Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) the end of Big Tobacco Cigarette Addiction for millions!!!

Source: Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) the end of Big Tobacco Cigarette Addiction for millions!!!

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Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) the end of Big Tobacco Cigarette Addiction for millions!!!

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Great news! Electronic cigarettes are serving as a “Bridge to Freedom” as commercial smokers switch over on their way out of the “Big Tobacco” nightmare.

Published in the journal Addiction, a recent study out of Great Britain suggests that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit cigarettes, and the astonishing part is that going to e-cigarettes likens your chances of quitting commercial cigarettes by a WHOPPING 60%. That completely blows away any statistics ever proven by the CDC for scary commercials, chantix or zyban chemical mind-altering medications, the nicotine patch, nicotine gum or any other “shallow” approaches to ridding the body of nicotine addiction and the pesticides, tar and plastic chemicals that have driven most smoker’s health to the brink. That means six out of ten commercial cigarette smokers are likely to drop the cancer sticks when they pick up electronic cigarettes or “vaping.”

Stop Smoking News


Most people want the answer to the following question to follow this information: “Is there more or less nicotine in electronic cigarettes than regular cigarettes?” There is FAR less nicotine in e-cigs, in fact, the truth is mind-boggling. Commercial cigarettes have been free-based with ammonia since the late 1960s, so the nicotine in the tobacco is “vapor-ready” itself when you smoke a commercial cigarette, giving the smoker a jolt of over 100 milligrams of nicotine, but Big Tobacco publishes misinformation, and you have to dig deeply to find that. You may have heard something like twenty milligrams of nicotine in a cigarette, but that’s not what registers on nicotine level testers. It’s more around 100 milligrams in a cigarette. To the contrary, electronic cigarettes may have as low as ten milligrams and on down to zero, depending on the nicotine “juice” being diluted and to what degree.

The study also revealed that about one-fifth of people who tried e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid succeeded in quitting long-term. In other words, even though some people went back to cigarettes, some people never did, and that’s a long-term study statistic. If the other four out of five had just sought a guide, a health guide, per say, or a coach, a mentor, after they quit cigarettes and took up vaping, they could have been helped and never gone back to cigarettes. Natural Health News Editor-in-Chief Mike Adams introduces a natural method to quit cigarettes or electronic cigarettes and the nutritional guide is recommended by David Wolfe, best-selling author and world reknowned nutritionist. More information will follow. (see the trailer to instructional video here)

Regarding the study of nearly 6,000 smokers switching to e-cigs

The vapor provided by e-cigs contains nicotine (usually), but not tobacco smoke, toxic pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, plastic chemicals used in manufacturing like cellulose acetate, synthetic glass fibers used in the filters that escape into the lungs – – so, in other words, vaping is about 1,000th as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Though nicotine is highly addictive and causing health detriment in the long term, especially to the human cleansing organs like kidneys, liver, pancreas – – by removing all the chemicals and pesticides, it’s making quitting smoking ANYTHING easier, and in this case, the ends justify the means. Whatever works, they say, do it – QUIT SMOKING. Among the smokers, 20 percent who tried quitting by using e-cigarettes reported they succeeded, the researchers noted.

Removing “Withdrawal Symptoms” is the Key to Quitting Smoking

Stats and (Hidden) Facts: Thirty percent of US smokers reported using e-cigs in 2012. Since there are 45,000,000 smokers in the US, that means 13,500,000 people at least tried e-cigs. Since one fifth (or 20%) are quitting cigarettes for good, that means 2,700,000 people QUIT cigarettes thanks to trying e-cigs. That also means over 10,000,000 smokers already quit smoking and just need a health coach or natural guide to end their vaping (nicotine) addiction and be a non-smoker for life. Not bad for an “accidental” cessation method. It seems that once the pesticides, tar and plastic are removed from the equation, so were the major “withdrawal symptoms” – which were basically a chemical hangover that wrecks the central nervous system, cripples immunity, ruins sex drive, motivation and “the will to quit.”

