Make organic foods a part of your staple diet if you want to live well beyond 100!!

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According to Natural News, in August 2014, Bernando LaPallo turned 113 years of age, and he still has no problem walking at least a mile daily and receiving phone calls from people all around the world who want to hear how he’s done it, and how to make their own lives better. This author and role model keeps it so simple, you don’t need a recipe book or health guide to live to be 110 or better.

  • High-quality, organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil: use on the skin as lotion; use as salad dressing; known to lessen risks of colon cancer and heart disease.
  • Dark, organic chocolate: reduces stress; helps with depression; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Organic garlic: helps fight coughs and colds; considered nature’s antibiotic; helps with digestion and intestinal problems.
  • Organic cinnamon: antibacterial and antifungal; reduces proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.
  • Organic honey: helps you lose weight; nature’s energy booster; has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  • Juice organic raw vegetables: a decent juicer costs less than $100.

For more information, log onto:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which most Americans believe is in place to protect our food and guard our health, has instead allowed more than 70,000 chemicals to infiltrate our food supply. Many of these dangerous ingredients are outright toxins, and until we stop eating them, we are poisoning ourselves, undermining our health and allowing cancer to enter our bodies.

Author Sean David Cohen cuts through the myriad symptoms and the labyrinth of technical information in the medical and academic literature to give readers an easily digestible guide to the harmful additives lurking in our food – so you can stop eating them.

In simple language and colorful illustrations, Don’t Eat Cancer provides prudent advice that you can put to use immediately to identify toxic ingredients hiding in processed foods, beverages, gums, candy and even cosmetics and cigarettes that are weakening your body and inviting in cancer every time they are consumed.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about how organic foods can ensure a healthy and fit life, one can easily log onto:

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Make a smooth, seamless transition to organic food and reverse osmosis water

organic seniors

Ok let’s do this. Set down the toxic meat, the gluten bread and the tap water. Shut it off and shut it out of your life, as much as humanly possible..

Yes, I know, this is not easy, but disease and disorder won’t come “easy” either, so it’s your only choice.

Natural News has daily news to keep you informed of changes, in food, water, medicine and the counter culture that informs you of the truth about nutrition.

You see, the TV shows and the Newspapers all report to the top, to Big food and Big Pharma, to drugs and processed food, to medications and cafeteria grade food stuff.

This blog is the inside track to your ideal health. It’s inside information from the best nutritionists in the world. This is where you can learn to filter toxins from your daily intake, identify known carcinogens in foods and beverages, and learn the power of natural remedies for just about every ailment known to man. They really work, you just have to know what to eat and when!

Natural News Tracker and Natural News Cafe online are two blog sites that are excellent at summarizing the best health news on line and providing proof of the real news with links to research, doctors, nutritionists, Naturopaths, chiropractors, Chinese Medicine, and the best books and videos on the planet!

Want to quit smoking naturally in 14 days or less?

Want to avoid “Eating Cancer”?

Learn from the sleep expert the power of Melatonin:

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Flu vaccines cause autism – the truth behind the claim!

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According to Natural News, The Age, and stated that a flu vaccine manufactured by Novartis is killing people in Italy, with the death toll now rising to 13 people.

“The number of people who have died in Italy after being administered a flu vaccine made by Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has risen to 13,” say reports.

The deaths occurred “within 48 hours of being administered the [vaccine],” and Italian health authorities have issued a partial ban on the vaccination batches believed to be causing the fatalities.

Because flu vaccines are falsely assumed by governments to be 100% safe — despite the mounting evidence of their dangers and the fact that they contain toxic mercury — the global media usually ignores vaccination adverse effects and fatalities. Even this story covering the 13 fatalities dutifully carried a denial from official government health authorities, saying, “The Italian Medical Agency (AIFA) has warned against panic and stressed there is not proof yet that it was the vaccine that led to the deaths.”

For more information, log onto:

A laboratory analysis of flu vaccines that Mike Adams (of Natural News) conducted using ICP-MS instrumentation at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs found flu shots containing 25,000 times the mercury concentration allowed in drinking water by the EPA.

More recent research that he conducted in the last few weeks has found extremely high levels of toxic aluminum in vaccines as well. Those data will be published soon here on Natural News.

It is an irrefutable fact that vaccines are intentionally formulated with mercury and aluminum — both toxic metals that compromise human health when injected into the body. Mercury is, of course, a toxic heavy metal linked to birth defects, spontaneous abortions, kidney failure and neurological damage. Aluminum, used as an inflammatory adjuvant in vaccines, is linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The true history of the failure of vaccines is detailed by Dr. Suzanne Humphries in a book and website named Dissolving Illusions. The graphs on this website showing how vaccines usually came along after an infectious disease was also conquered are especially fascinating.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about flu vaccines and autism, one can easily log onto:

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Flu Vaccine Kills 13 in Italy – why do humans even consider injecting mercury and aluminum into their bodies – – Don’t they know?!

vaccine girl

Don’t people know by NOW that injecting mercury into your blood is highly dangerous? It goes into your muscle tissue too, didn’t you know? So how will your immune system react to this terrorist invasion of one the most dangerous chemicals on earth? It’s hard to comprehend HOW the vaccine industry pulled the wool over billions of sheep eyes so easily. Maybe the fluoridated water made them all really dumb, or maybe the inflated statistics of flu deaths, which are mainly the deaths of the elderly and babies, even the ones that haven’t been delivered yet. Why can’t the television news talk about vaccines? Why can’t the newspaper? The flu vaccine kills 13 people in Italy within 48 hours and you will NOT see coverage on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or even Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz tells people to get vaccines, but he does NOT vaccinate his own children. Did you know that too?

