Fake Wars and a Fake Cliff: Natural News breaks open the truth!

war (2)We all have to work together to bail out Wall Street next month! We all have to make sacrifices, like higher taxes and maybe get a second job, or third job if you already have a second one, so we can bail out the Big Banks, who might go under after January 1st fiscal cliff hits. These are the big banks that already got bail out money and spent it on huge CEO salaries and bonuses, remember. We all have to “come together” and help, pay for the fake wars that made all the crooked congressmen a fortune via haliburton, blackwater, and the like. We have to help! Yes, we as a people, come together and make sacrifices, to pay for the feds party years. Learn more:

Currently, the U.S. Treasury collects about $2.5 trillion annually from an economy that generates more than $15 trillion in gross domestic product. But the federal government spends roughly $1 trillion more than it takes in, so it must borrow the extra money. In fact, according to the most recent figures, the government borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038399_fiscal_cliff_government_spending_national_debt.html#ixzz2FW8FWH5u


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