Of course, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine said e-cigs won’t help, but that’s because it was JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) that first ran ads saying doctors recommended smoking for health and digestion. They even went so far as to recommend their own brands. Thousands of doctors were said to endorse cigarettes for decades. Why would they change their stance now? Too much money at stake for the medical industrial complex and Big Tobacco continues to lobby heavily in Washington DC.

Plus, this electronic study looked SPECIFICALLY at smokers who used e-cigs to try and quit cigarettes. Bottom line according to one of the key researchers …

” … The benefits of giving up cigarettes outweigh the risks posed by e-cigarettes. If you are able to quit without e-cigarettes at all, that’s the ideal situation, but unfortunately what the data are showing is that people who are trying to quit without any aid may not be as successful.”

The American Lung Association, the CDC and the FDA take issue with electronic cigarettes for one main reason; since there’s no tobacco being used, tobacco laws and regulations don’t apply. Since e-cigs aren’t FDA approved, the government officials are reluctant to say anything positive. It’s political red-tape at best. Still, the research is out, it’s long term research, and it’s positive news. Health enthusiasts would be the wiser not to bother looking for the FDA to approve anything that’s going to remove smokers from the Big Tobacco “American Way.” Plus, according to the SENIOR AUTHOR of the study, proven stop-smoking programs practically TRIPLE the likelihood of quitting smoking compared to going “cold turkey” alone or using OTC (over-the-counter) products. The study authors reportedly recieved NO FUNDING from e-cigarette manufacturers. This is good news also and builds credibility in the results that are published and readily available to the public.

STUDY SOURCES: Michael Siegel, M.D., M.P.H., professor, department of community health sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston; Norman Edelman, M.D., senior medical advisor, American Lung Association; May 21, 2014, Addiction

What you BELIEVE will work usually will!

A new French survey, as of June 2015, reveals E-cigarette users are MUCH MORE HOPEFUL than the general public that the devices will help them quit smoking. This was published in HealthDay news.

“Vapers” (people who use e-cigarettes) also are much less concerned about how possible toxins in e-cigarette vapors might affect them and those around them, said lead study author Dr. Sebastien Couraud, a doctor of respiratory medicine and thoracic oncology at Lyon Sud Hospital and Lyon University Cancer Institute in France.

Only thirty percent or so of the general population believes e-cigs can help smokers quit, but nearly 70% of e-cig users believe it can serve as a bridge to freedom from cigarettes, and belief is a powerful thing. E-cig users are more worried about dying from lung cancer and they realize the chemicals in cigarettes are heading straight for that exact health cliff. Still, there will be harsh critics of e-cigs, calling for FDA regulation, banning in public places, and you’ll still hear tragic stories of them blowing up in people’s mouths. But millions and millions of smokers are ending the nightmare addiction of “cancer sticks” and nobody is complaining about that.

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Go from cigarettes to e-cigs (electronic) to NO Cigs!

Getting rid of 7,000 chemicals from your hourly intake is HUGE, but even bigger would be to do all of that AND get rid of nicotine too, the third most addicting drug in the world, running close behind heroin and cocaine. For many over the past four years that electronic “e-cigs” have been on the world market, electronic cigarettes have been serving as a “Bridge to Freedom” as commercial smokers switch over on their way out of the “Big Tobacco” nightmare. Sure it’s not recommended, especially by doctors, and sure the e-cig invention and “vaping” were not invented as a cessation method anyhow, and this is based on research and interviews from the original inventor. Still, science isn’t perfect, and neither is drug addiction, so let’s talk about dropping chemicals, by the THOUSANDS mind you, from your hourly intake, and once the “cancer sticks” are gone, we delve into the beginning of the end … of nicotine.

