End of the world: A hoax that can ruin lives

zombies sited in mexicoMany have been saying for quite some time now that the world is going to end on 21st of December, 2012 because the Mayan calendar shows no days beyond that date. Though this issue has managed to grab enough public attention, it is needless to say that it is a complete hoax. The world was not created depending on Mayan calendar and neither is it going to be destroyed according to its prophecy. But what needs more consideration is the attitude of some who think that the end of the world is inevitable.


Natural News reports that this huge hoax can ruin those who believe in it. As the day nears, believers will take every step to make their lives even more beautiful for the last few days. Some may even quit their job and start making purchases on credit card without feeling the need to pay the bills as to them the world will end soon. People may embark on a spending spree that will only benefit big corporations. But after the frenzy is over, people will find it hard to survive as the world will be there, perfectly fine and safe. Those who dedicated their time in quitting their jobs and making purchases on credit cards will then be economically ruined as they will find it hard to sustain their life.

So, it is wise to do something that would good give results after the hoax is over. Natural News says that instead of running after false propaganda, people should make themselves habituated with organic foods and virtuous ways of living. Even if something happens on the 21st of December, the first question to be asked is whether or not it was perpetrated by the government itself. However, there is always a probability that the government would resort to anything to make people buy certain products or to take certain vaccines.



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zombies sited in mexico


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