U.S. financial collapse preparation began today with gun confiscation laws

 nite riot

It may be a well known fact that governments like to weaken the masses before the x%$%# hits the fan, and when inflation comes, and comes hard, the U.S. Government wants to know who has the best firearms, how many, and where do they live!


And since the Sandy Hook shooting DID NOT INVOLVE A SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPON, and since the accused didn’t buy weapons illegally, or need a criminal background check to borrow his mother’s 4 HANDGUNS, we NOW know that the whole incident is being used as a ploy to get ready for the mass revolts and riots that will come when the greedy “1%” of Americans who run the show let the whole system implode.



The concept of state backed confiscation of civilians’ firearms and ammunition has once again gained impetus after the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut. After several innocent students and teachers lost their lives in the incident, the government is more stubborn than ever to strip U.S. citizens of their right to own guns for self defense. Whether or not it is a feasible way of curtailing such heinous acts is a matter of controversy, but one thing is certain that if all firearms are confiscated from the citizens, they will be left defenseless in front of psychopaths who, by hook or by crook, will gain access to guns in order to serve his purpose.


Private ownership of guns can make American citizens a lot safer from killers

Natural News reports that there are several well known people who think that mere confiscation of firearms from civilians will not put a halt on such incidents. Instead, many are advocating arming school principals with firearms in order to protect students and teachers from the insanity of psychopaths. Recently, the governor of Texas stated that he thinks it will be more viable to arm school principals with firearms if incidents like Sandy Hook are to be averted in the future.


It has been revealed by Natural News that the shooter at Newton Elementary School was under the medication of the anti-schizophrenic drug Fanapt. It may sound absurd but it is the truth that Fanapt was given approval by the FDA only after two short trials that were unable to determine the drug’s side effects in the long run. However, the side effects associated with Fanapt are aggression, restlessness, hostility and major depression. It has been opined that had the shooter been treated with proper nutritional foods, he could have responded more positively than succumbing to the side effects of Fanapt.



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