Bad medical advice and exactly WHAT it “gets you” – an early grave!

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What if you go to the doctor to get advice on how to quit cigarettes and he or she writes you a prescription for a drug that is supposed to block your “nicotine receptors” in your brain so that even if you do smoke, your brain can’t access the nicotine, and you won’t have any more cravings? What if that same doctor informs you of the side effects, all in the name of being honest and forthright, and you sit and not only listen to the list, but you process it in your brain, wondering whether these side effects are better, or worse, than the ill-health effects your getting from cigarettes? At what point in our “great country” did medicine become so corrupt, where anyone has to actually consider whether “side effects” of medication could mean permanent health damage and possibly the death of you? Are cigarettes worse or the stop-smoking-medications? You be the judge. Many people sue the pharmaceutical corporations that manufacture these “medicines,” but the smokers rarely prevail in court, since all the horrors are “disclosed” on the package insert already.


The typical smoking “cessation” medications are RECORDED to have caused the following side effects:


Hostility, depression, suicidal thoughts, SUICIDAL ACTIONS, (by the way, suicide is listed as a side effect several weeks after smokers stop taking the medication), anxiety, panic, hallucinations, paranoia, confusion, SEIZURES, memory loss, life-threatening allergic skin and swelling reactions of the face, mouth and throat.


So you wanted to quit smoking, and now you can barely breathe because your throat is swelled almost completely closed, your completely paranoid people are after you, you don’t know where you are (even though your at home or work), you’re seeing demons and police sirens that aren’t really there, you’re in a state of panic, you are hitting people and thinking of killing yourself, and maybe even trying to, just to escape the total nightmare that is all around you, thanks to some doctor prescribing some “witch’s brew” poison that was supposed to block your “nicotine receptors,” but instead blocked all normal brain activity that helps you process all information, including what matters most to you, where you are safe, where you are happy, what makes you happy, how to appreciate family and friends, and what you DO still have, and that is the choice to start becoming healthy, today.


Medical Advice Gone Awry in America

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You asked so we’ll tell you. When did American medicine start becoming so screwed up? The year was 1910, and scientists began discovering that essential vitamins, like A, B, C, and D could not only beat back diseases, but prevent them entirely. Within a couple decades, people in America had almost entirely stopped visiting medical doctors and they were going broke. The AMA, the American Medical Association, figured that if they let this continue, then their “business” model would fail, so they pulled all nutritional education from all the medical schools, and no doctors were allowed to prescribe or recommend food as medicine, or they would lose their medical license and possibly end up in jail (or even killed). In came the “pharmaceutical revolution” – where chemical medicines were the only medium doctors could use for treating patients, besides rogue surgery. After World War II, the mad scientists that worked for Hitler helped the American pharmaceutical regime and corporate cartel create cancerous preservatives and additives for food, chemical pharmaceutical medications for the ills created from consuming those processed, nutrient-dead foods, and also chemotherapy for the people who get blood cancer and tumors from eating all the pesticide-laden foods and from drinking the fluoridated water from their municipal tap.


Also, since infectious diseases were fading away thanks to modern plumbing, hygiene and cleaner hospitals, the AMA, along with the CDC and the FDA, declared that vaccines were preventing infectious diseases and totally responsible for their decline, though this was a HUGE LIE. People in America actually believed that scientists who wildly experimented with infected monkeys in labs had figured out how to save the world from all infectious diseases, including polio and small pox, yet many of these vaccines were highly experimental, mixing different strains of pathogens and creating NEW strains that were infecting the public. It was all covered up by science journals and false press releases, and the “sheeple” (uneducated or misinformed followers) bought into it, hook, line and sinker.


The Health Ranger poses the question, “Have you ever thought about the similarities between pharmaceutical and tobacco companies? They’re striking. Both sell products that kill people when used as directed.”


Just as science had discovered the link between smoking tobacco and lung cancer WAY BACK IN THE 1930s, modern medicine continued to use MDs to endorse cigarettes as completely and 100% safe and wonderful for your health, telling everyone about their favorite brand and how it helps with digestion and soothes your throat, all while giving you mouth, throat and lung cancer, among other things.


Today, the biggest lies are still believed by 80% of the population, or more. People think drinking water from the tap is okay, they think pharmaceutical medications can help heal them of their eating ills, they think vaccines and flu shots work, and they think the government regulatory agencies would never allow such poisons to be called medicine, like chemo and radiation.


The fix is in. You can buy into it and suffer, or you can get smart and get healthy and listen to truth media, alternative media, and healing knowledge and natural remedies that have been around LONG BEFORE THE AMA!


