Portland falls to fluoridation as its city council members secretly meet with lobbyists!

Looking for fluoride-free water? Well, Portland is no longer the place to be in. The city council members have secretly met up with the fluoridation lobbyists in the lead-up to voting procedures which are meant to decide the fate of the city’s inhabitants.

These lobbying meetings are supposed to be reported through formal information channels, which has been very conveniently avoided by the council members in this case. This only proves the fact that they were not very keen to publicly announce their intentions to let the poison flow freely into the lives of the Oregonians.

Though the lobbyists for Upstream Public Health have reported meeting officials from Portland’s city council, it has been next to impossible to get a willing disclosure about the meeting from the same “officials.” After all, they can’t openly admit that they have become so corrupt that they have turned a blind eye to the needs of the people whose water they are about to poison.

Consuming chemicals through food and water

There is a system that requires the council members to report their meetings on a quarterly basis. Ironically, this was first started by former commissioner and current mayor, Sam Adams. This was made applicable to both the officials and leaders. But it’s very clear now that this rule doesn’t mean a dime to the so called city leaders now.

For the record, it has been proven as a fact that most diseases among American people are a direct result of consuming chemicals through food and water (read: fluoridated water). And this is how our politicians get paid officially to spread cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, major organ failure, etc. Henceforth, you know that flu isn’t the only black sheep in the family, there’s more to the city council than meets the eye!



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