Chain smoking and the “cigarette hangover”

 cig ad bright

The REAL reason most smokers can’t quit nicotine is because it’s the aspirin for their cigarette hangover – the very chemical intoxication they’ve self-induced with the previous cigarette. Within 35 to 45 minutes of smoking a cancer stick made with ammonia, bleach and pesticide, the smoker feels either a wave of anxiety, depression, stress or general uneasiness, as the nicotine wears off, and the chemical hangover kicks in. In the mind and life of a smoker, there’s only one way to get rid of this feeling, and that’s to smoke another smoke. Little do smokers know, nutrition could replace this “hangover” they are experiencing and kill the cravings they’re having for nicotine.


Killing the urge to smoke


Put it this way: if you didn’t feel bad; if you didn’t feel stressed, you wouldn’t want to smoke. If you had energy and positive momentum throughout the day, you wouldn’t want to ruin it. There are 22 million smokers in the US right now who would quit today, if they knew how. The sad part is they know very little about HOW the chemicals are affecting their body, WHICH behaviors to replace, and exactly WHAT nutrient base would relieve them of their anxiety – detoxifying their body once and for all.


Quitting cold turkey only works for five percent of smokers


Quitting cold turkey is for the super-strong willed, because having the desire to “climb a mountain” isn’t usually enough. If you want to climb a mountain, you need the right shoes, some gear and a good guide. But most cessation (quit smoking) programs are very BAD guides, or they’re not guides at all. They’re gimmicks! Most cessation programs are sold to smokers by the very companies that have them addicted to cancer sticks in the first place. The patch, medications and nicotine gum are all “built to fail” and when the first sign of stress or anxiety arrives, the new “non-smoker” goes right back to the well. (


Chain smoking and the cigarette hangover


It’s a vicious cycle. Some smokers light a new cigarette with the cherry of the old one. That’s a true “chain smoker.” They go through about two packs a day, sometimes three. These folks know they’re flushing their health down the toilet, but they have NO IDEA how to quit. Most smokers have given up on nutrition. They figure cigarettes are ruining everything, and they’re right, but what about when they try to quit – what’s the number one thing that sends people back to the well? – Stress!


But stress comes mainly from consuming GMO, acidic “junk” food, and what follows is a lack of motivation. Unfortunately, there’s not a single cessation program anywhere that focuses on nutrition as a major part. Or is there?


“14AndOut” and the war between cigarettes and nutrition


There’s a war going on between cancer sticks and nutrition, but one program brings the science, medical and nutritional research down to earth, so people can understand and use it, because 95% of smokers need a road map – a guide. The “plight” of the smoker ends when the nutrient base is replenished and the urge to smoke disappears. Plus, quitting smoking is a generous accomplishment! The CDC says that for every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, about 30 more people suffer with at least one serious illness. That’s 16 million Americans suffering from an illness caused by smoking, and they don’t even smoke! Can you imagine? Worldwide, tobacco causes more than 5 million deaths per year. That’s close to the number of people who died in the holocaust, but yearly!


What if you knew about a program that incorporates nutrition into a one hour lesson you never forget? What if this method was completely organic, with no medications and no gimmicks? If you have the will, this is the way. It’s time to start sharing the natural method called “14AndOut” that’s recommended by the Health Ranger and Editor in Chief of Natural News, Mike Adams. Remember, smoking yourself to death is a preventable “disease.”


Learn how to quit starting RIGHT NOW!

Here’s the free preview/trailer: (




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Will entire Metro city of Atlanta be quarantined if Ebola breaks out?


There are close to half a million people in Atlanta; 447,000 to be accurate. Currently, in China, they have quarantined off an entire city, not due to Ebola, but due to the death of a resident who had the bubonic plague. The man may have exposed hundreds of other people to the deadly plague before he died. Now, the U.S. has flown home some Ebola that is living inside a human, and currently there’s no cure for Ebola. Oddly, the CDC is has created a patent on a particular strain of Ebola. What’s going on there??? We have patents on diseases now? Will that mean in the future that no scientist will be allowed to work on cures for anything if they don’t work for the (crooked) Government and Big Pharma elitists?


Will there be an outbreak of Ebola in Atlanta soon, and who will make all the money off the vaccine frenzy? Will those vaccines be involuntary and will babies be force vaccinated with some horrendous bacteria that probably won’t work? Was the patent secured for a staged outbreak of Ebola? This is a deadly game of conflict of interest if true. The CDC and Big Pharma working together – sounds more like a deja vu of the SWINE FLU. Stay tuned to Natural News – Natural Health News for breaking news on what’s really happening, not the drama that feeds the script on CNN.


