Orwell’s “1984” is coming true! People’s privacy at stake with new government initiatives

It is true that after the attacks of 9/11 people in America have become concerned about their own safety, but the government has not missed a chance to interfere with their personal matters, simply citing the reason of national security.

Natural News reports that the U.S. government has drawn up plans to equip not only the airports but also every other place with modern surveillance system that is going to track the daily travels of citizens. The Transportation Security Administration now claims jurisdiction over all forms of travel across the country.

 Privacy at stake!


The U.S. government has been well known for its tendency to curb civil rights and interference in the daily matters of citizens. Now, the government is going to go a step further with the introduction of the latest technology for increasing surveillance on the public. The security agencies are going to track all the movements of a citizen no matter where he/she goes. This is seen by many as an infringement of personal liberties and privacy but the government does not seem to bother. In the future, the security agencies are going to assemble more and more surveillance technologies to strengthen their grip on people’s lives.

Your privacy is at stake!

George Orwell’s “1984” is coming true right before our eyes!

However, Natural News reports that several experts are not in favor of these tactics of surveillance. They opine that increased use of technology can never be the solution for security problems and it is going to worsen human relations in the future. These systems will enable the authority to gain access to the personal matters of citizens. Anyone with a malicious intention can use that information to humiliate a person. The inventors of X-ray and other detection systems have never thought of the consequences. Their invention was for the benevolence of mankind, but authorities have managed to make a weapon out of those inventions in order to rule people.



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