Natural News Basics: Don’t EAT cancer and you probably won’t ever die of cancer!

cancer cell

When you hear of someone “getting cancer” you think of someone in the hospital or at a doctor’s office, getting the news, or being shown an x-ray or some brain scan.

But cancer is an ongoing process, of cell strangulation, cell mutation, and cell occupation:


You don’t step into cancer, like a pile of dog poop in the yard.

You don’t catch cancer from people (besides STD/papilloma virus), you develop it.

You don’t “cure” cancer with a shot, with a chemical, with surgery, or with radiation, because that would be like saying that if a river is polluted, and I take a polluted fish or two out of it, or I dump in more chemicals, I’ve cleansed the river. It’s astonishing that people believe doctors who treat people this way. I’m here to tell you differently:

People eat chemicals, drink chemicals, and put them on their skin. People breathe in chemicals and inject chemicals and take chemical pills. That’s how people “get” cancer, and that’s how cancer is perpetuated by America.

If you ate moldy bread for a year and you were deathly ill from it, would you get a penicillin shot, some baby aspirin and some Nyquil and keep eating moldy bread, hoping for a different world, that doesn’t “kill innocent people?” Would you still march “for the cure” and think your money you give to the American Cancer Society is doing anything but promoting chemicals for a chemically driven disease?

Chemotherapy kills more than cancer:

Want proof? Did you know that 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer? That’s up to 91%

“Cancer is a cellular defensive response where cells revert to a more primitive form of producing energy without oxygen and mutate into cancer cells which replicate and refuse to die. Most often, exposure to toxins causes cells to turn cancerous – especially cells which have not been properly nourished, cleansed, hydrated and oxygenated.”

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