When the human body is filled with toxins, it’s EASIER TO CATCH A DISEASE, so don’t get “shot up” with toxins.

bleach food

If you had food poisoning from eating some rotten meat, and you had been throwing up and had diarrhea for 2 days straight, would you hang out with some of your relatives who had the flu, strep throat, and a head cold? It just wouldn’t be common sense. In fact, it would be dumb.

But in a different sense but very similar situation, humans do it every day, every month, every year, and in mass numbers, especially in the U.S., where the masses are misinformed about toxic food and toxic medicine, thinking they’re doing the right thing.

If you were a new parent, and your neighbor asked you if you would watch her baby for a few hours, even though she said her baby had a contagious virus, would you say okay, and let her baby play with your baby for a few hours, and just “hope” your infant didn’t catch it?

When people inject toxins, including bacteria, viruses, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, sorbitol, mercury, emulsifiers and adjuvants into their blood (flu shots and vaccines), they force their bodies into a state of shock, causing it to overwork to defend itself against the sudden invasion of poison. Then, those same people go to restaurants and order GMO, processed, toxic food and eat it, further taxing their immune system. Then those same people go home, and drink fluoridated tap water, and eat artificial sweeteners, and take synthetic multi-vitamins, and further tax their immune system. Then, those same people take antibiotics for just about every sickness, and they take aspirin and Nyquil and use toxic laundry soaps and shampoos, further weakening their system.

And yes, then, those same people go to the doctor when they get really sick, and they sometimes go to the hospital, and they pick up more germs, from other really sick people, and from nurses and doctors who don’t clean the equipment right.

And finally, those same people get prescription medications, which contain lots of toxins that are mixed in laboratories and cooked with bacteria, and they swallow those meds and their symptoms go away for a few hours, all while their immune system is broken down further, to barely even existing. And that, my friends, is when diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease take over, and start inflicting real damage, in the short and long term, if they even have a “long term” left.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explains it like no one else can, in simple, authentic news that you must know about:

“We vaccinate our infants thinking we are protecting them from deadly diseases. Yet, when we vaccinate them, we weaken their immune systems. This leads to poorer health and a greater risk of contracting diseases like the sometimes deadly respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). In a very recent study, infants with severe lower respiratory tract infections are found to have a dysfunctional immune response correlating to the severity of the disease. (RSV is the leading cause of lower respiratory tract infection in young children worldwide).”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038583_vaccines_RSV_immune_system.html#ixzz2HIxJzrif


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