Monsanto joins U.N. Agenda: Poison the world with GMO, then treat cancer with GMO and pocket trillions

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You can bet Natural News has this story as it unfolds. And tens of thousands of Natural News bloggers are paying attention and commenting on line about the atrocity of Monsanto. You see the Millions against Monsanto websites and Facebook pages. You see the evil Monsanto pictures on flickr and on Prison Planet. Whether or not you choose to believe or support the fight against Monsanto, you are deep in it.

Deep in the fight against Monsanto:!/millionsagainst?fref=ts

Did you know you are literally eating cancer?

Did you know the U.N. is planning your demise for profit?!/HealthRanger?fref=ts

You have two choices here, fight for knowledge and personal health freedom or get cancer from GMO toxic food that’s being pushed around the globe.

Would you give your vegetables pesticide injections to kill worms or parasites, and then eat the food as if you never did that?

Would you spray bug killer on your garden to keep away the pests and then make a salad later and eat it, like you never sprayed it?

Would you pour gallons of RoundUp weed killer on your lawn and then have your kids run barefoot on it all day, along with any pets? Did you know the soft part on the bottom of cats and dogs paws soak up yard toxins very easily and THAT is a major contributor to leukemia in pets that kills them when they’re young, like 5 – 7 years old, when they could live to be 15 – 18 without it!

Last question, would you eat RoundUp if it tasted like cotton candy? What do you think high fructose corn syrup is? What about your corn and cottonseed and canola oil? What’s that from?

Why is U.S. pushing GMO on the rest of the world, when most educated countries have either banned it or labeled it as such? The master plan is in effect. You better know what it is so you can avoid it. Fight cancer or eat it. Beat cancer or be beaten by it. Kill cancer or be killed by it.

Every other man gets cancer in U.S.

Every third woman gets cancer in U.S.

Read how Monsanto and U.N. are teaming up to improve these horrifying statistics world wide. Yes, the U.S. feeds the world – it feeds it GMO cancer corn and cancer soy food, and injects it with GMO vaccines. Follow the Ranger and Learn a lot more now:

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“A United Nations (UN) scheme to surreptitiously seize property rights from people worldwide and pack the world’s populations into tiny micro-cities controlled by a centralized government has a new ally, Monsanto, which recently joined the so-called World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in pushing for the widespread implementation of the infamous “Agenda 21.”

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