Chili’s pulls plug on event to help autistic children due to pressure from “mafia-like” vaccine industry

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Is this the “Godfather?” Are we watching an episode of the Sopranos, where Tony and his thugn’ guys kick some small business owners around and take their money and tell them to shut up or else? It’s all about intimidation, and the vaccine industry, which has its own court, doesn’t really play by any rules at all – much less letting Chili’s help people MAKE THE CONNECTION between vaccines and autism. You see, if you have an entire event or special day dedicated to something that makes perfect sense, then the mainstream media and even local media that support that crap news,, well then you are attacked, and your ‘character’ or your restaurant’s reputation is blasted, and the cause of the event covered up. You are “covered up.” Your science based testimony is never heard. You must believe in pseudo-science and Western medicine quack science, that’s based on chemical injections and chemicals to follow surgery. GMO everything, right? Heck – put the pesticide and insecticide that’s in the vegetable oils in there and see what happens … why not, you already have MSG, formaldehyde, and a fancy name for mercury – thimerosal.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Forensic Food Scientist shares his thoughts on how anyone who is “anti-mercury” magically becomes “anti-science” in the world of mass media and mass (mainstream) lies:

I’ve even been accused of being “anti-science” even though I run a scientific laboratory using atomic spectroscopy equipment to research food safety! In reality, I’m one of the most “scientific” activists in the country, yet because I express concern of the safety of mercury in vaccines, I too am immediately and viciously branded “anti-science.” Anyone who is anti-mercury, it turns out, is automatically labeled “anti-science.”

If someone truly has science on their side, they don’t need to resort to oppression, negative P.R. campaigns, organized trolling on social media, nasty backlash campaigns against Chili’s and other similar nonsense. The fact that the vaccine pushers have resorted to these tactics is practically an admission that they have failed and have nothing left to offer except intimidation.

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Mike Adams releases “Awakenings” podcast series – 1st episode!


How to live a GMO-free life: Hear the ‘Awakenings’ podcast from the Health Ranger

Learn more:

Learn how and why to avoid GMO. Great podcast for educating kids. Teachers should use this in classrooms!

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The Advertising Standards Authority orders Monsanto to abstain from fraudulent advertising!

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This is exciting, to see a country stand up for its people. It’s always the other way around in USA, where the people must work two jobs and eat GMO in order to “stand up” for their country, and they must buy forced healthcare and believe the lie about eating pesticide daily. From Vietnam to Big Country, our domestic agriculture policy supports polluting the soil with as much herbicide and pesticide to maximize the dollar and send people to their constituents, over at Big Pharma. It’s like the lobby in Washington DC only has one kind of politician and that is the one who supports GMO, but not in South Africa. It’s different there.

They know about Monsanto and what the glyphosate does to the rats. They know about Agent Orange, DDT and the mosquito man who rides through your neighborhoods spraying “pest” killer at the humans. They know about the corn and the soy, the canola and the cottonseed. They know they are mutated and cause cancer, so they’re standing up and screaming it, as law of the land.

As reported by Natural News:
Monsanto to stop making false claims, pulls radio ad
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling reads, “Aside from submitting links to documents on its website, the respondent [Monsanto] has submitted nothing from an independent and credible expert to confirm that the various studies relied on and referred to on its website are applicable to the respondent’s product, or that they support the advertising claims.” [emphasis added]

Monsanto has been ordered by the ASA to abstain from further fraud

Learn more:

And don’t forget to watch out for …


Organic Farming is the Way! Pay attention to the news on Natural News BUZZ

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Natural News Exclusive: The fear of quitting smoking has you hooked – eliminate it!

stop smoking forever

The greatest fear of quitting smoking is the fear of the feelings of anxiety, depression and overall “crankiness” from the withdrawals of nicotine. Any smoker who has tried to quit in the past knows that this is a very tough period to go through, especially if stressful events happen on top of it all.

The fear of that anxiety and nervousness “never ending” can last for hours, days and even weeks, seemingly having no “light at the end of the tunnel” and sending the new “non-smoker” back to the well. And that’s it. Once you smoke ONE cigarette, you get dragged back into the habit like a strong undertow in the ocean, and before you know it, you’re right back to smoking a pack a day, or two packs a day, or was it three?

A man once told me that he couldn’t quit smoking because his wife would find out. I said, you mean, she doesn’t know that you started back up again? He said yes, and when he quits, he gets really cranky, and that she would know that he had started smoking again. I thought that was the most ridiculous reason I had ever heard for someone not wanting to quit, but it’s true. So what is the solution? What is the “missing link” that, if smokers all knew about and really put to use, would have the highest success ratio of any program in the world for getting smokers over that hump, those first 14 days basically, when the anxiety and nervousness otherwise “kicks in”?

