The true history of modern medicine revealed: Natural News and S.D. Wells; a 50 article special report:




True History:

Most of the people in the modern world think that the medicines they are offered by professional medical practitioners in times of sickness are safe. But Natural News has something else to say. Contrary to the popular belief, most of the medicines that are used today are laden with harmful chemicals. They enter the body and provide some temporary relief to the patient but in the long run, they show deadly effects. Still, they are widely consumed as people are not aware of the effects that these medicines might have on their body. Take for example, chemotherapy. The origin of chemotherapy agents lies in the mustard gas chemical weapons that were widely used in both world wars to kill millions of people.

 Read this, before history repeats itself!

There is an urgent need to educate people about the true face of modern medicines and the healthcare industry as a whole. This is why a book titled 25 Amazing Facts About The Hidden History Of Medicine has been authored by S.D. Wells. This book reveals the true nature and history of medicines. It explores the various aspects of the history of healthcare in the U.S. This book shockingly reveals a number of facts that have been kept hidden from public eyes for a long time.

The book reveals that blood thinning medicines are originally made from rat poison and pig intestines. It also reveals that modern day pesticides are filled with Zyklon B, which was chiefly used by Hitler to kill Jews in gas chambers. It throws light on the true history of the USDA and the fact that even the FDA admits that prescribed drugs also kill one million people every decade on U.S. soil. The book also reveals how a Nazi war criminal became the chairman of Bayer Pharmaceuticals.  It also explores the misdeeds of the American Medical Association and sheds light on the initiatives that the association has taken to uproot any natural cure or herbal remedy, reports Natural News.



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