Beware of WHAT YOU EAT because cancer is ‘edible’!

You may be deciding one morning what to eat and as you open the refrigerator you lay your eyes on the packed food that you bought last night. You open the packet and start eating. But wait, there is a twist. Are you sure that you are eating food and not cancer? Yes, we are talking about cancer, the most dreaded disease, and the even more dreadful part is that it can be eaten!

To be clear, you need to know what chemicals the FDA is allowing in your food, their latest names and how they can affect your immune system. There are around 70,000 chemical agents that the authorities allow to blend in our food that can cause the cells in our body to multiply, thus ushering cancer.

If this multiplication gets out of control, you have two things — cancer and nowhere to run. So, what’s the way out? The Health Ranger recommends Don’t Eat Cancer, an e-book which helps you to find an answer to the most common queries that you may have about cancer, such as – what is it, how it grows and how it can be prevented.

Here’s the interesting part – the author has challenged our very notion of consuming ‘healthy food’. We are not concerned about the fact that most of the chemically-raised, so called, healthy foods that we eat are pregnant with the potential for causing cancer as they are infested with chemicals that hasten cell multiplication.

Probably the most revolutionary idea that the author provides is regarding the treatment of cancer. For decades, doctors have resorted to surgery in order to remove the infected parts to save the patients’ life. But, the author speaks of attacking the source of supply that fuels this disease. It means eating minimal or no such food which contains one or more chemicals that can invite cancer. If this can be achieved practically, then cancer will perish automatically.

Our shield against cancer is awareness about what we eat. A little bit of poison every day will eventually kill you. So, are you in a position to stay unconcerned about what you eat? No one is ready to die early. So isn’t it wiser to be aware of what you eat rather than to embrace cancer and then undergo medication and surgery? The choice is yours.


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