Organic Tobacco – the Ultimate Secret to Quitting Smoking Naturally!

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Cold turkey is the hardest way to quit smoking, especially without any help. Some smokers pull it off, and they never go back to smoking cigarettes ever again. Hurray for them! The rest of the population, well, that’s another story. They need weaning and they need it bad. They have no clue that most commercial cigarettes deliver over 100 milligrams of nicotine, just ask them. Coming off 100 mg. of nicotine in a single day and repeating that success for more than six months is reserved for only the strongest willed, meaning only five percent of smokers can actually do it without help. So what programs deliver on more than ten to fifteen percent success at helping people become non-smokers for life? Not many, but there is good news, besides all this “darkness.”


Have you ever heard of organic tobacco? Many smokers have, but they may not know how easy it is to quit cigarettes for good after smoking organic tobacco for just two weeks. Once a person’s chemical intake is reduced 90 percent or more, there is much less anxiety, nervousness, and the need for … wait for it …. cigarette hangover relief. Nicotine is nothing more than a drug that acts as aspirin for the central nervous system disparagement caused by the last cigarette! The accumulation of toxins inside the body of the smoker is so high, that when you cut the bottom out using organic tobacco, the weaning process is then effective, and that’s when you infuse nutrients, minerals, vitamins and spring water. The urge to smoke, the need, the fix, whatever you want to call it, comes directly from the human desire to have a balanced central nervous system. This is innate. Every person wants to feel balanced. When a smoker cuts out the hourly pesticide, insecticide, ammonia and bleach smoking ritual, he/she eliminates the driving force of misery. Kill the urge and you kill the habit. It’s that simple.


Infusing Organic Tobacco the Last 14 Days of YOUR habit


So you go out and you buy some organic tobacco at a smoke shop or tobacco shop near you, or you go on line and order it. It’s not very difficult and it’s rather inexpensive. Then you get some rolling paper and you roll three cigarettes for each day of the last fourteen days of your smoking “career in self-punishment”, as it is ending. This is your allotment, the organic tobacco that contains only about 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine, and then you won’t be going out “cold turkey.” Next, go to the health food store, whether Whole Foods or a local shop, and buy some organic fruits and vegetables. Also stock up on spring water, preferably bottles that say BPA free – that’s just one more toxin you’ll be cutting out of your hourly intake!


Then look up mucuna, maca and the power of dark organic chocolate. You will be very, very happy with your research. Here’s a head start:


Mucuna for moods!


Maca for energy!


Organic chocolate ends depression!


Yes, stop smoking, get in shape, love your life and do it for your family! Watch the natural method that is approved and recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and wean yourself off commercial cigarettes without a hitch! This is the organic method that recommends organic tobacco for the last 14 days and it’s called 14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally. (


Stop smoking for good and change your life. It’s all about willpower and the right guide. Natural News enthusiasts are sharing the best methods in the world to help each other live long and prosper. Today’s a new day – make it your best ever.


Sources for this article include:      


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Natural “Stop Smoking” Method 14AndOut has better results/success rate than all 4 conventional methods combined!

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From the 1930s through the 1950s, there were Camel cigarette advertisements where doctors recommended their favorite brand and even suggested that they help with digestion if you smoke them between courses at Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s one slogan that was used: “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.” Of course, looking back it all seems so absurd, but during the “safe” tobacco smoking frenzy, it was quite believable, as it was well advertised all over America. Now, all you see are commercials for cessation drugs like Chantix and Zyban, but the side effects are worse than the effects of the 7,000 chemicals in today’s commercial cigarettes, and include anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. Imagine the absurdity of taking medications to quit one thing and getting something worse?! Maybe chemicals are never the answer to a chemical infection or addiction. Maybe organic food and behavior modification need to be discussed, thoroughly.

