruins their “quit attempt.” That’s why they call it a “Nic-Fit.”

The “chains” of smoking are locked on you – so they would have you believe. They forgot about one thing though – Nutrition! You can escape by eating Superfoods that kill your cravings of nicotine, by simply creating the same effect naturally in your body, that “effect” of feeling relaxed and confident about life and how to live it!

#4. Electronic Cigarettes


There are currently no regulations whatsoever of the ingredients in e-cigs, and no age restrictions for purchasing them either. This “hot” new product is marketed to children, teens and adults, and is sold in shopping malls at kiosks and on hundreds of websites. Nicotine doses in e-cigs have an enormous range, from a mild 5 milligrams, on up to 60mg. Botched jobs by amateur manufacturers can end up delivering over 300mg, which is a possible lethal dose, especially for a child or teenager who has either low or no tolerance for it. Learn more:

Still, the argument by e-cig users is that it’s better for them than commercial cigarettes, mainly because they’re not inhaling “tobacco smoke” or “products of combustion.” So you cut out the pesticides, but what about the toxic additives, emulsifiers, synthetic flavors, the fluoride in tap water, unregulated doses of nicotine, and diethylene glycol. When burned and inhaled, these toxic compounds fuel chronic depression, mood swings, lowered sex drive, lack of motivation, and general nervousness and anxiety. Still think e-cigs are a lesser evil than commercial cigs? Think again.

If you really want to quit the nicotine addiction, check out an easy-to-learn program called 14AndOut, which addresses the chemical addiction, behavior patterns, and the nutritional deficiencies that smokers need to understand and address in order to quit for good. The 60 minutestreaming videois available on Natural News TV and comes highly recommended by Mike Adams. Remember, knowledge is power! Learn more:

98% Satisfaction with 14AndOut Natural Method!

Finally, where do you combine chemical knowledge, behavior modification and Superfood nutrition in a one hour instructional video that teaches you how to stop smoking in 14 days or less, naturally? This can be simple. Don’t make it complicated. Watch the free preview of 14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally presented by Mike Adams on NaturalNewsTV: (
This is the break you’ve been waiting for. Let nutrition kick your cigarette fix, because when you kill the urge to smoke, you cut the habit naturally. Also, if you are not a smoker yourself, but you know someone who wants to quit, make sure they know about the dynamic duo, Maca and Mucuna. “Sanity” and good health for all smokers is just a click away!

Watch the free trailer of the 60 minute video!


If you have the will, 14AndOut is the way!

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What is “Biotech Violence” and “Agricultural Violence” and why are so many bloggers talking about it on Health News blog sites?


Recently, on Natural, a series of articles was published about the life and turning events of a man named Jon Entine, who writes for and used to be a producer of ABC News. This guy has been hired over the years by various Biotech firms to write opinion pieces that sound like facts, about science, health, and herbicide safety. These documents, books, editorials and defamatory jabs at other people and organizations were taken by the public as objective coverage or professional reviews and were likely “digested” as fact. This affected thousands of people’s opinions of dangerous foods called GMO that kill insects, weeds, crop pests, and most likely are causing cancer in animals, including humans.

Whether a human being is poison quickly into death or slowly, it doesn’t matter in regards of the definition of violence, because it’s still violence. If a person is poisoned with information that leads to actual disease, disorder, and other health detriment, then that person was manipulated by a violent person. Also, if a family member is abused by a person, whether physically or psychologically, that person is considered abused – it doesn’t matter if it happened once a year or 50 times a year. It doesn’t matter if abuse happens once or slowly and slightly over a long period of time, like decades – it’s still abuse. And abuse IS violent. It is the destruction of another person’s right to enjoy their life and not be harassed, manipulated, hurt and sometimes permanently injured. Herein lies the connection to defining biotech violence and agricultural violence.

