Organic Empowerment is the Need of the Hour!

It is needless to say that human lives have now become more complicated than before. The complications are arising from discontent and unhappiness and diseases play a very important part in making life unhappy. So, by curtailing the prevalence of diseases in human life, happiness can easily be ushered in. The main origin of most of the diseases lies in contemporary food habits. The foods that have gained popularity today are mainly the products of genetically modified seeds and organisms. The chemicals used in them are working as generators of diseases in the human body.

Organic empowerment is associated with the farming of locally and naturally grown food materials that are devoid of chemicals. With the increased use of chemicals in agriculture and animal harvesting, more and more new diseases are finding a way into human society.

However, it is evident that the multinational companies that are involved in these sectors are working hard to keep the public’s focus away from natural methods of farming. If life has to sustain on this earth, it has to turn attention on more reliable and harmless forms of farming. Healthy foods can only be grown without the help of chemicals. So it is important to initiate natural ways of farming right now.

The world has come a long way since its creation millions of years ago. It almost maintained an identical atmosphere around itself throughout its history. But the industrial and the population boom in the mid 20th century hastened its journey towards a rapid destruction. The environmental degeneration in the last few years, the heating of the earth’s atmosphere and the onset of new diseases are all the indications of the careless attitude of man towards nature. The time has come to embrace the natural forms of farming to have a long lasting solution to the problems.


Amy Spindler, winner of ONE’s World Food Day blog post contest, brings her story pitch to life in this piece on food security, empowerment and activism.

Invest in women! Women grow more than half of all the world’s food. And yet according to the FAO, they receive 5 percent of agricultural extension services and own about 2 percent of the world’s land. If women had the same access to farming resources as men, they could boost yields by 20 to 30 percent, combating hunger and increasing their incomes. Research shows that more women than men invest extra earnings in their children’s well-being.


Plus, check out this breaking natural news story about organic farming and loss of rights and freedom for it:


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