Congress pushes for more drones, but Federal N.Y. Judge blocks NDAA!

drone3The Bill of Rights that had protected the rights of American citizens for centuries was sent to the grave with President Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act. This act was designed to empower the U.S. military to detain, interrogate, torture and even kill U.S. citizens without trial or any protection of law.

The government argued that it was meant for national security but Natural News reports that the NDAA could have been used by the military in order to curb the rights of U.S. citizens. It was a stark reminder of the Nazi rule in Germany.

However, all hopes in the U.S. are not lost. It is reported that Katherine Forrest, the District Judge of Manhattan, N.Y. has ruled against some of the provisions of the act and has blocked the NDAA indefinitely. Some people had earlier filed a suit against the administration over the unconstitutional provisions of the bill.

The lawsuit was specifically directed against Section 1021 of the bill that, through tricky words, granted the president an absolute authority to use military power in order to indefinitely detain anyone suspected of “terrorist-related” activity without any trial or legal help. The Federal Judge’s order to block the NDAA, at least for the time being, is being regarded as a constitutional victory of the people over the government.

The U.S. government; however, seems to be relentless in their efforts to curb the rights and freedom of U.S. citizens. In its recent move,  Congress has given approval to the FAA Reauthorization Bill which when implemented as an act would pave the way for thousands of drones to hover over  American soil. Natural News reports that this is another act of the government to do some surveillance job over its own citizens. This would breach the privacy of  U.S. citizens to a large extent.


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