So what is going on in Italy with the flu shot? Was it tampered with during “manufacturing”?? Did they not adequately “kill” the virus and so they actually injected a innocent human beings with it and killed them? I guess that’s why they call it … “getting the flu shot”. Maybe they should call it “get the flu” and leave off the word shot, so people know that you are able to go get the deadly flu and at the same time have your immunity incapacitated by injecting lethal mercury and aluminum into your muscle tissue.

This is the vaccine industry “at large” like gangsters telling you what you get, and if that includes some death, so be it. No way to sue the vaccine industry now – it’s more powerful than the Supreme Court.

As Natural News is reporting:

The deaths occurred “within 48 hours of being administered the [vaccine]” and Italian health authorities have issued a partial ban on the vaccination batches believed to be causing the fatalities. Learn more:

Rob Schneider narrates vaccine danger video:

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What the HECK is a McDonald’s Chicken McNuggett if it melts into liquid when left sitting out?

fiber mcnug

Chicken nuggets could be gelatin and road kill. Nobody’s quite sure and what is for sure is that people close to them are speaking up. Plus, the Health Ranger has found some suspicious ingredients, like weird non-food fibers in them by reviewing under high powered microscope and showing videos in slow motion magnified thousands of times. A must see. Hear the latest on the Fast Food Nightmare that feeds over 200,000,000 Americans at least once a week, if not ten times a week:

As reported on Natural

“…a former employee provided a day-in-the-life scenario that’s bound to make stomachs churn. Of one of his experiences working at McDonald’s, he says, “I accidentally left a whole bag of about 100 chicken nuggets out on a counter for way too long. They melted. Into a pool of liquid. I never understood why. But they were completely indiscernible as being the nuggets I once knew.”

Learn more:

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Don’t Eat the Dirt! – Biotech is ruining US soil with pesticides and “cancer” seeds

uncle sam skeleton

There’s an old fable about a fly that gets trapped in a window and dies there because it can’t get out of the house to find food. It tried every crevice of that window over and over, but there was no way to get outside. Unfortunately, for the fly, other windows in the house were wide open, but it failed to ever leave the one it was trapped in, to venture over to check and see. In that same light, human beings are “stuck in their windows” – eating the same food that comes from the same dirt, that’s polluted with pesticides like herbicide and insecticide.*

The year is 2014, almost 2015, and millions of people are eating dead food that comes from dead dirt, and their early death will likely come from a lack of nutrition and an overload of pesticide, rather than from some communicable sickness or infectious disease. They will die of “natural causes,” but they will have no clue what those causes are. No Western Medicine doctor will tell them and they will simply methodically die in their “window,” just like the fly. This is a short story about Biotech’s genetically mutated soil. If you can’t handle the truth, stop reading right now.

bleach food

What do you think happens to the food that grows in dead soil, void of nutrients? That’s right – it’s dead too. When do you think that dead soil regains nutrients and where do they come from? This is the plight of the American agricultural holocaust that’s occurring right now, and what you don’t know, understand and heed will hurt you, in more ways than one. This is the Biotech slaughter of nutrition as pesticides are gene-infused into seeds of corn, soy, alfalfa, beets, papaya and more. What’s next, potatoes and tomatoes? – Lettuce and spinach? Does it even matter if the food is dead anyway, or is it worse to put poison on top of poison and eat it? Toxic fertilizer kills the nutrients in soil also. Any food that grows in soil void of nutrients will be just that. This is scientific fact.

Once upon a time, some scientists hired by US politicians created pesticide food to kill the rootworms and the insects consuming US corn and soy. They were paid big money to work in labs and develop edible crops that were resistant to weed killer, the very weed killer (herbicide) that the seeds themselves contain. Humans who consume that pesticide and herbicide were actually creating pesticide in their guts, eliminating the MAIN THING that provides immunity, energy, vitality, and good health – good gut flora.

Essentially, if you eat food from toxic dirt, you are eating the toxic dirt. The final question here isn’t whether you will get cancer from eating pesticide, but how soon? There are several organs of the human body made to filter toxins. The kidneys, the pancreas and the liver work in tandem and you cannot live without them. When they get overwhelmed with carcinogens that suffocate the cells and the free radicals have “free reign,” the cancer could settle into those organs, or take hold of the bladder, prostate or colon.