The missing link – nutrition and herbs
The reason why nearly all cessation (stop smoking) programs fail for about 95% of people who try them is because they do not address nutrient deficiency and the problems that smokers’ central nervous systems face when they stop smoking ammonia-laden nicotine. You see, Big Tobacco uses ammonia to freebase nicotine so that every cigarette delivers about 100 milligrams of nicotine power, and that quells the anxiety and nervousness that is bred by smoking 4,000 chemicals, including herbicide, pesticide, insecticide and bleach. Also, the nicotine patch only delivers about 3 to 4 milligrams an hour, steadily, throughout the day. Nicotine gum is even weaker than the patch. These “cessation” choices are nothing close to calming the nerves. They are not helping you balance your central nervous system or replenish your nutrient base. Now you know why they call it chain smoking — nicotine is just aspirin for the chemical hangover you get from EVERY cigarette.

Hypnosis doesn’t offer nutritional advice or supplements either, and the CDC certainly does not inform you in any way of the power of certain organic foods and herbs that quell the anxiety, fight depression and raise dopamine levels naturally. The CDC’s scary commercials and warnings on cigarette packs do nothing more than spark conversation; they don’t help smokers quit the third-strongest addiction in the world. For most people, it’s not just psychological. For the ultimate feat of quitting cigarettes for good — people want some guidance.

End anxiety and fuel good feelings
Mucuna is a natural remedy and a tropical legume. It is made into a food “supplement” by grinding up the beans after removing the “velvety” outer coating. It’s a beautiful bean that’s native to Asia and Africa and has a wide range of medicinal properties. By safely and naturally enhancing dopamine levels, people do not feel irritated and desperate to light up, but rather they feel happy and “removed” from the want of lighting up. (

David Wolfe speaking on the safety of Mucuna:

When you kill the “urge,” you cut the habit, and the rest is mind control and nutrition. The nicotine addiction is broken in three to four days, but it takes about two weeks to rid yourself of the 4,000 chemicals still leaching minerals from your body. This is also why it is important to supplement with an organic multivitamin mineral complex, really ramping up the fortification process as the first 14 days pass. Vitamin B is good for balancing the central nervous system, but it needs to be organic, possibly with niacin too. Check with your nutritionist. Did you know that organic chocolate fights depression? Imagine if you took action and did all of this? Whom do you know who smokes and would love to quit?

Also, L-tyrosine is an amino acid that fights depression, cures anxiety and cures chronic fatigue! Some smokers mistake depression for detoxification. It is vital to refortify nutrients throughout the body while quitting smoking. Garlic cloves and oil of oregano are also natural remedies to be considered here. The natural method called 14AndOut not only teaches the smoker about the physiological effects from the chemicals engineered into commercial cigarettes, but 14AndOut also introduces excellent behavior modification to replace and replenish bad habits with good ones. That is how nutrition is infused into the equation and the smoker is rescued from anxiety, nervousness, crankiness and, in the end, the habit that was removing 10 to 20 years from their life.


Kill the urge and you cut the habit
The Health Ranger presents the trailer to the all-natural program (empowerment video) recommended by nutritionists and naturopaths. 14AndOut is also available in paperback and on kindle. (

You are in complete control now, it’s not just mind over matter. It’s about nutrition and positive reinforcements! Eliminate your fear of quitting right now. Live without fear and the “fear of failure.” Quit smoking. Change your life!

Sources for this article include:

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Vaccine exemptions – are they an “admission of neglect” or a smart choice for parents?

tyranny in america now (2)

“Sign the form, admit neglect, and be on your way, Miss Jones.” Is that where this is heading? – So Obamacare can come in with CPS, Child Protective Services, and take your child later on based on whether they do or do not like your point of view, or maybe that non-profit business status, your voting trends, or whether or not you vaccinate your kids.

Infectious disease, after all, is the buzz word combo of the century! That IS Western Medicine. Yet the irony is most of the disease people are dying from is non-infectious and preventable, or the very thing they get vaccinated for, over and over. Now the New York Times just published a piece on the possible elimination of vaccine exemptions, and it all comes full circle. History teaches us that when evil governments decide all of your personal business and health for you, you’re in BIG trouble. This is just the way Hitler functioned before everyone knew what he was really doing. Propaganda and re-education films. Mandatory re-education films. You like that?

