Side Effects of GMO – “ask your doctor” if CANCER is right for you!

If I sprayed your cheeseburger with RAID ant killer right now, just a little bit right on the burger and some on the bun, would you eat it, and just assume your body will filter out the toxins? What if I paid for it, would you eat it? If you are vegetarian or vegan, and I sprayed your salad with RAID roach killer, just a little, would you eat it if I paid for it? What if it was sold that way, and cheaper than NON-RAID food, would you buy it? I guess not, cause you’re not stupid, are you?

If you had constant headaches, or muscle pain, like arthritis or from osteoperosis, would you take a medicine that’s advertised on tv, with all those crazy side effects, if you knew that you would experience EVERY SINGLE SIDE EFFECT they mentioned, you know, all those ones that say real fast in between the actors smiling and frolicking around the great outdoors, just enjoying their lives without pain? Would you take that pill still? What if the number one side effect of your medication was cancer, would you still take it, just to temporarily make that headache go away, or a little muscle ache, or maybe that itchy skin or for that hair loss?

GMO means food is genetically modified with weed killer, and bug killer, and people killer. GMO means the scientists are combining seeds of plants you eat, of vegetables and fruit, with RoundUp pesticide! The side effects of GMO include cancer. Are you a lab rat? Can you say Genetically Modified means cancer? It’s not hard. Try it.

Do you want GMO labeled on food? 90% of corn and soy based products in the U.S. are GMO and are not labeled as GMO!

GMO Warning: side effects include cancer. Ask your doctor if GMO and cancer are right for you.

GMO agro chemicals are pesticides that attack your body on several fronts. Keep this list handy the next time you find yourself wondering if you should buy some corn and soy products that are not labeled Organic!

Effects of Pesticides – Liver Cancer

Effects of Pesticides – Kidney Cancer

Effects of Pesticides – Colon Cancer

Effects of Pesticides – Prostate Cancer

Effects of Pesticides – Breast Cancer (for men too)

Effects of Pesticides – Cancerous tumors in the brain

Effects of Pesticides –  Cancerous tumors of the thyroid gland.

The dreaded diagnosis of cancer has been linked in over 260 studies worldwide to agrochemicals.

Effects of Pesticides – Parkinson’s Disease

Long-term exposure to herbicides and pesticides have been associated in over 60 studies with Parkinson’s.

Effects of Pesticides – Infertility and Birth Defects

Atrazine—a weed killer used in agriculture as well as on golf courses and which has been found in tap water—may be partially responsible for climbing miscarriage and infertility rates. Check your strawberries, your apples, and your peaches! Are they organic? If not, side effects include cancer, birth defects for your children, tumors, parkinson’s disease, and more.

Effects of Pesticides – Autism

a hefty part of the equation, leading scientists are attributing the condition to genes and insecticides exposed to the mother while pregnant as well as to the child in early years.

What to do?

Detox your body and eat organic and check into superfoods!

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Switch to organic food right now, today,

or you can go ahead and ask your doctor if cancer is right for you.


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