Medical tyranny, random drugging of innocents, and forced vaccinations running rampid in Australia and Japan, much like United States now

swine hoax

In America, it just so happens that some people are arrested for a crime they never committed, and incarcerated for years. Accidents happen, right? It’s bad enough people suffer through and survive prison, or psychiatric wards, when they are perfectly innocent, but the problem is compounded when found innocent and released. How could the problem be any worse? The Government does not “reimburse” anyone for their hardships, for their lost wages, for their time missed with family, for the time they could have lived their lives and maybe made a fortune. No compensation whatsoever. Do other countries function the same way as the USA?

What happens if you die in prison, and then DNA results prove your innocence after that, does your family get compensated financially for your torture in prison? What if you couldn’t handle prison and they committed you to a psychiatric hospital and you were beaten, shocked, and abused? What if the Government mistook you for someone else who escaped from prison or a psycho ward and they grabbed you, shot you up with some crazy drugs to “calm you down,” because you were “in denial” and you had an allergic reaction to the drugs? Some psychiatric drugs have side effects of feelings of suicide or even committing suicide.

That’s just what happened in Australia. Will they compensate the person for the “inconvenience” of being drugged and dragged away to the psych hospital? How much should the man get, $10,000 or maybe $100,000? Will he get nothing but an apology?

Natural News has the story on this “insane” mishap:

The mental health minister for Western Australia has apologized after police arrested a man who was mistaken for a patient from a psychiatric hospital. The staff “wrongly confirmed the man’s identity before administration of a strong antipsychotic drug for schizophrenia,” said ABC. The staff – who, it seems, should have discovered their mistake once they got a good look at the guy – wound up rushing him to a nearby hospital after giving him the drug because he had an adverse reaction to it.

Medical tyranny, random drugging of innocents, and forced vaccinations:

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