Meat industry in U.S. is largely responsible for a number of diseases

bad meat (2)

It is now reported that the meat industry has been resorting to some unfair means for quite some time now in order to maximize their profits from escalating sales. The meat industry has been using a substance called ‘meat glue’ in order to attach meat scraps with main pieces so that these scraps could be sold easily.

According to the show named Australian Today Tonight, a considerable amount of the meat that people eat today are made of scraps that are glued together in order to make them appear to be normal pieces. Actually, meat glue is an enzyme called transglutaminase. Some meat glues are made by cultivating bacteria and others are derived from the coagulating agents in the blood of cows and pigs. It may sound bizarre but it is the truth that these glues are used to stick meat scraps with one another so that they can be sold as whole pieces.

The European Union had already banned meat glues back in 2010 due to the harmful properties that they retain. Natural News reports that consumption of meat glue can lead to food poisoning. Moreover, the contamination of bacteria in a glued meat steak is much higher than a normal steak. It is also harder to cook glued meat properly, thus enabling the bacteria to thrive. All these factors work together in order to make a person severely ill. However, once food poisoning sets in, it becomes almost impossible to trace the source, especially in those cases where meats from different animals are glued together.


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