Surveillance tightens on U.S. citizens infringing more and more on personal freedom

brain chips (2)The U.S. government seems to be getting more and more inclined towards a vast and extensive surveillance of its own citizens. Natural News reports that the government plans to insert microchips in everything that is used in everyday life in order to monitor the movement of the common public. Though it may be done citing the reason of national security, many are opining that it is nothing more than the government’s infringement of personal freedom. In spite of the possibility of a huge public uproar the government seems to be moving forward with the plan.

It is reported that the Department of Homeland Security is likely to use new scanners in order to scan literally every molecule on a human body. This new scanner which is known as Picosecond Programmable Laser can detect almost every sort of element that can come in contact with the human body in everyday life. However, these elements include everything from explosives to food residue. It is reported that these laser assisted scanners will be deployed at every airport, sports stadiums, and roadside checkpoints and wherever the governments wants them to perform a surveillance job.

Even Gandhi, at one point in time, advocated the use of controlled violence in order to repel senseless brutality. In his various doctrines, the symbol of non-violence justified that using force and violence was necessary in some cases where the only other choice would be cowardice and dishonor. Natural News reports that the U.S. government seems to be more non-violent than Gandhi himself was, thus ruining the public safety. The stage is all set for a wide spread confiscation of guns which will leave people, especially innocent children, vulnerable to the ominous whim of a psychopath. The government is taking every possible step to curb the safety, security and privacy of U.S. citizens.

brain microchips

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