First of all, one out of every three e-cig “fans” will tell you they quit smoking entirely thanks to e-cigs, and that’s an amazing statistic. Will they stick to it? Maybe. We’ll see. True “long term” studies (like decades worth) haven’t been done because e-cigs have only been around for a handful of years. Secondly, what happened to the other two-thirds, those smokers that e-cigs didn’t work for, who went back to cancer sticks? Are they still living, or living with cancer, or planning to quit as soon as something REAL comes along that either scares them into quitting or really holds their hand and leads them to freedom?

It is true that e-cigs have a better success rate for helping smokers quit than the nicotine patch, the gum, the medications (Chantix and Zyban), and hypnotherapy – all combined (American Journal of Preventive Medicine), but the ultimate irony is that e-cigs were never meant to be marketed as a quit smoking aid, according to the inventor, the Ruyan Group from Hong Kong. It just goes to show how brutally toxic the 4,000-chemical-concoction in commercial cigs has become that Big Tobacco has engineered over the past 50 years, and how happy smokers are to have some form of escape from the poisonous prison better known as “cancer sticks.” People just want a way out, and e-cigs shine a little bit of light at the end of that tunnel.

What’s the “Natural Method” for quitting smoking and how does it have a 95% success rate?

14AndOut addresses the chemical addiction, behavioral patterns and rituals, and nutritional guidance so desperately needed to quit smoking for good. If you feel incarcerated by the nicotine addiction, you now have the key to free yourself from your nicotine cell. Check out 14AndOut, the most inexpensive, comprehensive method to stop smoking in 14 days or less, and it comes highly recommended by The Health Ranger himself: http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm.

The e-cig hangover? – the END of addiction


What most smokers don’t realize is that nicotine creates its own vicious cycle of need and feed. Nicotine is a depressant in the long term, but serves as a short term stimulant, so it actually relieves the smoker of the very feeling it created, which has quickly worn off from the last smoking session. In other words, a few nicotine drags are like taking aspirin for an alcohol hangover, except most smokers engage in this “hangover relief system” about every hour. It’s a hook and an evil drug from which the body wants to escape. Go from e-cigs to no-cigs as soon as possible and you’re body will reward you with natural energy and true happiness. http://www.naturalnews.com/035605_e-cigs_nicotine_cigarettes.html#ixzz3ihHpyQil

Natural health enthusiasts are sharing research and information on the power of organic foods to heal, maintain, and protect the body through thick and thin. Check into Natural News Network of truth information.

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The U.S. kinetic retaliation for China’s currency devaluation is a gruesome reminder of World War II

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According to Natural News, A second, massive explosion has now been recorded in Shandong province, China, just ten days after the Tianjin explosion that killed over 120 people. The Tianjin explosion took place just one day after China devalued its currency by 1.9%, sending financial shock waves across the United States.

Natural News carried the exclusive report of Chinese dissidents saying they believed the Tianjin explosion was an act of war committed by the Pentagon, intended as a “warning shot” against China for engaged in “currency wars” against America.

Since that time, China has devalued its currency even more, and the U.S. stock market has plunged into “bloodbath” territory, with the Dow losing over 1,000 points last week alone, wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization virtually overnight.

Apple alone lost $158 billion in stock value virtually overnight, and China’s stock market has been bleeding so much equity that is looks like a 1929 market crash.

As Mike Adams reported on Natural News, the Obama Administration announced in 2011 that it would respond to cyber attacks using weapons of conventional warfare.

Adams published a weapons analysis report detailing how a “Rod of God” Pentagon space weapon could, indeed, deliver a 4-ton TNT equivalent explosion onto almost any land-based target in China (or around the world).

Click here to see a photo that shows a relatively small “precision munition” artillery shell made by Raytheon and fired 33km away to strike a target with stunning precision.

For more information, log onto:


Less than one day after another massive explosion destroyed a portion of Shandong, China, another explosion ripped through a U.S. Army munitions storage facility near Tokyo, Japan, utterly destroying the facility.

