Feeling ill from non-organic food again?

Are you sitting there right now, trying to digest garbage food? Did you eat some earlier today? Did you take your kids through the drive through because it was fast, cheap, hot, and no mess to clean up? We’re almost all guilty at some point, but do we really have to endulge in the worst of the worst?

Lethargic and Unmotivated?


Experiencing that tired feeling ALL DAY, like you didn’t sleep well, even though you did, is all too familiar for many. That ill-will to peform simple tasks that get you from A to B, or better A to Z, without thinking twice, and without thinking there’s something wrong with your genes and seeking medicine. Sometimes it could be that advil, that excedrin, that bayer you took. Sometimes it could be that fried food. Sometimes it’s everything adding up, over days and weeks, and your system simply needs to alkalize itself, but you won’t let it.

The biggest damage non-organic food does to your system isn’t in the first 24 hours that you eat or drink it. That’s the myth, that you can go on binges and your body will just “get rid of it the next day.”

Organic food is mostly processed by your body in less than 24 hours, sometimes in as few as 6 hours, which means the food is NOT turning into toxins in your intestines. Few people, especially Western Medicine doctors do not speak of this, they just write prescriptions to get rid of the pain. That’s like if your car or truck’s red warning light came on, saying check oil or fluids, and you just cut the wire to the warning indicator, thinking the problem will go away.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH6N7tHGsi8

The body needs minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, spring water, probiotics and amino acids. The more processed food and GMO Monsanto “man made” food, the more toxins in the body rotting for DAYS AND SOMETIMES WEEKS. What could be worse for your energy level, your enthusiasm about life in general, your sex drive, your concentration, your creativity, than dead food rotting in your organs and swimming in your blood stream? (http://www.kingmaker.net/DeadDoctors.html)

It’s like sharks taking chunks out of your whale, and the chronic care America is waiting for you at the PREFERRED PROVIDER of your choice, or at the 24 hour emergency clinic right around the corner from your home or business. Most healthcare plans in America will NOT let you go to a Naturopath, a Chiropractor or a Massage Therapist and be covered, no matter how much you pay for the coverage, and no matter how much “discount” your employers group plan is providing you. There’s a reason. Those doctors and therapists will lead you right to nutrition, right to herbs and tinctures, right to good health.

You could spend $100 more on your grocery bill in the next thirty days, buying only organic food, drinks, cosmetics, lotions and spring water, and you could do that for one year, totaling $1200 you spent more than on your processed food and drinks, and it will be far less than the medical bills you incur, including those visits to “patient’s first” and “doctors on call.”

You could have natural energy to accomplish so much more any given day, and make more money, help more people, take more vacations, and be more creative and positive. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Organic food is easy to find and easy to make tasty. Just follow the yellow brick road to the castle.


Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Tell your relatives and your best friends. Share what you learn and use that works! It’s the new you. The answer is here. Honest people are writing about it right now.

Natural remedies mean natural healing. Natural News is delivered by your fingertips on line and for free. Get the news.


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