Natural News Tracker covers Mike Adams on Feds Printing “Free” Money!

Tracker follows Natural News and their ultimate quest of dispelling myths so the health-minded consumer of this modern era can stay on the right path, even in the midst of a morphing world of chemicalized food, drinks and medicines. This is an inside look at the politics involved in misleading consumers and a glance at the big picture of chronic care management aimed at killing you before you turn 75, when you could really be living healthy past 100.

Yesterday, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, jumped all over the latest news about the Feds printing money at will, with nothing to back it up. This sounds like a national finance discussion, and health enthusiasts may at first wonder, “How does this affect my health and wellness,” but it only takes a quick read and you know exactly how.

Mike writes; “With up to $85 billion in monthly money creation — including $40 billion a month in purchases of mortgage-backed securities — the Fed is now wholly committed to the creation of new fake money to cover old fake debts.”

How could this news affect you directly? Mike lets you know:

“When you’re out of a job and looking for honest work just to put a roof over your head, the bank is repossessing your house and screaming “MORE!”

When you can’t make that car payment and you have to start riding the bus with the minimum wage masses, the banks scream “MORE!”

When you’re trying to put healthy food on the table for your own family, and you see food prices ratcheting higher and higher as the value of your hard-earned dollar erodes, the banks scream “MORE!”

The feds are basically working a ponzi scheme, and all the taxpayers are the involuntary investors. If you still don’t believe your tax dollars are paying for the government and the bank CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents – all to continue bankrolling and having their fun at our expense, just check out this U.S. Debt Clock!

Notice how all methods of investing are now at very high risk? Since the stock market crash before 9/11 happened, the stock brokers and big bankers all knew not to reinvest, but they pushed their clients to! Oh ya. Then 9/11 took the bottom out of that, after they all said “now is the time to invest, when the markets at the bottom.” Then, everyone drained what was left out of their 401k’s and pumped that into real estate!! The sure shot. Hey, buy a nice house or four and rent them out. Real estate never declines in value if you take care of it, right?

And now, if you keep up with Mike Adams and his expert coverage of the BIG FINANCIAL PICTURE, you know how to prepare, act, react, and stay safe and healthy.

That is the key, stay safe and healthy. It’s time to put your savings “somewhere else”, cause gold is like the housing bubble, and that too will “burst” too. Good luck!


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