The New Zombified America tunes in to the wrong media, and consumes toxic food and medicine to boot!

zombie apocalypse (2)


Hey, don’t be a zombie who watches the news on TV while eating microwaveable dinners and drinking soda.


Don’t be a zombie who takes your children to fast food restaurants regularly, and gives them MSG and Aspartame to consume, and gives them toxic flu shots and lots of gmo vaccines.


Don’t be a zombie who believes the government cares about your health and well being, your safety and your future.


Don’t be a zombie who ignores the truth and works at a drone job that is hurting your mind and body.


Don’t be a zombie who doesn’t explore, and contest the news, and question authority, and find answers that help you evolve and be spiritual.


And most of all, be intelligent and free of the shackles of BAD FOOD and BAD MEDICINE. You can do it! Escape the madness, if there is any left in your life, and tune in to the truth and the people who care about you, your family, your environment, OUR environment, and the food and NATURAL and organic medicine/herbs/supplements you should know about.


Did you know MSG causes Central Nervous System damage, can cause brain damage in babies, and is the NUMBER ONE SOURCE of migraine headaches in the USA?


Natural News blog sites are encouraging everyone to avoid becoming a “zombie” if you aren’t one already. It’s very hard to rationalize with a zombie, so if you are already one, you need to consult your Naturopath physician immediately, and do NOT eat him/her. Then you must report to the Natural News store and get zombie detox meds and immunity response help:  (superfoods and detoxification herbs!)


Here are 20,000 bloggers who are following natural news trackers and “shocker” reporters:


Read what natural news enthusiasts have to say about bad politics, bad medicine, bad food, bad water and bad people. Then read what they have to say about all the good in the world, all the organic soil and food and natural remedies that have worked for thousands of years all over the world!


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