A phony journalist named Jon Entine engages violence at work and at home

Some people believe “sound science” means that anything a scientist produces or supports with research is a good thing and helps humanity and the planet. They believe that even corporations, like gas and oil corporations, or vaccine manufacturers, are always working in the people’s best interest, and in the environment’s best interest. Many people with science backgrounds have NO IDEA that modern science in regards to agriculture usually means that men in lab coats are inserting the genes of organisms that kill bugs into the most common vegetables eaten by Americans. These same people believe that it’s only “conspiracy” to think that the government makes money from this kind of “science” and that the regulatory agencies like the FDA, EPA, and USDA would certainly protect them, like the Founding Fathers would, right?

Most Americans think congress people are good people, who took their jobs to help the masses live in freedom from tyranny, scams and toxic food and medicine. Most people would NEVER believe that certain producers, writers and phony journalists are hired by the government and evil corporations to promote toxic food, toxic medicine, and to discredit everything natural that cures disease, prevents disease, and promotes sustainability. Now comes a pertinent discussion on sustainability vs. abuse:


Bloggers are going WILD this week, talking about how liars and lies have besieged the organic food industry, claiming GMOs are no different, promoting the science of GMOs, providing fake research that GMOs are safe, and promoting all of this in major media outlets that people trust for objective reporting, like, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, CNN, and more. You can lump in Web MD, Wikipedia, Syngenta, Monsanto, and other huge corporate/government run entities.

Search engines reveal that this epitome of abuse is centered around Jon Entine, a man whose nasty divorce and phony journalism is all exposed on line, proving that the mouthpieces of Biotech and Big Ag (Agriculture) and Big Food are corrupt with these high level “players” who say anything for a good paycheck. Entine writes defamatory articles that seem like news and educational updates but are really just abusive and violent, like his private life. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Forensic Food Scientist who protects the public’s interest in healthy food, organic food, organic supplements and more, has exposed this GMO Front Man who may have just been their best liar to date. He presents his distortions and defamations like fact, like the evening news, and he has been caught red-handed on several counts. This is going viral. There’s lots more to read on this. Once you understand this, you understand that toxic food is violent. It abuses your body and creates chaos and infection. Toxic medicine makes things worse. Pharmaceuticals cover symptoms of disorder caused by genetically modified (pesticide) food. Humans are not pests and do not deserve to be abused violently by toxic agriculture. The environment is not sustainable with all of these toxic herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides that people like Jon Entine promote.

Here’s coverage from Natural News and the Natural News Tracker:

“ contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in this comprehensive, five-part investigative article by Natural News. The documents, shown below, reveal how his wife pleaded for court protection against domestic violence and child abuse and sought a restraining order against Entine to halt Jon Entine from “physically, verbally and / or psychologically abusing, annoying, harassing or injuring” herself or their young female daughter.”

“Jon Entine is a corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist who utilizes his media savvy to promote the opinions and positions of chemical corporations, by posing as an independent journalist. Entine has multiple, documented ties to biotech companies Monsanto and Syngenta, and plays a key propaganda role via another industry front group known as the American Council on Science and Health.”

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GMO Front Man busted! Court docs reveal wife and child abuse


Part 5 of series of coverage on Natural News:

Biotech & GMO Front Man, Jon Entine, busted in court for chemical and domestic violence

Some people in this world have values and ethics, and others don’t. It’s that simple. Would you write a column or a professional review of someone and ruin their reputation if you got paid to do it? What if that person were an honest, hard-working person who gave every waking hour to helping people prevent cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease? Would you still “ruin them” in writing for a handsome paycheck? What if you had to worry about being sued for all the money you were paid to write it – what then?

Like we said earlier, some people have values and ethics, and some don’t. Jon Entine, writer for, is not one of those people with either of those traits. No. Jon Entine, Biotech Front Man (liar and shill) is a man who purposely ruins people’s reputations while treating his family like trash. His poor wife and daughter have been put through the ringer for over 8 years, harassed and abused, according to court documents filed by his wife. After years and years of getting paid to lie about toxic food saying it’s safe to eat, and after years and years of getting paid to bring down companies by writing defamatory pieces in mostly legitimate media outlets, the tables have turned. A media fraudster and biotech shill has pushed GMO and smothered organic news the best he could for the money, but it’s over. Exposed! Natural News is uncovering what no other news outlet was able to do yet, and that has pulled the mask off the trolls of the internet,, ABC news and Monsanto’s “research.”

