The horse meat scandal in Europe now linked to arms traffickers

horse burger

The horse meat scandal has been raging in Europe for quite some time. It was reported a few days ago that major food retailers in the U.K. like Tesco and Aldi had been selling some frozen food products that contained significant amount of horse meat in them. Though the retail chains did it unknowingly, it certainly underscores the lack of care on the part of the stores. Natural News reports that the products that contained 100 percent horse meat were labeled as “100 percent beef” to the horror of consumers.

The Food Safety Authority of FSA first found the existence of horse DNA in certain packed food products back in January. These products were distributed by Dalepak Hambleton and Silvercrest Foods. As soon as the malpractice was noticed, ten million burger patties made of these meats were withdrawn from the market in the U.K. Comigel, the French food supplier is also reported to have supplied horse meat in the name of beef. An investigation carried out by the Department of Agriculture in Ireland revealed that these products were also infested with raw components that were principally sourced from places like Romania. It is now being regarded as a well drafted conspiracy across Europe.

The horse meat scandal in the U.K. stores has found new dimension with arm traffickers being related to it. Natural News reports that people who are involved in this malpractice may have ties with Viktor Bout, a Russian who was previously convicted of arms trafficking. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project that mainly works in the eastern part of Europe opines that Draap Trading plays an important role in distributing horse meat throughout Europe. It is now revealed that GuardStand that happens to be the sole director of Draap also has a stake in the global arms trade.


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