Does the U.S. Military policy encourage smoking cigarettes?

What happens when you mix 4,000 chemicals with PRESCRIPTION  medication? What happens when the ammonia and the pesticide mix with  medications? Do they sweat out those toxins during the most serious “fight or  flight” situations? Aren’t those toxins swimming around in their blood,  affecting moods, thought, and motivation during situations which require the  ultimate mental clarity? You bet they are.
In fact, use  of prescription “psychotropics” has skyrocketed among U.S. military personnel in  recent years, according to an investigation by Military Times.

At  least 17 percent of active-duty military personnel are currently taking an  antidepressant, including as many as six percent of all deployed troops. (

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Quitting the third most powerful drug addiction in the world requires help  for more than 95 percent of smokers. Only five percent on average can quit cold  turkey and stick it out more than six months. That is a fact. Even the programs  offered by many hospitals do not address the secret to staying off cigarettes  longer than six months. Many of those programs require four weeks of classes,  which just isn’t very feasible. ( Plus,  medications like Chantix and Zybanare very dangerous because they  not only block the brain’s receptors to nicotine, but they also block dopamine,  which the central nervous system needs for “fight or flight” hormones to work  properly. This is why “feelings of suicide” and “suicide” are listed as “side  effects” of these cessation pills. Compound all that with PTSD and what do you  have?

14AndOut; the ULTIMATE PROGRAM to get “unhooked”

Instead of increasing  anxiety and health dangers, let’s move towards better health, safety and  livelihood. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, recommends 14AndOut to  military smokers who want to quit. ( 14AndOut is an all  natural program that teaches the smoker how to wean his or herself off  cigarettes in 14 days or fewer. It requires absolutely no medication and no  hypnosis. Best of all, it addresses behavior modification, chemicals and  nutrition in a 60 minute VIDEO DOWNLOAD which comes with a viewable/printable  nutritional guide. This program is comprehensive and has a phenomenal 90 percent  success rate. Testimonials are pouring in to prove it.
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