This all takes place just ten days after the apocalyptic explosion at Tianjin, China, which many people believe was instigated by the Pentagon in response to China’s currency devaluation announced one day earlier.

Shortly after this event took place, Natural News exclusively reported the “bombshell” news that China and the United States were engaged in a covert war. Now, as more and more of these events begin lining up, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that these explosions are not mere coincidence. They are, in fact, deliberate acts of war between China and the United States.

An important article to read on all this is Dave Hodges’ piece “The Chinese Plan to Occupy America.”

Red List News is also doing a fantastic job of publishing video interviews on these topics with people like Steve Quayle, and the team at All News Pipeline is sounding the warning bells on an almost daily basis.

Timeline of events so far:

August 11, 2015: China devalues the Yuan by 1.9%, sending “shockwaves” around the world and setting off a devastating impact to the U.S. economy.

August 12, 2015: Tianjin is reportedly struck by Pentagon’s secret “Rod of God” weapon, a space-based top-secret kinetic weapon that can be dropped from high orbit to strike almost any land-based target. The weapon instantly destroys six city blocks on the edge of the city of Tianjin, sending a message to China that’s eerily similar to the message sent by the United States in the dropping of the world’s first atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

August 17, 2015: Natural News publishes bombshell story and exclusive photos of military helicopters circling Beijing, along with warnings that China is on the verge of declaring “regional martial law” because of escalating war tensions with both the United States and Japan. Adams also wrote about China’s upcoming Sep. 3rd celebration of the “defeat of Japan” in World War II, exactly 70 years ago.

August 22, 2015, early morning U.S. time: Another massive explosion rocks China’s manufacturing heartland, in the Shandong province, obliterating another large industrial storage center. The cause of the explosion, once again, is utterly unknown to the authorities.

August 22, 2015, later in the day U.S. time: A massive explosion rips through a U.S. Army munitions storage facility near Tokyo, obliterating it.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the dirty politics regarding the U.S. kinetic retaliation for China’s currency devaluation, one can easily log onto:





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USA depression – a beast created by diet soda, cigarettes, white bread, pasta and toxic refined grains – Who knew?

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diet toxic

Are you battling depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness? Stop eating glyphosate (World’s most popular and most toxic herbicide used on grains, corn and soy). Also, stop eating bleach and carcinogenic sugar! White bread, white pasta and sugar are BLEACHED WHITE            and consuming bleach causes depression, anxiety, and cleansing organ failure by cancer, eventually. Eating pesticide causes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and other nervous system disorders. Is that what you eat? GMO?

Are you battling with depression and anxiety from diet soda and cigarettes? There’s a cure at the bottom of this article!!! Also think about this: Could cancer be the end result of depression? Killing brain neurons and expediting cell death may be killing people faster than lung cancer, and chronic depression is fuel for overwhelming cell mutation and the taking over of organs by mutagenic warped cells, also known as blood cancer. http://www.naturalnews.com/039857_cancer_cigarettes_diet_soda.html#ixzz3kJ5PtC4I

toxic tap (2)

Are you battling feelings of sadness…

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Chemical “Hangover” Termed by Stop Smoking King sells thousands of videos!

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cig done II

Smoking News: Study reveals toxins in cigarettes create the chemical hangover which fosters the need for nicotine “aspirin” relief – the HOOK! The chemical hangover is a term invented by a previous smoker who invented a natural way to quit smoking. Here’s how it works: The scam “aspirin” for the cigarette hangover is nicotine, thus smoking another cigarette. Nicotine is a stimulant in the short term, but a depressant in the long term. This is very important to realize this about nicotine. Depression can only be postponed by stronger cigarettes, or by smoking cigarettes more often. This is why the vicious cycle continues, pack after pack after pack. This is Big Tobacco’s huge secret. That is why big brands like Marlboro use ammonia to freebase the nicotine and make it up to thirty five times stronger. And the pesticides get stronger too. And it all builds up, in…

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HEMP IN THE NEWS: Why hemp is illegal to grow in most of the United States – it would undermine too many corporate industry monopolies

HEMP IN THE NEWS: Why hemp is illegal to grow in most of the United States – it would undermine too many corporate industry monopolies.

