The conspicuous involvement of the U.S. government in Operation Fast and Furious

One year ago, Mike Adams called out “The fast and the furious” where the feds actually stage crimes.

We see how right he was and still is today, one year later.

A government criminal scheme that sold literally tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs

And the secret recordings emerged to prove it! Get them at Natural News.

Count on Natural News Tracker for the real scoop, the inside scoop, the war on lies:

The conspicuous involvement of the U.S. government in Operation Fast and Furious is quite shocking. Operation Fast and Furious is one of the most recent examples of crimes done by the U.S. government. It involved ATF agents selling tons of guns to Mexican drug dealers so that gun violence would propel upon America and restrictions will be made on gun sales.

There was only one problem in this whole plan. Some ATF agents spoke out. Now, even the mainstream media is talking about the operation. What’s quite clear about the operation is that it involved not only ATF agents but also the White House. LA Times and other mainstream media papers are incorrectly reporting it as a “failed sting operation.”

In fact, Operation Fast and Furious was a formidable success. It achieved its aim. This is a typical conspiracy where the government is directly promoting sales of weapons to criminals. Normally in America, if someone wants to buy a gun he/she needs to have an FBI background check. In this case; however, the ATF told gun stores to sell the guns to criminals even if they didn’t have background checks. This is just one example of how the U.S. government promotes gun violence in America.

The traditional cover story behind all these is tracking the guns to see where they end up. But in this case, no tracking device was installed on guns. They were just used to arm criminals. Though the government is caught red handed, it is now restricting gun sales and increasing security and paperwork needed to buy a gun. FBI is keeping track of every gun sale.

The government has become a lawless, criminal gang. We know that although the U.S. government seems to act against terrorism, the government itself is a propagator of terrorism. What Operation Fast and Furious proves is that the federal government will go to any height, and break any law to achieve its political aim.  You see, it’s not about the guns but the tactics used by the government. Instead of asking people for their views on security versus freedom, the government plots its own set of catastrophes and crimes so that freedom can be stolen from everyone.



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