Will they lock down half a million in Atlanta? The DHS can do it if they want to. Remember how they rolled through BOSTON neighborhoods after the bombing “event” at the Boston Marathon? Yes,, DHS looked like they were rolling through the streets of North Korea, flexing their tanks and swat “team” of US Government “suburban” control trip. That was a parade on TV for the nation to see – so everyone could “get used to the feeling” of being controlled by the government. They didn’t need all THAT to find some terrified teenager hiding in someone’s boat. Move from the big cities folks, cause you know they’re “planning something.”



Natural News is reporting on the bubonic plague in China


“A deadly disease that at one time killed off one-third of Europe has reemerged in China, where officials have quarantined an entire city following the death of a resident. The Chinese city of Yumen, population 30,000, was reportedly sealed off after a man who handled a dead marmot contracted bubonic plague and later died, potentially exposing hundreds of others to the disease in the process.” Learn more:


What can you do to protect yourself and your family from disease and plague outbreaks?

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It is time to come forward and expose the misdeeds of the government!

eagle (2)

According to Natural News, former Texas Representative and American hero Ron Paul during a recent interview with Fox Business expressed concerned about the wellbeing of Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on the Obama Administration’s National Security Agency (NSA) spying scheme.”I’m worried somebody in our government might kill him with a cruise missile or a drone missile. I mean, we live in a bad time where American citizens don’t even have rights and they can be killed, but the gentleman is trying to tell the truth about what’s going on … It’s a shame that we are in an age where people who tell the truth about what the government is doing get into trouble,” said Paul.

Snowden was the whistleblower behind the so-called “PRISM” slides, which outline the methodology behind the NSA’s massive spying program. The slides revealed that the federal government has been tapping the servers of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and many other popular sites for private information about Americans in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

For more information, log onto: has recently launched a new website that he says aims to promote more whistleblowing by government employees and serve as a sounding board that grabs the attention of politicians and policymakers.

“I tell you what has helped us a whole lot and that is something that we can encourage, and that is to get more whistleblowers. Think of Edward Snowden, what he has done for revealing the truth. Think of what Daniel Ellsberg did in a much more difficult time and he narrowly escaped going to prison for this,” the libertarian-leaning Paul, also a three-time presidential candidate, said.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat toward Edward Snowden and Ron Paul’s initiative to expose the misdeeds of the government, one can easily log onto:


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Whistle Blowers UNITE! We are winning the war for freedom and voice!

stop gmo

Natural Health News has a mission. Truth. Dozens of Journalism groups in America are on a mission too – to tell Obama he is not a dictator. To tell Obama he doesn’t rule our minds and he can’t cripple the constitution. We all actually eat so much organic food that we know the difference between free speech and government handouts. We choose free speech every time. We choose organic food. We choose labels for your poisonous food. We choose the right to grow organic food, even in our front yards! Wow. Do you feel that?

round table script planning

The Obama administration does exactly the opposite of what they proclaim about transparency – they look into everyone else’s personal business, meaning every single American’s (NSA) and they conceal all of their own corrupt investments in Big Pharma, WAR, and GMO toxic food. The insurance “Amendment” (Affordable Care Act) is enforced by the IRS, who already violated personal freedom and rights when they leaned on the “Tea Party” and non-profit statuses of their political adversaries. But here they come to collect and audit, to pressure and jail if no compliance. Just like Great Britain and the Tea Tax, the intolerable taxes. What does Obama do with your tax money, does he give it all to illegal aliens in the form of food, healthcare, housing, and the right to travel on airplanes without security checks?

Image: An armed man stands watch as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

Is Obama BLOCKING REPORTERS from reporting the truth about his Administrative (Executive Tyranny) “long arms” and unethical tactics of intimidation and the staging of events for positioning on gun control? What about food control, can reporters properly cover Monsanto’s evil schemes of putting GMO poison in seeds like corn and soy, or are those “events” being removed from the internet in a massive information deletion era? Snowden has already told us this is where things are and how they have become reality.


Check out Natural News ongoing coverage of this so you have the inside track. Track natural news and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams on the quest for truth, so you can live a happy, healthy, safe and wealthy life.


“In many cases, this is clearly being done to control what information journalists =- and the audience they serve — have access to. A survey found 40 percent of public affairs officers admitted they blocked certain reporters because they did not like what they wrote,” the letter said. Besides asking for more openness, the 38 demanded that the president create an ombudsman position to help clear away existing barriers to news coverage.” Learn more:


Visit Ron Paul’s new whistleblower site!


Get more Natural News about our DICTATOR



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Natural News Radar: US Bureau publishes recant of former statistical info about how GDP – Gross Domestic Product is collapsing


The productive output of the U.S. economy as a whole is measured by the GDP, and Obama’s Wall Street would have you notice the “healthy state of our economy” just by the positive growth, including spending on homes, cars and other goods. That reported “growth” can goad consumers into spending more money, and it usually does. Now, after a second “official” revision, all of that growth turns out to be conjecture. real GDP as it turns out, boils back to goods and services produced by labor (and property), and that DECREASED AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 2.9% in the first quarter of 2014. So, you were saying?