Top Four Reasons to Stop Smoking Naturally:

#1. Cessation Medications Rarely Work – Here’s Why:
Drugs like Chantix and Zyban take control of one’s serotonin and dopamine, apparently so they can be distributed more evenly to the brain. But there’s no “messing” with synapses and electrical impulses in the brain using chemicals that interfere with normal function. What they really do is BLOCK the natural “feel good” drugs that the body makes from organic nutrients, and in turn this is why people suffer so much anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness when they take these synthetic “mood” regulators. The drugs block nicotine receptors in the brain, but they also block your mind from working things out and reflecting on them properly. The stress of it all is a thousand times worse on your central nervous system than smoking pesticide hourly. Be careful.

#2. The Nicotine Patch Rarely Works – Here’s Why:
Commercial cigarettes have nicotine that’s been juiced up with ammonia so the nicotine enters the body as a vapor, reaching the heart and brain in three seconds. That’s not a typo. The commercial cigarette is said to deliver over 100 mg of nicotine, though due to the ammonia processing trick, it doesn’t register that high when tested. The patch delivers a measly 3 to 4 mg of nicotine slowly throughout the day. This is nothing like smoking. Nicotine gum is pretty much a scam too.

#3. Hypnosis Rarely Works – Here’s Why:
You can have the desire, the willpower, the incentive to quit smoking, but if you don’t know HOW, then you, like more than 95 percent of attemptees, will return to cancer sticks within six months. That’s just a cold hard fact. The number one reason people go back to smoking after a “quit-attempt” is stress, and the number one driver of stress? — Bad nutrition! You can “psyche yourself” out of doing something, but how long will it last? Quitting smoking is mental and physical — it’s physiological, in fact. Smokers need a nutritional guide to quit and quit for good. That’s why the “cold-turkey” quitter who quits with no help is hard to find.

#4. Behavior Modification and Nutrition Really Work!
When you take a drag off a cigarette, you inhale, hold, then exhale. This is a pattern of breathing that you do not engage in when you’re not smoking. Try this from now on: Any time you would have had a cigarette, practice that same breathing pattern at least a dozen times. Next, because of the hand-to-mouth ritual, always have a nutritious snack with you that you can nibble on during those “smoking” intervals, like raw organic nuts, dark organic chocolate or chopped organic vegetables. Remember also that the right organic supplements can help balance the central nervous system, build and maintain immunity, and provide energy! Spring water and organic food is the key.

There’s a beacon of hope waiting for you. It’s called nutrition. Quit smoking and you can be “all that” again! After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so how do you see yourself? You can change it all in 60 minutes and never look back! “14AndOut is a breakthrough course that frees smokers from the core habits that trap them in a pattern of smoking. Far more than just a chemical cure, it’s a behavioral approach that delivers lasting results for people who want to stop smoking for life!” — Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor-in-Chief of Natural News.


Check out the trailer to the streaming video here:

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:

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Biocidal-Chemical “Triclosan” named in FDA/Colgate conspiracy to conceal research showing toothpaste chemical that puts consumers at risk!

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For the past 75 years, the FDA, AMA, ADA, EPA and the CDC have been corrupt entities that work with lobbyists and pharmaceutical reps to inflate investments in corrupt medicine. That’s just a cold hard fact that’s hard to swallow, so go get alot of spring water and keep reading.


Endocrine Disruption and Fetal Bone Malformations


What if the U.S. Regulatory Agency that was supposed to watch out for your safety, whether food, water or medicine, was the very agency that was stabbing you in the back, while you work hard and pay taxes. What if the agency represented by our Government and backed by our salaries was withholding information that damaged babies, and purposely let cancer and deformaties “happen?” Would you want to EVICT the members of that agency from the system, the American system you’re so proud of? The FDA and the CDC have been recently CAUGHT covering up information that damages our health, our well being, and our hopes for a healthy future, and for our children and their children. How many other corporations, besides Colgate, are conspiring with our regulatory agencies to hide chemicals in our food, water and personal care products??