Is this who you want running your personal (and business) life?

This is why everyone fled Europe, twice! Europeans fled to America to get away from religious persecution and psychotic rulers, and then the Jews fled to get away from a psychopath who force vaccinated children, experimented on their brains, imprisoned (and secretly killed) any one who opposed his core belief system, and it was all about having a master race, one with certain genes, or didn’t you know? And, yes, Hitler really did take the guns from Jews before throwing them into concentration camps

Nazi Germany or New York City?

My friends, I am not from New York City, but I have visited there enough to know the “life.” Most people run their own businesses and they do it pretty well. They raise their children the best they can in the middle of “chaos.” Now a government is using scare tactics to convince the masses that flu shots and vaccines are for the good of everyone, but what’s the “master plan” behind forcing something “good” on the people?!

Forced Vaccination at Gunpoint Near

Parents, if you don’t sign a guilt form for NOT getting your kids shot up with MSG, aluminum and mercury, you will not be able to enroll your children in PUBLIC school. This precedent, if set, could and would be “used in a court of law,” to propel other cities and even states to follow suit. If you don’t sign that form, they have proof later you neglected protecting your child from a disease scare. This is leverage to take your children away from you and keep you listed as a criminal, with no right to own a gun, even though you’ll probably be on psych meds or in a jail somewhere.

That is the “master plan” my herding friends, who think there is safety in numbers. There was no safety in the 6,000,000 Jews that Hitler killed after he confiscated their weapons (made them register them first!), pulled them from their homes with their children (who needed force vaccinating and brain surgery), and took them on trains to the film festival (concentration camp with no food and chemical showers). Could FEMA and DHS be preparing for the nationwide “film festival” right now? Maybe you better check.

Natural News has this coverage:

Whether you vaccinate or not, we have a problem. We have people suggesting that it’s the governments place to tell us what’s best for our children. We have a healthcare community that is not educated on vaccinations, their ingredients or side-effects, and we have vaccines being injected into our children that have not been subjected to proper research, safety and clinical trials. It’s time to wake up and step up before it’s too late.

What can you do if you have children and you recognize that vaccines contain many neurotoxins and you don’t think they can do any good at all?

Know your rights!

Which ethnic group do you “loathe?” Because your ethnicity might get ultimately “tested” by the swine flu vaccine, or the next pandemic “outbreak” that CNN helps disseminate with information packs and directions to the nearest stadium or theatre showing the new education film. Everyone MUST get vaccinated! You must shoot formaldehyde into your muscle tissue for protection from infectious disease. Forget about the fact that most of you are dying young from preventable disease, all while getting shot up with toxic GMO bacteria, GMO viruses, MSG and embalming fluid!

Know your rights!

The Government who takes away your guns and force-vaccinates you has a master plan:

If you read the 1938 Nazi gun laws closely and compare them to earlier 1928 Weimar gun legislation – as a straightforward exercise of statutory interpretation – several conclusions become clear. First, with regard to possession and carrying of firearms, the Nazi regime relaxed the gun laws that were in place in Germany at the time the Nazis seized power. Second, the Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition. Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms.

“In Germany, firearm registration helped lead to the holocaust,” National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre wrote in his book, “Gun, Crimes and Freedom.”

Is Senator Feinstein, the U.S. gun control FREAK a Nazi sympathizer?

Natural News Tracker is keeping up with every major move the crooks are busted trying to enforce on the people of this great Nation. What can be done? Read Natural News so you know how it affects your day, your taxes, your food purchases, your supplements.

Could the U.S. Food Supply be purposely infested with pesticide to slowly kill all the people who have yet to see the New World Order film?

Protect your Constitution and stay happy, healthy, safe and wealthy. Natural News enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are sharing this vital information.

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Is your ego getting the best of your diet and holding you back?

brand skull

You see guys trying to build their muscles walking out of GNC and vitamin shops, carrying huge containers of “whey protein” and “soy protein” for faster, bigger muscles! Go, ego! You see women everywhere drinking diet drinks because they are sold on them, by magazines on every shelf at every grocery and drug store media aisle and at the checkout counters, yet artificial sweeteners have been shown to make people GAIN weight. Go, ego! Your ego has been convinced that there’s an easy way to accomplish everything you ever wanted. Yes, advertising sells to your ego, not you. The “all new” Chevrolet or Ford truck has extra power and hauling strength! Some new multivitamin made by some filthy rich pharmaceutical corporation is going to “fortify” your blood and make you immune to the impending world of disease. There goes the ego again, trying to alter reality and find miracle solutions to anything your wallet or purse can justify at the time.

