Our freedom snatched away, doctors reading your “rights,” and more!

dr arrest

All right – let’s start from the beginning.

This is a list of what you don’t have any more:

  • Right to express your opinion.
  • Right to own a firearm.
  • Right to privacy/confidentiality with your doctor.

Not altogether without a reason though! We don’t have a proper explanation for people getting arrested for commenting against the government in their private social networking accounts. But we at least are in a position to explain why the legal right to own a fire arm has gone away. You’ve got to say thanks to a few psychotic killers who went around killing innocent schoolchildren for whatever reason. And now it’s the turn of the confidentiality right that a doctor/patient relationship had the privilege to. It’s gone! In all, the Bill of Rights that we had will very soon become a thing of the past.

Are doctors the new underground criminals, sharing personal and confidential information with the police upon request? Your medical records can be viewed by a police officer in his/her car behind you at a red light! Who’s the criminal, isn’t it the doctor for sharing your records, or are innocent people now all at risk?

If you follow the articles published in Natural News, you will be shocked to discover the sorry state of affairs that we (so called citizens of a free nation) are being subjected to in the name of law.

So, the next time you discuss your private matters with your doctor, be very careful about the words you use because that can be held against you in case you are sentenced to a trial. Not aware of this? Read more at:


People have another reason to avoid going to the doctor – imagine them reading your “rights” (like the policeman who is about to arrest you) – a very discouraging picture at that, and soon to be made to a law (again!).

Thanks to President Obama, your psychiatrist can now demand to know about the type of guns you own when you are visiting   for a consultation.

23 executive orders announced today

If you want to know more about the developments related to these issues then you must go through;



Remember, awareness and information is the only weapon of self-defense that you’re left with.


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