What do the Cultural Revolution in China, the Holocaust in Germany, and the re-election of President Obama all have in common?

7 million people are said to have perished by murder in the Communist led Cultural Revolution in China. 6 million Jews are said to have perished by murder in the concentration camps of the Hitler led WWII horror. What happens in America when we can’t pay our 18 – 25 trillion dollar debt? Inflation. Starvation. Panic. Revolution. Police state. Execution by vaccine? Execution by GMO only food? Execution at Fema “concentration” camps, where they “re-educate you” about the great goals of your elected government (Hitler again) and you watch a few political agenda movies in a huge theatre (gas chamber) and you unlearn what you know (death) and you become a better citizen (your children are raised to salute the flag no matter what).


Is America prepared for revolution? The government is! They’ve purchased all the automatic weapons and ammunition to fight the people for years – ever heard of the Department of Homeland Security? That’s not protection from the foreign terrorists you know, that’s protection from the civil citizen gone mad terrorist. The DHS is the governments protection from you when you freak out. When Occupy Wall Street becomes Occupy the government’s “safe havens”, well, that’s when you are a terrorist – yes  you – that innocent person in need of non-toxic food, and non-toxic water. Yes you, that intelligent person who used think on your feet, and protect your own well-being.

Mike Adams, “The re-election of Obama was more than the mere selection of one man over another; it was an endorsement of a set of economic policies that are now launching America into a trajectory that can only end in economic disaster.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037889_financial_collapse_Obama_Martial_Law.html#ixzz2BeFRNbWP

Get Prepared to survive the Revolution:






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