Learn more:

Did you fall for the “whole grains” scam? Most whole grains are GMO (pesticide-laden) and cause inflammation. Did you fall for the aspirin or ibuprofen scam? Your liver doesn’t like your ego, my friend. Are you Houdini? You seem to be trying to escape from some inescapable situation by convincing yourself that the liars aren’t telling lies. Everything you see on television that’s sponsored by drugs and Big Food (the processed food industry) causes health detriment. Every single aisle in conventional grocery stores and supermarkets contains products loaded with additives, preservatives and fungus and mold killers that suffocate your cells and lead to cancer. If your ego is too big to face that reality, it will be broken down FOR YOU when your doctor diagnoses you with MCD, “Mutated Cell Disorder.”

Do you have MCD? Cure it with organic fruits and vegetables
Only about 10% of Americans believe that the human body does not need vaccines to fight off disease and infection. The rest are running on blind faith in the modern medical-industrial complex. 90% of Americans are struggling with their internal voices which tell them that the great old USA would never intentionally pollute their blood with chemicals that cause cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, polio, mercury poisoning, heart disease, AIDS, hepatitis B and more. The history books in all elementary schools, middle schools and high schools tell the story of Europeans coming to America to establish a great country full of pride and human rights. Those rights are eroding by the day, and what was once carved in stone is now wiped off like chalk!

Learn more:

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One World Whey protein tests 100 times cleaner than popular vegan proteins for heavy metals


Mike Adams at Natural News has some good news to share with you on the laboratory testing front:

“We’ve been testing a lot of protein products lately, and I’m actually quite shocked to see the levels of lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and even some other rare heavy metals in popular vegan protein products. I’ll be releasing full details in a few weeks, but as a result of my findings, I have stopped consuming nearly all vegan proteins altogether.

The exception is hemp proteins, which consistently test very clean. But if you are consuming any other vegan protein right now, I would strongly advise you check with the manufacturer about metals levels in those products, because we are finding very concerning levels in many popular vegan protein products.

So I decided to test One World Whey, the No. 1 brand of unpasteurized whey protein made completely without hormones or artificial ingredients. Initially, I expected I might find considerable levels of heavy metals in the product, as it is derived from dairy production, but my fears turned out to be completely unfounded. (For the record, we received absolutely no money from One World Whey to test their products. In fact, they weren’t even aware we were testing them…)

It turns out that One World Whey is the cleanest protein we’ve tested yet, and it is WAY cleaner than the most popular vegan proteins we’ve tested, often by a factor of 100 to 200 times cleaner!

Click here to watch the YouTube video explaining these findings.”

Here’s the comparison:

Popular vegan proteins vs. One World Whey protein
Popular vegan proteins: .2 – .8 ppm
One World Whey protein: ZERO (yes, zero! Not even detectable at 1 ppb!)

Popular vegan proteins: 1 – 2 ppm
One World Whey protein: 0 – .01 ppm

One World Whey is over 100 times cleaner on cadmium!

Popular vegan proteins: .06 – .08 ppm
One World Whey protein: .01 – .02 ppm

One World Whey is 5 times cleaner on arsenic!

Popular vegan proteins: .03 – .04 ppm
One World Whey protein: .004 – .009 ppm (virtually zero)

One World Whey is 5 times cleaner on mercury!

Popular vegan proteins: 20 – 24 ppm
One World Whey protein: .35 – 3.5 ppm

One World Whey is 10 times cleaner on copper!

Popular vegan proteins: 30 – 33 ppm
One World Whey protein: 1 – 4 ppm

One World Whey is over 10 times cleaner on Aluminum!

The bottom line? One World Whey is by far the cleanest protein we’ve found yet. It’s so clean that it’s downright shocking.

This is absolute proof that One World Whey comes from clean cows eating clean food. There’s no way to “fake” these results. If the final product is clean, the inputs are clean, no exceptions!

Now, I cannot guarantee that every single lot of this product is going to be as clean as the lots we have acquired. We can only promise these lab results for the lots we have in stock right now in our warehouse (because we test EVERY lot we receive, of EVERY product we sell).

The lot numbers we tested for this research are listed at the bottom of this article.

Help support our lab testing by purchasing One World Whey from the Natural News Store
Because One World Whey is so clean, we decided to carry it and help support the small business that makes it. (We’re the ONLY online health store that tests everything we carry for heavy metals.)

Click here to get some One World Whey at the Natural News Store.

Learn more:

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