Triclosan is a pesticide (also called an antibacterial agent)


(Natural News): “Triclosan is a pesticide that, based on its chemical structure, resembles a major component of the Agent Orange chemical weapon sprayed during the Vietnam War. Also known as 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenol, triclosan is technically a derivative of 2,4-D, a highly toxic herbicide that is currently slated for approval as a solution to “superweeds.”  

Currently, the CDC is being investigated for covering up a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, especially in African American boys getting the shot before three years of age. This is a more disturbing look at the agencies that “protect” us and how they conspire to harm us:


Here’s that highly popular link from Natural Health News online:


Natural News is reporting on the Following:


A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit has revealed that the Colgate-Palmolive Co. conspired with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in the 1990s to deliberately withhold safety data on triclosan, a dangerous biocidal chemical that is used exclusively in Colgate’s Total toothpaste brand. Learn more:


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The latest investigations (in the field of organic and superfoods) throw new light on heavy metal toxin testing!

biocorn hazard

According to Natural News, in conjunction with the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (, they have begun publishing heavy metals lab reports for off-the-shelf food products. With industrial pollution worsening and many “organic” foods now imported from China, heavy metals and toxic elements are increasingly being found in foods purchased by consumers, including some certified organic foods.

Through, heavy metals lab results are available free to the public and include parts per billion (ppb) concentrations of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and copper. Due to concerns about foods absorbing radioactive fallout from the Fukushima catastrophe, results for cesium and uranium are also included. Toxic elements are linked to diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, kidney failure, cognitive impairment, birth defects, hardening of the arteries and more.

Testing is conducted via ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), using high-level analytical chemistry and cutting edge scientific instrumentation.

Foods being tested by the CWC include fast foods, conventional grocery products, breakfast cereals, superfoods, protein powders, infant formula, packaged meats, dairy products, sodas, teas and dietary supplements. A small selection of lab results is already published, with dozens more posted each week. Results are available now at:

For more information, log onto:

industry pollution

In general, whole, raw, unprocessed foods have been found by Mike Adams to retain much higher quantities of toxic elements, keeping them from being absorbed by the body, while cooked, processed or refined foods have been found to retain very low quantities of toxic elements and heavy metals. The retention of toxic elements is aided by insoluble fibers as well as natural “ionic affinities” for certain elements. For example, most seafood products (fish, shrimp, scallops, etc.) have a natural affinity for binding with cesium. This actually creates an increased risk for seafood in the Pacific Ocean to absorb radioactive cesium-137 being washed into the ocean from the Fukushima catastrophe.



Mike Adams’ discovery of the Metals Retention Factor (MRF) means that liquid mineral supplements and vitamin/mineral powders need to be carefully looked at with additional testing to ensure that they are not contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals. Adams is currently conducting comprehensive research on liquid minerals, fresh juice and fresh produce and vitamin powders in order to document their MRF numbers and elemental composition.

Metals Retention Factor data for hundreds of foods, superfoods, beverages and dietary supplements is in the process of being published at

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the important investigations in the field of organics and superfoods, one can easily log onto:



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Beat Anxiety and Cigarettes at Once with this Special Report!

she smokes

Eliminate General Anxiety and Depression


   – A Special Report by Sean David Cohen, M.Ed, ABJ


People who smoke cigarettes or drink diet soda and eat conventional meat, dairy and bread suffer some of the worst anxiety and depression of all people on the planet. It is not hereditary, genetic or a chemical imbalance in their brain. It is not due to their “way of looking at things.” Millions of people like this are taking anxiety medication or prescription drugs for depression. Allopathic doctors in America go to school for 8 years to learn how to write prescriptions, but these “meds” apply chemical medicine to a “chemical food intake” problem, and it never works. In fact, prescription drugs deaths outnumber deaths from traffic accidents!


