Corporate Hi-bred “children” now have hybrid brains – thinking GMO pesticide-laden food is safe and natural

bleach foodDuPont, one of the chemical giants of the biotech, big agriculture industry, is stooping to the lowest, most sinister, most diabolic, insidious way of spreading lies, cancer, and toxic food in America. That’s right, Dupont, fronting as Pioneer Hi-Bred, is infiltrating the school systems of Hawaii and giving kids money and bad seeds, so they can open a bank account, learn about evil business, and plant Franken mutations in the soil on the islands and ruin another state. By spreading the pesticide laden technology, one state at a time, all over this nation and planet, biotech companies are flying under the radar of informed adults and corrupting kids in school. It’s not enough to make 80% of food with cancer corn by- products, and cancer-causing soy, and canola. No, Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and Dupont have to trick the kids!! They do it at Disney World, they do it with signs in grocery stores, they do it in the schools now.

The biggest con – how to eat cancer and die an early death – is now being sold to children in school as “responsible” ways to learn about natural food and banking! Unbelievable!!

Natural News and Mike Adams have the breaking story on this massive mis-education of children about tainted, gmo seeds that cause cancer and the corporate scumbag liars that are infiltrating the schools and teaching kids how to grow “cancer”:

Check this out:

“Biotechnology giant Pioneer Hi-Bred, which is owned by chemical giant DuPont, has made a strategic inroad into public education in Hawaii. According to The Garden Island, this key purveyor of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) has developed a partnership with Eleele Elementary School (EES) in Eleele, Hawaii, where the company has apparently been given free reign to subtly indoctrinate the school’s students into GMO dogma while bribing them with so-called “seed” money.”

Learn more:

Do you have

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Has someone or some organization invented a cure for GMO food disease?

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