Caught with DMT in America! The consequences laid bare in Natural News

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Now all the American citizens have to start planning on ways to defend themselves against being held as a manufacturer of DMT. Not aware of the term? Let’s get started on the most dangerous substance available on planet earth – DMT or N,N-dimethyltryptamine, in simple words, the Sprit Molecule. Go through this to know more:

If you are caught having them in your brain then you need to be ready to serve jail time. Or, you have an option open – plead guilty to possessing and manufacturing a Schedule I controlled substance and you can hope to have a better and safer way out. Natural News covers this shocking development.

You should be aware of the long “reach” of the crime that has made you vulnerable to the extent of being punished by law. Read this:

DMT is considered to be a criminal molecule. So, if it’s found in your brain or if you are found studying or researching this, you may have less time than you think. And it doesn’t matter if you have a completely clean criminal background. If the DMT drug is found to have any connection with you, it’s only a matter of time before you are framed as a thug, or a mass murderer, or a psychotic shooter. Get the missing link? Do the names Sandy Hook and Aurora ring a bell? Can you recollect the shooters who had reportedly no criminal or unusual records before they turned into shooters all of a sudden?

Mike Adams has been covering this medical atrocity for quite a long time now. If you are an ardent follower of Natural News and the supporter blogs then you must have an idea about what is happening.

And for all you avid researchers who want facts to back up the blog/article/reporting:

Here are the facts to support the statements:

This may not have occurred to you but all of it may be a part of an excellent master plan which aims to disarm the Americans so that no one’s left to protest. Of course, people with a history of drug abuse are not eligible to own arms. Mike Adams requests all his readers to be aware of these facts and plan their defense accordingly, and try their best not be a ‘sell out.’ It may offer a temporary relief but will have dangerous consequences.

Natural News has more on this:


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