Think about this for a second; if you were to take some common household cleansers and pour them on a piece of bread – say, a little bleach and some ammonia, and then you were to eat it, you might die. If you added some pesticide (ant and roach killer) or herbicide (weed killer) to that equation, the paramedics would certainly have to pump your stomach out to save you, and you would be lucky if you didn’t have detrimental health affects from it for the rest of your life, that might be shortened severely. Your central nervous system could be devastated, and you would not be the same. If you burned up the epithelial tissue inside your body you could get cancer from the damage AND from the pharmaceuticals allopathic doctors would use to TRY to treat the symptoms.


Welcome to America, where most people do exactly what was just described, except they eat chemical FOOD agents and additives, including GMO, and they infect their bodies slowly while doctors remain “clueless” about the remedies. Well, except for Naturopathic Physicians – they know what to do.


They know exactly what to do to treat anxiety and depression. First, they will ask you what you have been eating, not only today and yesterday, but last week, last month, last year, and maybe for the last decade. Then they will tell you what to never eat again. And then they will tell you what to eat to cure ALL preventable disease and disorder that’s so commonplace in the USA and other developing countries that eat processed food, genetically modified food and who drink fluoridated, chlorinated, medicated tap water.


The problem with tap water, meat, milk, gluten and artificial sweeteners


Life delivers many “curve balls” – surprises that might stress you out, or make you anxious, or even sad. These are normal emotions. Never let a doctor tell you that you need medication for your normal emotions. When life throws you “curve balls” you have to step up to the plate and swing! Don’t be afraid of change or even failure – after all, if you try and try and try – eventually you succeed, and that is a great feeling. The first thing to do in order to relieve general anxiety is to closely examine everything you put in your mouth and on your skin and make sure you are not ingesting chemicals. The FDA allows over 70,000 food “agents” that are actually toxic to invade our food supply, and the personal care product industry goes virtually UNREGULATED.


So now, here are a few quotes and sayings that will keep you on track to perfect health and ZERO anxiety:


1. If you can’t eat something, you shouldn’t be using it on your skin.


2. If a product contains ingredients you can’t pronounce, you probably should not be eating it, drinking it, or putting it on your skin.


3. Artificial sweeteners are just that … ARTIFICIAL! Never eat food made in a laboratory and that includes everything GMO!


4. Nearly all gluten, corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil and sugar beets are GMO, in other words, they contain pesticide and herbicide in the seeds, the plants, the oils, and it can’t be washed off!


5. Fluoride (sodium fluoride) is horrible for human health. The dentists and public officials who push it on the public as healthy are committing acts of atrocity. Never drink USA tap water and don’t brush your teeth fluoride toothpaste. Tap water contains a DRUG that goes entirely unmeasured.


So what’s the problem with MEAT and MILK? Here’s the problem:


These foods often contain drugs that are given to animals so they will get fat or produce more eggs or milk. Human hormones have a delicate balance and when you eat artificial growth hormones and the like you are messing with that balance. This leads to depression in not only the animals given the hormones, but the ones eating those animals or their byproducts. Did you hear otherwise? That was the meat and dairy industries lying to you then. No other animal on planet earth drinks milk past infancy or from another animal, did you know that? Do you wonder why?


As for the meat, all your body wants are the amino acids, but to get to the “protein” your body must BREAK DOWN the meat, that contains toxins usually, and spend hours on this job. During this process, your immunity to other pathogens, carcinogens, bacteria and virus is lowered and becomes vulnerable. You can skip the MEAT STEP by not consuming meat. You don’t need it. You can get all that protein from leafy greens, raw organic nuts, and even organic protein supplements. You must research super foods now and learn about building immunity and getting ultimate nutrition without eating foods that breed depression, anxiety and nervousness.



Artificial Sweeteners are Evil!


