The Nutrition Debates of 2016

Representative: “I’m going to work with Congress to put much tighter restrictions, through legislation and industry guidelines, to take as many as possible of the 70,000 plus toxins out of foods and beverages, and then we’re going to work on a new cosmetic act which cleans that up too.”

Moderator: “You have 2 minutes Mr. President.”

President: “He would have to fire half of the FDA to accomplish that.”

Moderator: “Representative?”

Representative: “After that, I’m going to put a ban on all GMO in America since the French proved 4 years ago that it causes cancer. That will be called USA proposition 38. I’ve already written the bill. The American people have suffered from this cancer epidemic long enough, since as far back as Nixon’s fake “war on cancer.’ My new proposal would cut off all funding to big agriculture corporations and farmers who use artificial growth hormones on their cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys, and we will also include ‘farm raised’ fish. This will ban GMO feed for those animals also. That is my platform and I will not budge from it. I would rather lose the election than compromise those values. Diabetes is preventable too, so with a bi-partisan effort, we can ban high fructose corn syrup also. This begins a whole new wave of food industry inspections. ”

Moderator: “Those are some quite lofty aspirations, Representative. We have not heard any plan like this ever before. Is that outlined in your budget?”

Representative: “I’m providing full transparency. I figure, the end of the cost of cancer treatments, currently at $300,000 per American, coupled together with about a 75% reduction in the number of diabetics, well, that would balance the budget in 8 years. Plus … if I lift the current ban on supplements, then Americans trying to naturally build their immunity will have a fighting chance again, instead of these dangerous flu shots and …”

President – interrupting: “The American people don’t want to hear a whole symphony of lies. There’s not enough GMO and HFCS in the food supply to cause nearly all the aforementioned problems, plus, I have a lot of close friends at the FDA and they are good scientists and decision makers who know better.”

Moderator: “Um, Mr. President, what do you mean, friends?”

Representative: “Yes, you mean like the ones who used to work for Monsanto as Vice Presidents and lobbyists?”

President: “I feel like I’m being ganged up on here.”

Representative: “That’s how the cows and pigs living in confined quarters feel. That’s how the patients in hospitals suffering from curable diseases feel. That’s how organic gardeners and natural medicine healers across the country feel, when the Feds invade their businesses, wreck their livelihoods, and fine and imprison them.”

Moderator: “Mr. President, you care to retort?”

President: “No comment. Thank you. Oh, and God bless America.”
Natural News and the Health Ranger are quickly becoming the world’s leading reporting of health and wellness, of natural remedies and natural cures, of organic nutrition and the reporting of chemicals in foods. More people than ever in the history of mankind are paying close attention to what they eat, drink, and put on their skin. This is truly a revolution. Welcome to the new Organic USA.

After the debate, the FDA acquired a new name in the Media:

FDA: “Food as Drugs for America”

Monsanto and GMO toxic bioengineering dominates the production of food through the DNA manipulation and mutation of seeds, and the unethical growing and breeding of animals, fish, and crops in the USA right now at 80% or higher: Cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, “farm raised fish” (which means they’re all juiced up with hormones and antibiotics in an overcrowded lake), milk, corn, soybeans, alfalfa (as chem-feed for cows), canola, tobacco and cotton (to infect the skin since the skin is your largest organ). GMO should be called GDDO – “genetically diseased and dying” organisms.



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