Meat being steadily processed with chemicals, alarm for consumers

pig wrapped cow on gluten

pig wrapped cow on gluten

Natural News and the “bad meat” tracker reporting:

The meat industry has always been subjected to numerous controversies over the last few years, but now the controversy has been taken to a higher level due to the news that the meat industry is steadily using chemical agents to process their products. Natural News now reports that Tyson Foods, which happens to be the largest meat processor in the world, injects antibiotics into its chickens long before they are hatched and then claim that the chickens have been raised without antibiotics. This false claim has been detected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has now ordered Tyson to stop the use of antibiotic-free label.

Artificial hamburgers are now being reported to be made from meats that are obtained from animals that are raised on chemicals. The meats used in making hamburger either originate from ‘bovine concentration camps’ where animals are injected with antibiotics and are fed genetically modified foods or from the vat of bovine fetus cells in the form of test tube meats. It may sound gross but it is true that the test tube meats actually throb and beat during the growth process and are later used in hamburgers.

The situation has gotten even worse with Merck introducing its new drug for the meat industry. Zilmax, as the new drug is known, is designed to enable cattle owners to maximize their profits by bulking up their cattle, especially in the last few years of the cattle’s life. Meat companies that are now using Zilmax include National Beef Packing Co., Cargill, JBS SA and Tyson Foods. Ty E. Lawrence, an associate professor of animal science is of the opinion that a Holstein ceases to look like a Holstein if fed Zilmax. So, there is escalating concern about the nature of the drug and also about what it is capable of doing, reports Natural News.


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