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This is the ultimate dispelling of myths so the health-minded consumer of this modern era can stay on the right path, even in the midst of a morphing world of chemicalized food, drinks and medicines. This is an inside look at the politics involved in misleading consumers and a glance at the big picture of chronic care management aimed at killing you before you turn 75, when you could really be living healthy past 100. We track Natural News breaking stories, interviews, podcasts, and much more. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is the ultimate source for Organic Health and Natural News on the planet.

Let’s just start this off with 12 myths and go from there today:

1. Vaccines contain “dead” virus and bacteria so your body can create antibodies to fight off the live disease.

2. The CDC protects Americans from toxic medication and properly reports all adverse side effects to VAARS.

3. The FDA tests food and drugs before they go on sale, to make sure they don’t cause disease.

4. Supreme Court Justices, FDA heads, and judges are not allowed to work for chemical corporations, pharmaceutical firms, bio-tech agricultural giants, or any other companies where they could or would have a conflict of interest with decisions made in court (precedent setting cases) and regarding new legislation written.

5.  The United States Government would never hire Nazi’s from WWII, who were mass murderers and sentenced to prison here in U.S., to actually work on U.S. vaccines, food additives, and on our NASA rocket development programs.

6. President Obama would not hire a former Monsanto Vice President to run the FDA and manage the safety of food, knowing that GMO pesticide-infused crops may cause cancer for millions of people who eat food made from corn, soy, canola and much more.

7. Artificial sweeteners can’t possibly contain genetically modified organisms and bacteria, and also make people hungrier and actually gain weight.

8. Conventional cancer treatment is not full of the same chemicals that cause cancer in the first place.

9. Susan Komen Foundation uses most of the donations given to them to find a cure for cancer.

10. Most forms of diabetes have no cure.

11. Cancer has no cure.

12. Prescription drugs get rid of your symptoms, so that is a good start to healing.


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2 Responses to Welcome to Natural News Tracker

  1. Debra Johnson says:

    Thank you for providing scientific truth about vaccines, GMOs, healthy organic food, how to stay healthy naturally and living a long quality life.

  2. Debra Johnson says:

    The information about deadly chemicals in our foods, drinks, and what we put on our skin causes cancer is excellent information. I have been doing some personal research and I have found other research articles from pubmed central that confirms that these chemicals cause cancer and other chronic illness. Thank you for informing the public about the scientifically proven chemical carcinogens that food corporations are putting in our food.

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