Natural News Special Edition: Vaccines contain harmful chemicals

Vaccines are regarded by many as the first line of defense against diseases. Innumerable men, women and children are being vaccinated daily all over the world in order to protect them from deadly diseases. The unaware multitudes often accept these vaccines on good faith, believing that the vaccines are their true saviors. However, Natural News reports that most modern vaccines are composed of harmful chemicals that can give rise to serious illness in vaccinated persons. Though these vaccines are aimed at eradicating diseases, they often usher one disease while fighting with another.

According to Mike Adams, the CDC has openly acknowledged the presence of harmful chemicals in vaccines that are used regularly on patients. The chief chemicals used in the vaccines are formaldehyde, aluminum, monosodium glutamate and mercury. All these substances are harmful to humans if a considerable amount finds its way into the body. These chemicals can result in seizures, coma, autism, infertility, spontaneous abortions, headaches and even death. Natural News has also made a video available so you can have a better understanding of the whole issue.

Most of the elites of the world are treated with clean and special vaccines. It is needless to mention that these vaccines are devoid of harmful chemicals and are prepared in a special way. Only those vaccines that are meant for the masses are infested with chemicals. The big pharmaceutical companies are capitalizing on the helplessness of the general public and are earning huge profits by keeping them entangled in the vicious cycle of sickness and recovery. The pharmaceutical companies were forced to resort to blanket immunity to protect themselves from becoming bankrupt while fighting the charges that are frequently filed against them due to vaccines causing deaths. Had the vaccines been harmless, there would not have been any need for blanket immunity.

If you think vaccines are a horror story, just take a look at the cancer industry. America breeds cancer with toxic food and medicine. Then, if you get cancer, they give you chemo, another toxic chemical, and they act like that can cure you, knowing it won’t. Most people who undergo chemotherapy do not realize the origin of common  chemotherapy agents is found in the mustard gas chemical weapons used in World  Wars I and II. That’s just one of 25 stunning — but historically accurate — revelations found in an investigative report issued by, one of  the most visited news websites in the world.

The report, available as a  FREE downloadable PDF, is available at:

The report reveals  a well-documented series of startling revelations about the origins of modern  medicine, including:

• The truth about how blood-thinning medications are  made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.

• How  modern-day crop pesticides are formulated with Zyklon B, the chemical used by  Hitler to gas Jews to death.

• The true history of the USDA and how it  sold out the American people and colluded with agricultural and food interests  to legalize poison in the food supply.

• How even the FDA now admits prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.

• How  the former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the  Nuremberg trials.

• The truth about a prominent psychiatric doctor who  would remove patients’ teeth and other organs in order to “cure” them of mental  disorders.

• Shocking details about the former head of the American  Medical Association and how he acted as a monopolistic criminal thug who  sought to destroy all knowledge of natural cures and plant-based  remedies.

• Why the medical establishment has spent 100 years trying to  suppress information about nutritional therapies, mineral cures and natural  cures.

The full investigative report written by S. D. Wells, containing  25 amazing facts about the hidden history  of medicine, is available now at

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