Banning the cultivation of GMO is the ULTIMATE GOAL in Washington State, and hopefully all 50 States will join the mission soon!


organic rules

organic rules


Proposition 37 may have failed (or been thwarted by Monsanto) in California last November, but that could be a big blessing in disguise, because the new bill set for vote next November in Washington State has a back up plan, a plan B, a safety net. That’s right, in case the FDA or Monsanto or Bayer try to come in and fix the vote, or make the ballot tricky like “yes on no 37” or “Just say yes to no expensive labeling I-522” or “No to yes on labels for toxic waste in food 1323,”  – well, those tricky, fixed days may be history.

HB 1407 would recognize right of local communities to label, ban GMOs!
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Natural News has extensive coverage of this wonderful news!  “Proponents of GMO labeling in Washington have already successfully gathered more than 350,000 petition signatures, exceeding the minimum number required by more than 100,000, to get I-522 on the 2013 ballot. This means Washington voters will have the opportunity this coming fall to vote in favor of the initiative which, if passed, will require that all foods produced using GMOs and sold within the state be properly labeled.”


HB 1407 will prevent corporate interests from hijacking efforts to increase food labeling transparency at the local level:

Grassroots is taking on new meaning in America. Grassroots used to be a hippy kind of thing, for all those 60’s and 70’s Woodstock folk who ate something called “organic” and talked about Greenpeace, global warming, recycling, and taught kids in schools about developing a voice for “being heard” when it comes to making a difference in your community. Grassroots used to mean copying flyers to hand out in town, or a couple people in a focus group writing letters to Congressmen about their concerns.

Now, Grassroots has millions of believers, and enthusiasts, and their actions are saving millions of lives, and the environments spreading across counties, regions, and even states! Washington, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming are just a few states making a huge difference thanks to Grassroots efforts spawning massive missions and movements, which in turn spawn new rules, regulations, and defend the constitution. We need the organic Grassroots to keep growing, literally and figuratively!

From social media to Natural News to Prison Planet and, the word is out, and Grassroots now means county, state, region, and National changes. People are spreading the word on blog sites about labeling GMO, about the evil nature of Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Dupont and Dow Chemical – and their efforts to mix pesticide and insecticide in mass amounts of food. Grassroots is huge. Grassroots is alerting millions to the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs with horrific side effects. Find out about the next planned catastrophe!

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News, has continuing coverage of the lifelong mission to label toxic food as such. Get the inside scoop on the natural health front:


The People’s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act

Preserving the identity, quality, and reliability of Washington’s agricultural products is of prime importance to our state’s fiscal health.”


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