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Why Donald Trump JUST MIGHT become the next President of U.S.A

 flag eagle

According to Natural News, Americans right now see Donald Trump in exactly the same way – – he’s the village hero they’re arming with a sword while shoving him forward to face the oncoming dragon. Trump, you see, has guts. He’s a warrior. He’s willing to march into all the battles that everyone else desperately wants to avoid.

Most people live with an astonishing lack of personal fortitude. They’re easily intimidated and often find it easier to go along and get along rather than rock the boat by challenging the status quo. They’re afraid to go against the grain, speak the truth in a crowded room or express an obvious fact that isn’t politically correct.

But individuals like Donald Trump and the Health Ranger have a reputation for kicking ass, speaking out and fighting for truth, even in the face of organized, systemic suppression of that truth. Because of that, people often call on us to speak up for them and say the things they are too afraid to say themselves.

That’s why we deeply understand why Donald Trump is so popular: He’s the warrior who’s willing to take on the establishment that everybody knows is crooked and corrupt. Trump is willing to say the words of truth that everybody else already believes but is too afraid to utter. “Build a wall! Kick out the illegals!” Everybody’s thinking it — especially African-Americans who are losing their jobs due to illegals — but few are willing to say it for fear of being publicly condemned.

Whatever Trumps “agenda” it’s a breathe of fresh air to hear a politician blowing the whistle on the establishment and saying what needs to be heard by the populace.

For more information, log onto:


Here is a glimpse of the republican debate:

Trump: “Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t win anymore. We don’t beat China in trade. We don’t beat Japan in trade… we can’t beat Mexico at the border… we can’t do anything right… our vets have to be taken care of, end Obamacare, make our country great again, and I will do that.”

Bush: “I believe we’re at the verge of the greatest time to be alive, but Washington is holding us back… a broken immigration system… we’re not protecting or reforming our entitlement system… politicians in Washington use these as wedge issues. We can fix these things and restore America’s leadership in the world.”

Walker: “I’m a guy with a wife, two kids and a Harley… we balanced the budget and turned our state around. It’s not too late for America…”

Huckabee: “This election has been a whole lot about a person who has been high in the polls but doesn’t have a clue about how to govern… and who could not lead. And of course I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. I think America is in trouble but not beyond repair… gonna take leadership… one nation under God.”

Carson: “I’m the only one who separated Saimese twins, the only one to take out half of a brain… but in Washington maybe someone beat me to it…” (humor / laughter) “Freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day… we’re fighting for our children.”

Cruz: “If I am elected President. I intend to rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by Barack Obama… will investigate and prosecute Planned Parenthood for criminal violations… will cancel the Iran deal… stop IRS persecutions… I will keep my word! I will fight to defend liberty…”

Rubio: Talks about how he comes from a poor family in Cuba. America is the land of opportunity. “I’m running for President because… I believe we can’t just save the American dream, we can expand it… I’m asking for your vote… A New American Century…”

Paul: “I’m a different kind of Republican.” Talks about how he’s introduced a tax cut and a balanced budget. Defending the privacy of Americans. “I want our party to be bigger, better and bolder” and he leads Hillary Clinton in the polls.

Christie: Explains his family and upbringing, how he came from a lower-income family. Explains how he fought terrorism. Says he kicked ass in a state dominated by Democrats.

Kasich: Explains his biography, what he did so far. Impressive resume in the political system. “We balanced the budget… I spent 10 years in the private sector… we’ve turned it all around… people have hope again in Ohio!” Audience cheers.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about why Donald Trump should become the next president of the U.S.A, one can easily log onto:




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