Binge and Purge NFL is over! Hey, just “let it go,” says Natural News, and get healthy

nfl bingers (2)

Football season is over. Probably the “party” food binge too. What about the beer, the cookies, the pizza, the soda? Will the cigarette smokers smoke more or more often, to get that rush of dopamine that they’re not getting from football? Is there a winter sport people get as “hyped up for” as NFL?

Sometimes habits become lifestyle, or they last a whole quarter of a year, or, like football, 5 and a half months, from late August until the beginning of February. That’s pretty much half of the year that football fans gear up, over and over, for cookouts, and tailgate parties, and at home in front of liquid televisions, HD flat screens that fill half a wall. Some fans are in the bars and restaurants, sucking down chicken wings and draft beer, or pizza, subs and sodas. It’s not some simple holiday binge, either, because you’ve got Monday Night Football, and you’ve got some special Thursday games when college gets near Christmas break. A lot of people go to a game, live, or two or eight. Yes, eight, because everyone with a season pass kind of “parties hard” for eight weekends in autumn, which usually means traveling and eating out at restaurants, fast food joints, Cracker Barrels and IHops, and at Dairy Queens and maybe some horse meat from Burger Kings. Don’t forget Waffle House and Denny’s for buffet breakfast, or super combo platters and those beloved “all you can eats.” People need to detoxify their bodies, but they don’t know how. It’s more than a habit, it’s a lifestyle that needs to end before a chronic care (hospital) lifestyle kicks in full time.

The typical American lifestyle is blending in with special occasion habits, and has been graying the non-nutritive jungle of bad food choices for generations. People think if they cook the meat longer, or drink diet soda, or maybe split a meal with someone  that they’re a little better off, showing some kind of discipline or reserve, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they binge even more during the “withdrawal period,” when the guilty pleasure is done for the “season,” and they gotta get back to the same ole same ole. That’s when they really cheat the diet, and go off the deepend, depriving their bodies of nutrition and kicking salt in the wound, the 5 and a half month long wound they just endured.

Natural News has an inside story you must read on this, it could change your life and help you wake up and smell the coffee!

“When the pleasurable stimulation is removed, the brain experiences withdrawal from dopamine, much like the brain of a smoker deprived of nicotine. When the Super Bowl has concluded, many football fans will start to experience some of the same physiological withdrawal symptoms that drug addicts feel when deprived, according to Dr. Angelos Halaris of Loyola University Medical Center. He cautions against exaggerating the effects of football withdrawal; however, and warns dejected fans not to self-medicate. Fans should not need antidepressants.

According to a January 2012 poll, football is by far the most popular sport in the United States

“When the football season is over and there’s no other game on the schedule for months, you’re stuck, so you go through withdrawal,”

Oh but there’s sunshine on the horizon, all you bored fans! There are Superfoods which can make you feel great, with no “repercussions.” You don’t even need football, or alcohol, or cigarettes to get that dopamine and that natural serotonin flowing.

Check out the Health Ranger’s Natural News Store w recommendations for Superfoods that supercharge your body and give you vitality, immunity, and great heart and brain health:



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