The World Enforcement Division (W.E.D.) Annual Budget now nearly 2 TRILLION ($1,948 BILLION) in pure taxpayer dollars!

world police usa

2 million million dollars is what we are talking about here, paying the U.S. Government two million million dollars to suffocate the masses. To fail at regulating pollution in all aspects of living; the air we breathe, the land we live on, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the medicine we swallow and inject.

Two thousand billion. That is what the U.S. taxpayers go to work for everyday, to pay for the great stalemate in Washington. Most Congressman make about $300,000 a year and that’s just a drop in the bucket after they invest in pharmaceutical companies, agri-chemical companies, and the general chronic care sickness world we call “the land of the free.”

So what is the World Enforcement Division?

It’s the top 10 most dangerous U.S. government agencies, that’s who.


And just how do they control what 95% of Americans eat, drink, and die slowly from? How could the country be so evil, when the founding fathers seemed to have such grand noble plans for everyone? How can U.S. politics be all about making money from war, bad food, unnecessary products and bad medicine, and nothing about helping people live healthy, and secure infrastructure, and keep peace?

When did U.S. go from law and order to complete chaos? When is the last time a global banker or Wall Street guru went to jail for extortion, murder, embezzling, insider trading or the like?

How many politicians invest in war, in companies that benefit from war? Can we audit their accounts during the war to see?

How many politicians invested in the housing bubble so they would profit when it all burst? Newt Gengrich did. He took $300,000 from Freddie Mac right before the crash, and he ran with the money so they would fail! How many politicians will benefit from the upcoming financial collapse? Is all of Congress in on it? Is it planned out very well? Can we audit their accounts during the collapse to see? Are they all “insider traders?” Maybe that’s why they are so concerned about staying in Afghanistan and running America into the ground?!

From the EPA to the IRS to the thugs working for TSA, right on over to a bunch of other useless “conglomerate” agencies, Mike Adams tears this one in HALF, providing all the statistics. A must read Natural News buzz that’s all over the “radar.” Get your natural news from the health ranger, where dirty Washington politics always bleeds into nutrition and health, and the health ranger tells you exactly how to avoid the grand mess and stay true to yourself and stay on track, on your organic journey of life.

top 10 most dangerous U.S. government agencies


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