Pesticide, Dead Soil and GMO’s

Bee’s are crucial to human life and our immunity!

There are many superfoods that boost immune function, but few do it with as much potency as bee pollen. Through its unique combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, bee pollen offers one of the most revitalizing natural superfoods in the world, especially when collected from local bees who are in tune with your local environment!

So who’s going to the farmer’s market ASAP? You are. You need to build a defense against the WAR THAT IS BEING WAGED on your system, on your body’s ability to fight off all the bacteria, the viruses, and the plastic food that’s laced with pesticide on the INSIDE AND OUT.

GMO means the vegetable or fruit has PESTICIDE growing inside it in the fields.

GMO means your vaccine or flu shot could have a mix of bacteria, virus, aluminum and formaldehyde.

GMO means farmers can spray up to 10 times more pesticide, herbicide and insecticide on the crops without hurting them.

GMO means the vegetable is immune to bug killer, but you are not.

GMO means a scientist in a lab took the seed of a vegetable and spliced its genes with pesticide, so no matter how well you wash it off when you get home, you are EATING A CHEMICAL DESIGNED TO KILL ANYTHING that destroys it in the fields, and makes more money at the register for the distributors of it.

GMO means your body is being overwhelmed with bug killer, so any cold, flu, throwing up virus your kids bring home from school, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections that your body could beat down are now BEATING YOU DOWN.

Pesticides also rob the soil of all the nutrients the plants would otherwise absorb. And those nutrients are GONE FOR DECADES. If the soil has no nutrients, the food has no nutrients. If you’re eating GMO veggies like corn, soy, beets, canola oil, and most generic vegetable oils, you are virtually eliminating your immune system, and you need to get in your car, or get your walking shoes on, and go to the nearest FARMER’S MARKET  or ORGANIC FOOD health store and get some local organic honey. The bees can save you, but only if you know the difference between poison and natural medicine.

Stay up to date with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, as he is one of the foremost “pioneers” of research and furthering of this knowledge on a grand scale. He is constantly doing interviews and having Journalists and Doctors write professional articles that deliver the TRUTH in minutes!!


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