If God is watching, what are you doing with every minute? Natural News Spiritual Insider Story

the watchLet’s just say you have your survival kit ready, for the next huge storm,  or the earthquake, or the tsunami, or the great flood, or the end of the world,  or something minor like that. You have that kit full of first aid, dry  superfoods, nature’s medicines, alternative fuel, some back up shelter away from  the metro cities, yes, all of that. But what are you doing right now, to get  ready for your spirit to move on, to bigger and greater? If all the atheists are  wrong, what should they be doing?

Are you eating McDonald’s? Is that okay, or is every penny you spend  supporting some disease spreading cause?

Are you smoking cigarettes and helping cancer develop inside you and  maybe future children, and those around you who are trying to reach a spiritual  pinnacle?

Are you buying corn, soy, canola, and gluten based products thinking it’s  okay? Will you go to hell for this? It’s just corn chips and soup, right? Wrong.  You’re supporting GMO and the bastardizing, polluting of the gene pool of  humans.

Do you get every vaccine and flu shot offered by your pharmacy, school,  hospital, doctor, and everyone else with a special price on toxic jabs? Are you  slowly dumbing yourself down for the apocalypse, so you won’t feel anything?

Can you live by that saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” or is  what you don’t know actually killing you slowly? Aspartame, MSG, bleached foods,  fluoridated water, etc.

Get with the spiritual program. Don’t buy trash. Don’t buy toxic food.  Don’t take toxic medicine. Don’t support evil corporations that make money off  the sick and ignorant!!

Let me tell you now, “there is no spiritual  entitlement program whereby souls are automatically handed out benefits that  they did not earn. Each soul must earn his or her own outcome, and in order to  determine that, the entire lifetime of actions for each individual is  recorded as a spiritual record.” (natural news) This record is much like a log file of every action, decision, experience and thought that you had  during your life. The totality of this record reflects the virtue of your  true character.

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