Preemptive surgery for cancer: Medicine or madness?

Are we progressing further ahead or going back in time? The answer doesn’t seem too tough to figure, especially if you go through the daily news feed that’s presently rocking the world. Take, for example, the cases of preemptive surgery for cancer surfacing  at regular intervals. Why are we cutting out organs and body parts to heal something that travels in the blood, which has to do with the pH balance and chemical intake?

Today, if you are diagnosed with cancer cells, the American doctors will suggest that you undergo a surgical procedure in order to get rid of the body part where cancerous cells have been found.

In a shocking CNN guest column write-up, a mother of two, who had tested positive with cancer genes, confided that she had both her healthy breasts removed surgically so that she didn’t end up getting cancer like her mother, aunt and grandmother, before her. Tragically enough, she didn’t know that fewer than five percent of cancers, including breast cancer, are genetically passed on from a parent – proven through scientific research and not some media gimmick.

Does this ring a bell? Well, if it does, then here’s the other alarming news. The American Medical Association is out convincing patients that the only way to get rid of cancerous cells is to remove that part of the body. This apart, the doctors are almost “indoctrinating” ignorant patients and people who are out there gathering information about cancer,  that preventative surgery is the best way out.


Did you know that with the right kind of nutrition, cancer cells can be kept at bay if the family history hints at a tendency towards cancer? If healthcare today wasn’t so corporate-driven, then the doctors may have given a thought to recommending organic and herbal food products to stay out of danger. Since it is not so, the patients can only hope to be guided towards the right path with the help of genuine information resources.

So, now the choice is up to you –would you let the doctors misguide you into chopping off a healthy part of your body or opt for a healthier life with natural food and medicine? Take your pick!



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