Bottled TAP WATER being sold all over America at exorbitant prices! Find out which brands are NOT from a mountain spring

mountain water

Right now is the time for you to begin checking bottled water to seefrom where it was derived; from what mountain spring did this water come? You need to know, otherwise, you’re drinking glorified tap water, which carries many contaminations which are not simply “filtered” and purified, because that would be too expensive, so instead you get an expensive looking bottle of tap, and you go on your merry way, thinking you’re getting nature’s finest.

Do you buy Dasani or Aquafina thinking your water is coming from the mountains, where the rocks purify mineral loaded water and deliver to your body many of the essential life forces that give you energy, vitality, immunity and more.

Plus, if you drink real mountain spring water, you are not combating the city pollution, the antibiotics people urinate, the runoff of RoundUp and other pesticide, insecticide, herbicides that cause cancer. If you drink real mountain spring water, you are not combating the hormones given to animals to fatten them up for slaughter. Your body is not combating toxins, ones that ARE NOT FILTERED OUT. Most bottled water is a joke. Think of how the corporations fool the people who WANT TO BE HEALTHY but haven’t studied how. This is the target market for bottled water distributors. This is the fool’s market.

Want the perfect water? Hey, and don’t let anyone tell you that if it’s coming out of the mountain rocks, that you gotta go pouring some chemical in it to “purify” or “cleanse” it, because you don’t. Go to and find the closest spring to you.

This is the answer to “beating” the system and purifying your heart, your mind, your blood, your cells!

Stop buying poison. Quit buying toxins. Stop supporting cancer. Quit feeding the system that doesn’t care about your health and well being. Tune into the organic world of natural energy, natural vitality, natural immunity, and get the natural news daily. There is no day that goes by that I don’t learn at least a little more about what makes my body and mind thrive, even in the face of nutrition thieves like Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Monsanto.


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