The “Trojan Horse” of the food, snack and sugar industries is FAKE SUGAR. Why? Your body senses that it’s sweet and tries to use it. In other words, the number one cause of cancer is mutated cells, and Aspartame, Sucralose and Sorbitol are doing just that, they are mutating your DNA, which will eventually turn and attack your good cells, and there you have it folks. The “C” word in action. Everyone has some bad cells, but your good cells use organic food to beat them down and win the war, everyday. Some research has shown that artificial sweeteners can remain inside your cleansing organs and your digestive tract for years. Aspartame has been found inside children’s brains decades after consumption. Can you imagine. This can foster depression, anxiety and sudden mood swings. This disrupts your central nervous system. No doctor has a prescription medication in the world to cure people who consume toxins daily. And they never will!


You can eradicate free radicals from your system with organic fruits and vegetables. If you quit smoking recently, your body may be craving nutrients that were depleted from your system for years. If you drink soda stop now! Phosphoric acid and pesticide-laden corn syrup kill your good bacteria in your gut and wreck your health. You must find balance for your physical and mental health daily. Feed your organs when you wake up, not your “mouth” or “stomach” what it may be “whining for.” Feed your organs spring water, organic foods and super foods. Here is a great resource for super foods, if you are not familiar yet. This should be worked into your daily food regimen, for sure!


Superfoods make you smarter and eliminate anxiety!


A cognitive map is a mental map, model or representation that helps code, store, recall and even decode information regarding attributes of everyday phenomena. This includes metaphorical spatial environment. These maps are also mental representations of physical locations, helping humans and animals find their way by recalling important features, like back-tracking your way out of a maze. They provide insight into worlds where humans have sensory deficits or physical handicaps — think of the blind navigating their way through familiar territory. Also, unimportant information is often excluded, so a cognitive map can be very different from an actual place. Cognitive maps can be constructed for spaces as small as your bedroom or as large as planet Earth. They are utilized in child psychology and emotional counseling. These conceptions also mature with us. Cognitive mapping evolves. Where does YOUR mind “go,” and what are the “routes” you’re taking? Could you also eliminate mental obstacles? Think of your brain as a huge tree, with thousands of tiny branches, and they all have leaves, which are like your new experiences that need watering. Your context via interaction with your environment designs the maps of physical, mental and spiritual realms. Highly nutritious food is the fuel and a major part of this to consider now.

Switch to organic!

“Junk science” is the study of food that makes people addicted to certain flavors and excitotoxins that disrupt your central nervous system. The entire fast food industry is based on junk science — full of refined, processed GMO sugar and animal byproducts. The corporate money-making machine churns out cognition-killing foods that breed preventable diseases. This dampens all thinking, energy, motivation and, yes, cognitive mapping. Best “brain foods” available… Organic Ginger The brain-boosting properties of ginger register off the charts, according to research published in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine. Volunteers were given standardized ginger extract, 400 and 800 mg/day. The researchers documented “considerable increase in memory, while brain oxidative stress was reduced,” as reported by Carolanne Wright for Natural News. Another study discovered that ginger root minimizes damage from MSG neurotoxicity. Chlorella and Spirulina for Pure Protein! According to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, a brilliant scientific food investigator and nutritionist, chlorella and spirulina are the most “astounding food sources on planet Earth.” Most people have no idea that spirulina contains 12 times the digestible protein of beef. A phytochemical found in chlorella is known to remediate nerve damage in the brain and nervous system. Plus, chlorella is used in the recovery of patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Both can reverse cancer! Organic Beetroot Juice A relatively new study published in Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, a peer-reviewed journal, is the first to link consumption of nitrate-rich beet juice to increased blood flow to the brain. Many studies have revealed that it lowers blood pressure, but now we know that it also increases “perfusion” — or blood flow to the brain. Organic Curcumin Want some brain food that protects against diabetes and arthritis? Studies published in Experimental Gerontology found that curcumin improved vascular health in aging lab mice by ameliorating artery stiffening. The mice experienced no oxidative stress according to scientists. Celery, Cabbage and Spinach High concentrations of nitrates are found in leafy green vegetables that turn to nitrites thanks to good bacteria in the mouth. These help blood vessels increase oxygen flow, specifically to places that are lacking oxygen! Making the Brain and Gut Connection Food we eat interacts with the gut, and the gut itself interacts with the brain by nerve and hormone signaling. This is why food choices are of major importance! When we’re “starving” for a meal, we often grab what is convenient, and this unfortunately is manipulated by the Big Food (GMO/processed) industry in America.