It’s time to use a natural method to quit smoking, that HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL. It’s time to stop paying attention to lying MDs who work for the AMA, the FDA and the CDC, and who have NO CHOICE but to recommend to you medications with side effects of depression, anxiety, hostility and suicide.


Get smart. Get healthy. The time has come for you. The time is now.


There’s a natural aid recommended by nutritionists …

Visit the home page of the world’s leading stop smoking program


Click for Free Preview Here: 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!









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Best thing you can do for PTSD is avoid chemical consumption

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When you have a lot to think about, to reflect on, to contemplate, and to plan for, you need a clear head and a stable heart. The last thing you need at these times are chemicals racing through your blood, unnaturally changing your body chemistry, manipulating your true feelings, making you worry about simple fixes, and clouding your vision, keeping you from the best life you can have, every day from here on. You may be able to diminish and possibly eliminate your post traumatic stress disorder. You need natural remedies, and they’re out there, you just have to know where to look. (


When you serve your country and you work hard, you deserve the best, in pay, rewards, awards, and you deserve the cleanest food, water and natural medicine on the planet–for all times–for when you’re healthy, for when you get a little sick, for when you want to BOOST your MOOD, or just to help you get motivated, for workouts, for work, for being a huge part of your family’s happiness. Sometimes its just a spouse or a child, or sometimes it’s just YOU, but you have to give your body what it wants, what your organs, your heart and brain want, and that’s clean food, not artificial ingredients, and no crazy flu shots that contain mercury and formaldehyde, no cigarettes that contain pesticide and ammonia, no crazy medications advertised on TV with side effects that include feelings of suicide.


The last thing your body and mind want to encounter are insecticides (sodium fluoride in tap water) and herbicides (Roundup on and inside nearly all conventional produce) mixed in your digestive tract, that screw up immunity, that lower IQ, that breed confusion, that brew central nervous system disorders, that fuel depression, that heighten anxiety, that conjure fear, that exacerbate self-doubt and low self-opinion, that stir guilt, and that lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.


Best thing you can do for PTSD is avoid chemical consumption


There is an easy way to quit chemicals altogether–learn where they are, eliminate them from your daily intake, and keep up with natural news. Simple. Read a little, remember what you read when you go to the stores, to buy water, food and personal care products. Remember, no chemicals on your skin, hair or nails either. No chemicals for your teeth. No chemicals injected into your body for hoaxes like swine flu. No burning chemicals in your house–and that goes for toxic candles. No spraying toxins around the house or bathrooms, like those cheap air fresheners. No spraying toxins on your yard or near the garden, like toxic pesticides and Roundup weed killer. No more fast food!


Never, ever eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame.


And last, but not least, stop smoking naturally, without medication, and end the smoking nightmare once and for all. Your life will be so beautiful and perfect when you stop ingesting chemicals. Just wait and see!


Without further adieu … here are your NATURAL REMEDIES:

Indigenous cures have worked for centuries and even millennia for

addressing cancer, immunity and vitality: Hemp Seed Oil: ( Hemp Protein: ( Oil of Oregano (wild oregano oil): (, Spirulina and Clean Chlorella: ( Maca and Mucuna*: Raw food expert and world traveler/speaker David Wolfe is an authority on maca and mucuna. Watch these YouTube videos for great information: Maca: (

*Also see: Mucuna Pruriens: ( Garlic Cloves: ( Licorice Root: ( Burdock Root: ( Medicinal mushrooms: Check out Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga to boost immunity and fight cancer cells — everything from brain cancer to breast cancer. What more could you ask? (


Vitamin B complex helps balance the central nervous system too! Learn more:


Additional source:



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Attention Smokers, Alcoholics and Drug Addicts – Ready to “Kick” the Nightmare to the Curb?

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According to Natural News, mucuna, also known as velvet bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes but can’t handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-DOPA content of the unprocessed mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson’s patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator. A new study reveals that mucuna just might be that “missing rung” in the ladder that leads to great health for thousands more soon-to-be ex-smokers.

The mucuna extract contains a significant amount of naturally occurring L-DOPA, an amino acid which converts into dopamine. Most commonly sold in powder form, this “herbal” remedy can be found all over the internet, and the 60 percent concentration can be found in vegetarian capsules that are high quality.

Mucuna, also known as velvet bean, can help curb your desire to smoke and drink

This wondrous Ayurvedic Indian herb is known by many names, including sea bean, buffalo bean, DopaBean, pruriens, cowitch, skapikachhu and atmagupta. The main medicinal benefits come from the seeds, but the pod and the roots can also be used. The velvety beans are actually drift seeds, meaning they can float away on ocean currents and re-plant themselves all over the world.

