Cleansing water now illegal? Water disinfectant company put out of business by DEA

water problems

Disinfection of water has always been a concern for the health conscious people. It is to be kept in mind that impure water forms the origin of a number of deadly diseases. As a result, many disinfectants have been developed in recent years to make water safer to drink. But all disinfectants are not sold in the market. Take, for example, the Polar Pure Water Disinfectant. Many people have not even heard the name of this product because the company has already been put out of business by the Drug Enforcement Administration, reports Natural News.

Bob Wallace, the founder of the company was climbing the Popocatapetl Volcano in Mexico back in the late 1970s. He was in search of an effective way of treating the water in order to avoid getting sick. In his quest, he came across an article by physicians Frederick Kahn and Barbara Visscher in the Backpacker Magazine where they clearly stated that iodine could be effectively used in order to rid the water of giardia and similar harmful elements. Wallace gave it a try and returned home after climbing the volcano without getting sick. Bob Wallace later made use of his experience and created the Polar Pure Water Disinfectant that could disinfect water quite easily and effectively.

However, the DEA did not seem to be happy with this invention and forced the company to stop the production and distribution of the water disinfectant. The company tried a lot to logically convince the authorities but all the efforts yielded few result. According to Stephen Downing, a former law enforcement officer in Los Angeles, the oversight on DEA is so little that it has turned into one of the most out of control agencies in the U.S. Natural News reports that DEA’s reclassification of iodine as a ‘controlled substance’ has put Polar Pure out of business in spite of the fact that it can be used for the betterment of mankind.


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