Eat “organic brain food”

Remember to fuel your own cognitive mapping with the best foods on the planet daily. Check out a 78-year-old vegan body builder who destroys the protein (meat) and calcium (dairy) myths! ( Learn more:




This has been a special report by the inventor and teacher of

14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!


For more info or to pass along the program to others who smoke and want to quit, just send them this link to the preview/trailer for 14AndOut:




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Natural News Tracker: Organic Foods and Superfoods most important investigations of 2014!


One way to keep up with the bloggers and investigate your own health every day is to read the reactions to articles on Natural Health News. How does daily healthy news change your life? It keeps you informed of current events and how they play into your food regimen, or your vacation, your land, the runoff that gets to your land, or even politics that spill over into our lives. Organic foods and Superfoods must be investigated also, but the FDA and USDA do not put limits on toxic heavy metals in foods nor is it even part of the “certified organic” process of approval. Unbelievable. You now have the tools in your hands to investigate your own health even when it comes to the organic food you consume. Here are the best resources available. So much thanks to the Health Ranger Mike Adams for sharing FOR FREE so much knowledge about food and FOOD TOXINS! – the way it should be investigated by the FDA!

This is such valuable information about the Big Picture. Natural News health enthusiasts are always following the best research. Check out the Forensic Food Lab and Consumer Wellness Center and the Health Ranger’s hard work – for public food safety and the right to know what’s in OUR food.

Natural News 2014 – Lab Results and Press Releases to remember!
stop gmo

Popular breakfast cereals found to contain low levels of toxic heavy metals: study

Whole Foods Naturally Retain Toxic Metals During Digestion, Discovers Consumer Wellness Center Lab Director Mike Adams

mental clarity (2)

Natural News Now Publishing Heavy Metals Lab Results for Grocery Products, Organic Foods and Superfoods

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How Ebola can spread a Level 4 Biohazard disease in the whole of America!

bad shot

According to Natural News, a patient infected with Ebola is being flown into the United States to be held for medical examination and treatment at Emory University in Atlanta.

“Emory University Hospital in Atlanta is set to receive a patient infected with the deadly Ebola disease currently sweeping through swaths of West Africa,” The Guardian reports. The patient is reportedly one of the American doctors who recently got infected with the disease.

This event is the first time in history that a level-4 biohazard infectious agent is being transported by air into a large U.S. city while still multiplying inside a living patient. This startling revelation has raised a lot of questions such as:

#1) Why are they bringing an infected Ebola patient into the USA? Do they want to start a pandemic here?

#2) Hooray for Emory! They are reaching out to save the life of a brave American doctor!

#3) They are going to use this guy as a human guinea pig to run medical experiments on him, hoping to produce a profitable treatment for Ebola.

#4) This is commendable! There’s simply better medical care in the USA and medical professionals want to save this doctor’s life.

#5) At what risk? Isn’t transporting an infected patient by air, even in a private aircraft, just begging for a pandemic outbreak across the United States? Doesn’t this risk the lives of 300 million people?

#6) The Department of Defense needs the body so they can harvest newer strains of Ebola as part of their viral program.

Why not send the medical teams to the patient instead?

Why are U.S. health authorities not sending U.S. medical teams to the infected patient instead of bringing the infected patient to America? This is not an irrational question. Why not give this doctor the advanced treatment he deserves and keep Ebola a continent away at the same time?

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat from Ebola, one can easily log onto:



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