To know more click:

Mucuna pruriens contains 40mg/g of a compound called L-DOPA, which is a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine works as one of the best natural HGH releasers (human growth hormone) by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase its production. High levels throughout life of the body’s own natural growth hormone (not hormones from the synthetic injections) is known to be a major key for human longevity.

Dopamine also increases other youth hormones such as testosterone (it must be mentioned that these increases are never throwing the endocrine system out of balance, merely improving levels which tend to decrease over time in the average person). These resulting increased levels of these hormones from the use of Mucuna pruriens extracts, powders and/or raw herbs explains its association with increasing libido, fertility and lean muscle mass, reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and body fat, increasing bone density and even boosting overall energy levels.

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To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding how mucuna can help you overcome your smoking and drinking habits, one can easily log onto:


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More TOXIC than aspartame – Neotame invading even organic food now


Rather than selling it directly to consumers as a tabletop sweetener, the makers of Neotame (Monsanto’s NutraSweet Co.), the artificial sweetener that’s 13,000 times sweeter than sugar, got FDA approval for use in any foods except for meat. Monsanto, the evil corporation that also makes aspartame, pushed hard and pushed fast for their marketing, and now it’s showing up in tons of organic products. It takes 8,000 teaspoons of sugar to equal the sweetening strength of one teaspoon of neotame, and this “sweetness” deception does wonders to the human body, where it is fooled into believing it’s eating something sweet, and thus CRAVING MORE food, more food, more sweets. Organic “sellout” companies across the globe are using lots of toxic fillers and sweeteners now in organic products to screw up the health of health-conscious consumers and to completely dilute the organic label. Companies are using organic soy, organic canola and artificial sweeteners that pass the “USDA organic” test or fly under its radar. What “organic” disease are you buying into today at Whole Foods? Which company is pooling the wool over your eyes, is it Horizon or is it Silk? Is your sugar-free, calorie-free, zero-calorie, light and diet-labeled organic food killing you slowly or quickly?


Neotame was approved back in 2002 and immediately inserted into millions of products, including dairy products, yogurt, frozen desserts, chewing gum and soft drinks. Unlike aspartame, neotame can be heated up, so you find it in all kinds of baked goods, even those labeled organic. Now in the CAFOs, careless farmers add it to the livestock feed, and then slaughter those animals and send them to the grocers across America. You see, the FDA does NOT require ingredients to be labeled as long as they contribute to less than one percent of the product, but what if the product contained 1% mercury, or aluminum, or rattle snake venom, for that matter?


Hazardous, chemical-containing Neotame is hidden under “natural flavors” category on organic food products


Neotame is a white crystalline powder that contains the same synthetic derivatives as aspartame, add the chemical methanol, also known as wood alcohol, and finally add in some 3-dimethylbutyl, and you have the NEOTAME SYNTHETIC COMPOUND that contains ingredients listed on the EPA’s most hazardous chemical list. So then, the government is protected the environment from a hazardous chemical that the FDA says is fine to eat, and that the USDA approves for use in organic foods. Hail to Neotame, the toxic sweetener found in organic food that contains a chemical the EPA has on their most hazardous chemical list. Neotame was created to leave out Phenylketonurics (PKUs) so they wouldn’t have to include the warning labels that aspartame carries for people with metabolic disorder. By rapidly stimulating the release of insulin and leptin, neotame consumption propels abnormal hormone reactions, increasing fat storage, leading to weight gain and obesity–the exact opposite effect for which it is consumed, and the opposite goal of weight loss or weight control, according to the deceptive marketing platform. Long term effects are unknown (neurotoxicity, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, strokes, etc.) Neotame is actually created in a laboratory using genetically modified bacteria, so no matter how LOW the percent of the product in any food, it’s GMO and NOT organic. Many more people are aware of the dangers of consuming aspartame than they are neotame. Aspartame was released for consumption way back in 1980 by Donald Rumsfeld and the infamous Ronald Reagan.


Neotame and Aspartame both metabolize into formaldehyde in the human body

Once neotame enters the body, it changes into formaldehyde and acts as an excitotoxic amino acid that damages nerves and soft tissue. Neotame is manufactured with a highly flammable irritant. There are currently NO LABELING RULES for neotame – as it is found in USDA certified organic food in a wide range of products. Is your food really organic? You better check. The word organic is a big money maker, and some companies just don’t care what’s in their products as long as they sell. Who do you buy from: Kashi, Boca or “Back to Nature?” Do you know who really owns them now? When “organic” is not really organic

 colgate kid

Did you know the USDA doesn’t test certified organic food for heavy metal toxins? Did you know organic food imported from China may be more dangerous to your health than conventional food grown in the USA? This is why former vice-presidents and lobbyists for Monsanto now run the FDA and the USDA. Nutrasweet is a former Monsanto asset. Do the math. They sell you health detriment and then they sell you pharmaceuticals to quell the pain, depression, severe hormone imbalance, and central nervous system disorders they created in the first place. Like aspartame, neotame is another cancer-causing weight-gain monster. Will you be “consumed?”






