Portland, Oregon votes to load city water with TOXIC fluoride chemicals

For the latest on VOLUNTARY brain damage, memory loss and other decreases in mental capacity, tune in to natural news and their ongoing coverage of the VOTE WHICH INSERTS POISON in the water, supposedly to help their teeth and “cleanse the water” of contaminants. Well, if you’re going to load up the water with some pesticide, insecticide and heavy metal, you might as well tell the people it’s good for their teeth. They’ll buy it hook, line and sinker. Natural News puts it so well, “So it boggles our collective mind here to see Americans actually vote to put more of this harmful chemical into their bodies.”

The Portland, Oregon City Council just decided over the objections of protestors to move forward with the city’s forced toxification system for drinking, bathing, and soaking up unlimited and unregulated amounts of fluoride into your blood, your cells and your brain. And as a citizen in that city you get to pay for your own cancer breeder with your water bill that’s showing up every month. Oh yes, that’s right, but you have no say as to whether they can put fluoride in your water, all the water that comes to your home through the pipes, YES, the water you soak babies in, and children, and yourself, sometimes for 15 to 20 minutes, that bath is soaking into your biggest organ – your skin – and then into your blood, which is absorbing unregulated amounts of fluoride.

And the city council voted unanimously. Not one council member feels otherwise? Let’s take a look at their off shore accounts! I bet the net balance just skyrocketed.

Citizens are now gathering signatures to block the city’s plans and force the issue to a vote of all residents. ‘Public water deserves a public vote’


Find out from the Health Ranger Mike Adams how to make a difference! You may be fighting for this right in your own town or city very soon. And if you already have fluoridated water, they may increase the amounts and potency along with the NEW CHRONIC MANAGEMENT HEALTHCARE PLAN.


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