Balancing the U.S. budget in 4 years, by taxing advertising and “toxic” food!

tv lies to you

What is America built on? Advertising. This country makes it’s trillions off advertising, whether by TV, radio, billboard, internet, or newspapers and magazines, this country buys what this country sees and hears over and over, and that’s that. Put a 50% tax on every commercial run on television for the next year and use half that money to clean up the conventional food arena. Take the other half and test every prescription drug for side effects, and ban those. That will clean up half the hospitals. Put a 25% tax on every ad run on the radio and in magazines, and what do you have? A 18 trillion dollar deficit being paid down, fast. End the fake war in Afghanistan and use that money to fix up all the schools and bridges, and double the pay for school teachers!

Then, for the kicker, tax at 300% ALL SODA, Aspartame, Sucralose, Sorbitol, MSG and GMO corn and soy, instead of subsidizing it all, and use that money to educate people fighting cancer about juicing raw organic vegetables and taking organic supplements from all over the world that have worked for centuries, if not millenniums!

Now Medicare and Medicaid will include all supplements for free, of course. Social Security can be doubled, to account for illegal planned losses from the housing crash, the Wall Street crashes, the fake wars, the fake BAILOUTS THAT WENT IN CEO AND CFO POCKETS. Repay homeowners for the Enron scandle, the ultimate insurance against toxic assets scam. Let the Big Banks go under next year also, and the community banks and small credit unions can prosper, lending at extra low rates, with great business loans for small farmers. That will help the communities rebuild their surroundings, including organic farming, soil, and non-GMO crop for our future.

Processed Food Tax up 200%!

“A fat tax is a taxor surcharge that is placed upon fattening foods, beverages or individuals.  As an example of Pigovian taxation, a fat tax aims to discourage unhealthy dietsand offset the economic costs of obesity. A fat tax aims to decrease the consumption of foods that are linked to obesity. A related idea is to tax foods that are linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease. Numerous studies suggest that as the price of a food decreases, individuals get fatter. In fact, eating behavior may be more responsive to price increases than to nutritional education.

Estimates suggest that a 1 cent per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages may reduce the consumption of those beverages by 25%.  However, there is also evidence that obese individuals are less responsive to changes in the price of food than normal-weight individuals.”

Processed food will have a 200% tax increase to pay for short term health damages. Organic supplements will be subsidized. Ron Paul will head up the committee which rebalances power in Washington, DC. This is the new America.

When it comes to government intrusion into our lives, Texas Congressman Doctor Ron Paul stands apart from the rest of the presidential candidate field.”

Organic Supplements to be subsidized by U.S. Government!

In Dr. Paul’s own words:

“Millions of Americans take dietary supplements every day, and the numbers are growing as the Baby Boom generation ages. More and more Americans understandably are frustrated with our government-controlled health care system. They have concluded that vitamins, minerals, and other supplements might help them stay healthy and less dependent on the system. They use supplements because they can buy them freely at stores and research them freely on the Internet, without government interference in the form of doctors, prescriptions, HMOs, and licenses. In other words, they use supplements because they are largely free to make their own choices, in stark contrast to the conventional medical system.

“Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” would reduce government spending by $1 trillion in his first year as president. It would also balance the budget and create a surplus by 2015, according to the candidate. He reaches $1 trillion by eliminating or shrinking government agencies and ending foreign wars; Paul’s budget axes five cabinet departments, privatizes the FAA, and freezes or reduces spending for a slew of other government agencies, just to name a few examples.”

FDA, CDC, AMA all broken up and dissolved, and total salaries saved from this will pay for free Naturopath consultations during the transition period to 100% organic USA.

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