Greece and Spain collapsing: A taste of the sauce before the “big meal” for USA

Nearly all of Europe is currently going through a tense economic situation and in some countries, it has taken the shape of a chronic crisis. Two of the hardest hit countries in the region are Greece and Spain. The Greek government is trying hard to figure a way out of the crisis. It needs to implement certain austerity measures against the will of the people to safeguard the interests of creditors. According to Natural News, the condition is worsening particularly for the healthcare system where hospital staffs have to work without pay. The whole healthcare system is on the verge of collapse due to lack of proper funding.

Spain, on the other hand, is in no better position, reports Natural News. The country has been going through an economic predicament for quite some time now. To date, the government has failed to take any effective steps to alleviate the situation. The ongoing crisis is fueling people’s discontent so much that many in Catalonia are advocating for independence. It is needless to say that if Catalonia detaches itself from Spain, it will be a huge blow to the nation not only because that particular region has a rich cultural history but also because it is home to 16 percent of Spain’s total population and generates one-sixth of the country’s economic output.

The European economy that was supposed to be an example for the whole world has not only fallen from its gracious position but has also become paralyzed and now needs some external stimulus for a fresh start. Natural News reports that, taking lessons from this, the U.S. government wants to introduce some new laws that are enough to strip people off their economic freedom. In near future, U.S. citizens may have to spend all their earnings on things they don’t want. The U.S. government is paving the way for such laws that can force anyone to buy anything in order to give a boost to the country’s stumbling economy.


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