Benefits of Homeopathy for Curing ADHD and ADD! … Ritalin? NO! NO! NO!

Oh you hear it all over the place, “Jimmy can’t pay attention in class.” “Jenny is too wild to concentrate.” Big Pharma wants your kids eating aspartame, HFCS, Ritalin. It’s the early fast track to taking medications for life. There is a cure and it’s all natural. It’s organic. It’s covered on natural news. The Health Ranger is reliable and the sources are credible: Anecdotal evidence seen by parents, teachers and homeopaths indicates the efficacy of homeopathic treatment for ADHD children; even though clinical trials have produced mixed results.
Homeopathy opens up its doors for the development of children who face difficulties in coping with the society and daily life because of some mental problems or disorders. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is some of the conditions that prove to be very critical for children suffering from them. In such critical situations, their impulse controls and actions take an edge over their daily life and affect it severely.

Vaccines damage the cells and other functionary organs in the children so the use of them is strictly to be avoided in order to help the children live a healthy and stable life. Even the use of harmful drugs like Ritalin that are prescribed by physicians to reduce the symptoms of ADHD is not recommended by the experts. They prefer to take the service of homeopathic medicine that helps to reduce the effect slowly and gradually.

It supports both the management of such disorders and also treats and heals them efficiently. The work process of homeopathy is different from that of the allopathic drugs that are used in our daily lives. It stimulates the vital force and immune system in an individual and makes it respond to outside stimulus in order to allow the body to self-heal.

Hyoscyamus Niger is a remedy that is developed by the homeopathy for children who experience poor impulsive control. These children become the class clown because of their over-exuberant behavior.

Stramonium is a medicine that is made for the children who suffer from excessive fear of being alone and of the dark.

Cina is the cure for children who have an aversion towards being looked at or of being touched. Such children start feeling very lonely and keep themselves isolated from the entire world around them.

Tarentula Hispanica is for the children who are jealous or full with vengeance. They are also very sensitive to noise and other hyperactive activities.

All these medicines produced by the homeopathy prove to be very effective and beneficial for affected children.

“Look into Homeopathy for ADD and ADHD, not Ritalin!”

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2 Responses to Benefits of Homeopathy for Curing ADHD and ADD! … Ritalin? NO! NO! NO!

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  2. Kenzo Gomez says:

    One thing I noticed a lack of attention to here is also the fact that many ADHD children tend to be offspring of ADHD adults. I know because I am ADD and so is my

    daughter. However, I was diagnosed only after my daughter was diagnosed, thus answering a lot of questions for her and myself.

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