Authoritarian governments want COMPLETE CONTROL of the internet

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There are a number of countries in the world that boast of being democratic but their respective governments are trying to gain control over the internet in order to smother the voice of the people. In some countries, internet remains the only open forum where citizens can criticize government decisions and policies.

As internet is the fastest form of digital communication and is availed by billions of people all over the world, the protest soon defies international boundaries and appeals to the global community. Governments are seeing ominous signs in this global appeal of the protests against their misdeeds.

Natural News has reported that some authoritarian regimes have long advocated to International Telecommunications Union for reigning over the internet. The majority of the 193 countries enlisted with the United Nations oppose the free flowing nature of the internet. Currently, no government controls the internet, but once the negotiation among governments becomes successful the internet is going to feel the heat. The internet is a conglomeration of 40,000 networks from all over the world and serves two billion people every day. With half a million new users joining the network each day, the internet has become a powerful medium of staging mass voice.

The authorities in Russia and China have always opposed the nature of the internet. The government in Russia has already started to implement a new internet monitoring policy. Though the official versions state that this new policy is designed to protect the young generation from getting affiliated to drugs, suicidal materials and child pornography, prominent human rights activists are saying that it is a method of curtailing the freedom of speech, reports Natural News. However, as governments are trying hard to control the freedom of internet, common people are devising new methods of avoiding detection by using anti-censorship tools in order to protect the freedom of speech at any cost.

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