Seralini gains even more credit he was due for his long term research on GM corn giving rats cancer tumors the size of golf balls – that kill them early.

Jeffrey Smith gains even more credit for speaking the GMO language that the laymen can understand and appreciate enough to stay clear of genetically MUTATED food that’s wrought with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and toxins no man, woman or child was ever meant to consume at any level.

Jon Entine tried to ruin Natural News with phony journalism and phony research talk of “sound science” that doesn’t exist in the GMO world. They don’t test anything on humans for safety, or lab animals. The FDA and the CDC are all in on it, and Jon Entine helps take the script from the White House to the “award winning” media mass hype outlets that don’t even tell the truth when reporting on the dangers of Crop-Science at Bayer or Dupont or Dow Chemical Agriculture. Entine’s fraudulent and illicit behavior is bordering on sociopath. He doesn’t examine the true damage he’s doing to himself while damaging others. Now his ugly personal life has welled up “bit him in the behind”, ruining his own reputation for good. It’s going viral on the internet. Alternative media is blogging like crazy about this media shill and what he tried to do to ruin people’s lives.

No wonder millions of people March Against Monsanto every year around the world. They know! This one perfect example of a journalistic hack just proves that all the other trolls out there doing the same thing have no morals or ethics. WE see now what goes on behind closed doors. Just look at this guy. He’s scum:

Entine commits violence against women (his own wife) and traumatizes his own daughter, according to court documents revealed in Part One of this investigation.He promotes and excuses toxic chemicals like atrazine which contribute to the destruction of the biosphere with “chemical violence” that impacts us all. Learn more: (Part 5) from Natural Health News and the Natural News Tracker:

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What do Wikipedia, ABC News, and Biotech have in common? – A Journalist and shill who abuses his wife, child and the reputation of Natural Health News

gmo mask

What if you found out today that Wikipedia was full of lies? What about Would you believe it? If you found this out today, that liars and shills write for these sources of so called reliable information, wouldn’t you in fact have to go back and review everything else you learned from them? Is this what’s scripted on TV and in the popular magazines, and is this why there’s “no cure for cancer?” Maybe you’ve been reading the New York Times and watching ABC News too often. Maybe it’s time to completely change where you get your most valuable information.

Should you believe that GMO is safe, when there are paid writers to defame Natural News and organic food? Should you believe that certain herbicides and insecticides found inside GM food cause cancer, now, since you can read about the propagators of Biotech (Bug and Weed killer food) who physically and psychologically traumatize their wife and daughter, as revealed in court documents? What if you found out today that major sources of information about what matters to your health are revealed as complete frauds? contributing writer Jon Entine, long known as a biotech shill and pesticide apologist, committed physical violence against his wife and psychologically traumatized his own daughter, according to court documents now revealed in this comprehensive, five-part investigative article by Natural News.


Jon Entine’s wife pleaded with the Ohio courts to issue a restraining order against Entine to protect herself and her daughter from physical injury. She also recorded, under oath, that Jon Entine violently attacked her, gouged her eye, choked her and shoved her. In additional court documents, Entine’s wife described him as “irrational and unpredictable” … “exceedingly hostile and belligerent” … and explained that Jon Entine’s “mental health has deteriorated…” Learn more:

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Plus, read this about Jon Entine!—–

John Entine is busted for wife/child abuse in court docs exposed by Natural News!

John Entine and the American Council on Science and Health have offered to ”help” Syngenta. An internal email disclosed in documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy, as part of a major lawsuit against Syngenta, shows that the ACSH received regular money and even asked for additional funding from “Syngenta friends“ to commission a book that would, in large part, be a defense of atrazine:

“As we made clear, ACSH is eager to commission a literature review on the general subject of pesticide exposure and human health. The paper would, of course, not be exclusively about atrazine, but the recent and ongoing ‘controversy’ would be a primary focus.”

ACSH said it was committing $100,000 to the project – funding that was “separate and distinct from general operating support Syngenta has been so generously providing over the years, which we request to continue at current or increased levels.”

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about John Entine and the role played by him in spinning news and PR material, one can easily log onto:

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