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Agent Orange Corn – Update with EPA called into question “Enlist Duo”

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CAFOs, GMO and Chemo – What you don’t know WILL break your system down!

Source: CAFOs, GMO and Chemo – What you don’t know WILL break your system down!

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CAFOs, GMO and Chemo – What you don’t know WILL break your system down!

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Walk slowly through a field of crops being sprayed with Monsanto’s toxic herbicide called Roundup and try to breathe deeply as you inhale some of the same ingredients used in Zyklon B, the death chamber gasses Hitler used to kill about 3,000,000 people just 70 years ago. Do exactly what the MD and the oncologist tell you to do and you find yourself nauseated for hours on end, with an immune system that’s totally incapacitated by the very medicine (chemotherapy) designed by Nazi scientists AFTER they were released from prison for mass murder and then hired by U.S. pharmaceutical companies and corporations. Stroll slowly through an American superstore or grocery store and nine out of every ten products contain pesticides, heavy metal toxins, synthetic cell-mutating additives and preservatives, artery-clogging animal fat, insecticide-laced corn sugar and other KNOWN carcinogens the FDA allows in food. Step into any U.S. clinic, grocery store, elementary school, or pharmacy and get a FREE influenza shot yearly that contains deadly mercury (listed as thimerosal), formaldehyde (embalming fluid for dead people), MSG (highly concentrated synthetic preservative monosodium glutamate that can cause brain damage in infants), and aluminum (which affects memory and brain function–leads to Alzheimer’s over time).


The Second Holocaust is not being broadcast on TV or in the Newspapers, and neither was the First One


Welcome to the 2nd Holocaust. By the way, population control and eugenics are nothing new, but they’re fairly new to America. Bill Gates is all for it. Obama and his cohorts are all for it. Big Pharma designed it. Hitler designed it – kill off anyone the government thinks is inferior and make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful. Control the masses through reduction, genocide, nutrient-dead food and mineral-dead fluoride water, toxic experimental vaccines and chemical pharmaceuticals. Hitler’s “right arm” was I.G. Farben, the chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate, much like Monsanto or Bayer today. Guess who makes your rat poison blood thinner? Population control doesn’t have to be carried out in concentration camps either, that just makes it easier. Hitler used “ghettos” in several countries to “suffocate” the masses. He took their guns too–that is a cold, hard fact.

canola toxic

How many people are dying right now from GMO, genetically modified organisms that are pesticides lurking in staple food? How many people in America have NO IDEA that sodium fluoride in their water lowers their IQ and leads to brittle bones and the calcification of the pineal gland? How many Americans DIE each year from taking their pharmaceutical medications as recommended and AS PRESCRIBED by their “medical doctors?” The Health Ranger said it best here: “Thirty-two thousand Americans are killed each year in automobile accidents, and the President sheds no tears for them. The deaths aren’t on the news, and there is no call to “ban cars” to prevent the deaths. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by government-approved pharmaceuticals, yet we never see all those dead bodies on the evening news.”
American CAFOs – Confined Animal Feeding Operations – Just like the Nazi Concentration Camps


What meat do you eat? They recently found human DNA in hot dogs, veggie dogs and other cheap, processed “veggie” patties, in case you’re not keeping up with news. Maybe the meat industry is buying aborted babies from Planned Parenthood that they couldn’t use for biotech experimentation? Who’s to say? The condition of animals in CAFOs is much like the holocaust at Auschwitz, with animals dying from eating GM corn and GM soy and getting shot up with drugs, tortured and abused in front of their own relatives. These animals are suffering. Humans are suffering too. They’re being slowly “gassed” with GM food and GM medicine. Wake up. It’s not being broadcast on TV or published in the government scripted newspapers. Get smart and go everything organic. It’s time! Stand up for the Constitution–all the amendments. Protect yourself and remember: You OWN your rights, not the government.

dont eat cancer banner 2

Don’t eat chemicals. Don’t drink chemicals. Don’t put chemicals on your skin. Read the labels of everything you buy. If you smoke, here’s a way to quit naturally inside of 14 days!






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