There is a huge awakening happening in America


There is a huge awakening happening in America. It may be happening in other parts of the world also, but right now, it’s happening here.

There is a huge awakening, almost like an enlightenment, and hundreds of thousands more “natural” people are realizing that food, medicine, and many ways of simply “living” are warped and toxic, and these people are making changes, major changes to educate themselves and avoid all the pitfalls.

Right after 9/11 happened, there seemed to be two kinds of people in the United States; the people who were scared to death, afraid terrorism had “come to America” to stay. They were wrong and they were right. The terrorists from the Middle East are still in the Middle East, but a new kind of terror is among us here, and it’s a terrorizing of self-sufficiency. See, the Government actually wants everyone relying on it, for food, for money, for safety and protection. But you can protect yourself. You don’t need a Government to protect you. Besides, you pay for it one way or another, why not pay for protections and a clean bill of health you can rely on?

That brings me to the other kind of people. The Naturals. The Naturals take care of themselves. Ever since hurricane Katrina, we have seen as a people that the Government isn’t there in time, on time, or helping to prepare. What kind of rescue is THAT? What are YOU paying for? Some dirty football stadium to live in for a month or two? Some dirty needles reused for flu shots or vaccines that are forced on you? Have you ever visited a FEMA camp? Lack of clean water. Lack of fuel. That’s what you get if you’re not ready. Lack of decent food. Lack of anything organic. No supplements. The Naturals won’t stand for it. We won’t wait for it. We won’t hope for it. We don’t hope and pray for “someone” or “something” to save us. To come to the rescue. Forget that.

The natural news is here and it’s been here since 9/11. Are you tuned in? Do you know where to get natural news? Real news that doesn’t lie. You know why? No commercials. No Big Pharma sponsors. No pop up advertisements for some food or medicine that makes you sick anyway. This is not a world where prices go up during a crisis. This is not a world where body ailments are treated with chemicals that cover up symptoms but make the ailments fester. This is where healing comes naturally. This is where preparation is done every day, a little more and a little better. This is where education doesn’t mean memorizing something for a test, or jumping through hoops and rhetoric, or waiting in line, or lost in a labyrinth of automated nuisances. This is where education means you’re watching videos which teach you about survival, and surthrival, and nutrition and how to avoid “chemical” food and “chemical medicine.” This is where education means reading up to date articles and current events that influence your choices and your health.

This is the world of Natural News, where health enthusiasts share information on the grandest scale; straightforward and forthright. This is honesty and care. This is preparation and organic health stability and immunity. This is Superfood and herbs. This is your own garden. This is how to live long and healthy, past 100 years young!

Connect yourself to health wealth right now!

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