There is still a such thing as organic soil, organic fertilizer, organic herbicide, organic pesticide, or NO pesticide. There is still “food as medicine” just like Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Good health is not just the absence of disease. Don’t “eat” toxic dirt or anything that grows from it. Create an environment in your body where disease CANNOT grow! You can do it. Check out the wonderfully RAW world of organic fruits and vegetables and never look back.

Pioneer of Natural Health News:

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Jon Entine – the Perfect Sellout! – A precedent “case” for unveiling GMO lies and propaganda

round table script planning

Good lawyers in court will always cite a precedent case that serves as the ultimate example for their argument or proof. When the evidence is strong and is similar or the same as the evidence in a prior case, the old case often is enough for a judge to “see the light” quickly and make a decision. Same goes for a grand jury. Organic food enthusiasts are all on the same page this month – the month Jon Entine was exposed for his actions and propaganda journalism – and Biotech Front Man Jon Entine is that precedent “case” that will expose other “shills” for years to come.

Shills of now and the future

Nobody wants the label of conspiracy theorist, so people shy away from conversations that involve speaking about planned evil, planned conning, planned rip-offs and the fact that people are “out to get them” and take their money and health away. Still, conversations ensue behind closed doors, at dinner tables, and after the fake news comes on TV.

Families and couples talk about all the BS they must endure. They try to laugh it off. They talk about toxic food, toxic water and toxic personal care products. they talk about staged events the feds pull off and they talk about 9/11, still.

Conspiracy also means governments and corporations that conspire to make money off people being sick. Theory means you believe something to be true so you try to work out in your mind how it “went down” or is going down now. You think about who said what and to whom. You think about the planning that must have taken place. The money that exchanged hands. How many people would now have to keep their “mouth shut” and never speak of travesty? Can we at least TALK about false, absurd and distorted situations? Is it legal to discuss, or will the cameras and audio recorders in our smart tv, smart phone, and smart meter report to NSA that we’re domestic terrorists, as labeled in Obama’s NDAA “manual?”


You CAN talk about it all, and you should. You should be discussing the latest “greatest” example of how the Biotech Industry pays front men to write that pesticide food is good for humans to eat, and safe. You should be livid about the fact that complete sellouts make a fortune off doing falsified research to say that toxic herbicides are safe and good for humans to consume. You should also be happy though, to know that these jerks aren’t happy and they have been caught being abusive, in courts of law.

Then you not only see justice prevail, but you “pull the wool” from over the publics’ eyes and expose the truth. This is cause for celebration. We NOW KNOW not to believe any of the research that comes from the very carcinogenic manufacturers of this Biotech nightmare. GMO means they infuse toxic herbicide and pesticide into seeds and it grows inside plants. These same corporations are paying people like Jon Entine, former ABC News Producer, to write books like somehow he can justify and promote science he doesn’t even understand or practice. The man has no degree in science, no degree in nutrition and no degree in medical practice, so he shouldn’t be allowed to act as such, but that’s the world we live in.

gmo mask

So now we all get smarter, and sharper, and fall for less BS. That’s the bottom line. We don’t believe the Jon Entine’s of the World and not for one second! We remember the “precedent case” where the Biotech Shill got busted in court documents for abusing his wife and daughter psychologically, putting them through a nightmare for seven years and counting, subpoena after subpoena, lie after lie, just like the people who believe what he writes about GMO, Syngenta, Monsanto and other evil corporations – he promotes them and their toxic products. He touts the whole industry. He blasts the natural news network and health enthusiasm in general so you won’t believe in organic food as medicine.

The big goal for the Jon Entine Front Man mentality is to make money and have control of people. This goes for politicians and lobbyists for Monsanto. This goes for Dupont and Bayer, Dow Chemical and Big Food in General. They invest in cancer medicines and equipment that doesn’t even work. The scam is planned and planned well, and the only conspiracy is them planning how to keep it going and growing, while we deconstruct the whole facade when they get busted in court for abuse, lies and manipulation!

So we take a close look at this case of the Biotech Shill of the decade, and we remember it. We read every detail we can tolerate until it sinks in, that people are really like this and they will steal your money and your health with their misinformation. They will change what you buy and eat, with their disinformation. They twist and distort what’s real and they flip and contort what’s real. They bastardize the news and they mutate your news, so you’ll follow their (fake) lead and run into problems that cost you money – the money the corporations take for your carelessness and stupidity. People develop preventable disorders because of bad choices, but it all changes when they KNOW truth and FACE the truth. Talk about it at YOUR dinner table, behind closed doors, if you must, but just talk about it. Talk about what you read about Jon Entine and Syngenta, the evil Biotech villains of the world, who promote sickness so they can bankroll off you and I. Don’t let it happen. You have control. Remember this precedent case and it will help you identify other trolls and shills of the internet news for years to come.

Here are more great blog resources that summarize a TON of news that has been published regarding Entine and Biotech this month!

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