This all according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. So if it’s true, it’s a monstrously NEGATIVE revision. Could this all boil back to investment properties and big money playing games with the values of Real Estate? Is there still a huge housing bubble about to burst, AGAIN?


What if homes that are worth $300,000 now, that were worth $600,000 in 2006 and 2007, are about to be worth $150,000? How about all the people who think they have equity and will be underwater, AGAIN on their mortgages?




“A big part of it was non-residential fixed investment. Rather than invest, companies have issued debt and bought back stock. But this does nothing for the economy — it simply blows a bubble in the market. How long before that comes home to roost? Not long now, I suspect.”

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Every year millions of Americans take psych-meds and become more depressed, stressed, anxious, and do horrible things

brain chips

Big Pharma loves zombies, crazies, and schizophrenics. CPS, child protective services, also doesn’t mind taking children from their parents so they can be traded and sold on the black market. Many parents lose custody of their children when they become hooked on prescription painkillers and psychotropic medications, because the meds doctors prescribe these days contain chemicals that block your serotonin and your dopamine, so you don’t feel any good feelings at all, and everything seems hopeless. They do this because it makes lots of money, through doctors and psychiatrists, who diagnose their “patients for life” with all kinds of disorders that are really just a range of normal emotions, just check the DSM-5 manual. All emotions are classified now as disorders that need medication. Any stress a human being feels and expresses to their “witch doctor” will be given some medication like you hear on TV, with horrific side effects that make the conditions worse. Plus, they wreck your health anyway, by fueling sleeplessness and constipation, anxiety and CNS disorders, where the central nervous system sends the wrong messages through the brain, or no messages at all.


Zombies and Crazies and Schizo’s – oh my!

zombies sited in mexico

Do you have ADD, attention deficit disorder? That means you aren’t stupid and you don’t like to learn the same things over and over and over, like factual data, fill in the blank and the 3 boats Christopher Columbus sailed on to America, before he slaughtered innocent Indians.


Do you have ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? That means you have constructive energy that can be channeled into sports, creativity, deep critical thinking and martial arts. If you have so much energy, you may be perfect for a scholarship at a college because you have stamina and good health.


Are you stressed about money, education quality in America, food quality, and school quality? That’s because we’re in a fake war to pad the politicians pockets, while the FDA approves pesticide foods right and left, and NO money is spent by our HUGE GOVERNEMENT to fix anything at all, not roads, bridges or schools. You have the right to be stressed and NOT diagnosed as crazy, depressed or inadequate to raise your own children. Don’t fall for the Western Medicine scam that kills more people than car wrecks and wars put together. Prescription medicine is for people who want to be SICK. Just say no. Seek out natural cures, natural remedies and Superfoods. Eat organic. Say no to GMO.


“Each year, millions of Americans are prescribed the anti-depressant drug Paxil, which belongs to a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. These powerful medications have a direct bearing on the chemistry of your brain and the way the nerves in your brain respond to specific stimuli. In many patients, Paxil and other SSRIs can have significant effects on their thoughts and behaviors, in some cases even increasing the symptoms of depression including instilling thoughts of self-harm and suicide.” Learn more:


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Illegal immigrant rams his truck into the Health Ranger’s at red light in Texas – find out how this is the epitome of a National tragedy

illegal imm

Guess how Obama pulled off the election last time when it looked like Romney had the lead after the first debate? Obama promised gifts for all the lazy, the poor and yes, the illegal immigrants. “Diplomatic Immunity!” All people who vote democratic now or in the near future are guaranteeing that catering to these issues will continue, as the weak get weaker, the middle class erodes and disintegrates, and the upper class 1% give away American taxpayers’ livelihood to get those votes.

Why does Obama give illegal aliens immunity to laws and regulations? Votes. There’s no concern for our safety, and the person who fell asleep at the wheel and rammed into the Health Ranger’s truck from behind was breaking the law and will get away with it. With no money or insurance, but the ability to vote, illegal immigrants are breaking our backs and wallets. We Americans, tax-paying law abiding citizens are all at risk, and this is just the ultimate example of border security almost non-existent. Border security, in the eyes of the Obama Administration, would mean spending money, not making money. Border security for Democrats makes “no sense.” Keeping the people weak and in need of handouts – that they get quite easily I might add – is the new American system. It’s the New World Order that Bush Sr. never even thought up.

Here’s the Health Ranger writing after “Juan” wrecked into his vehicle:
No insurance, no money, no surprise: This kid, who really is named Juan (I’ll keep his last name private), of course had no insurance. The truck belonged to his brother, and his brother didn’t have insurance either. They both worked in construction and were paid cash on a daily basis, completely outside the salary and tax system.

Learn more:
Learn more about the Natural News Editor in Chief:

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