America’s Blue Print Plan; population reduction via chemical medicine and Superbugs, but only after you pay your life’s savings for it


Western Medicine has three quarters of the masses fooled to the hilt. They believe that food cannot cure infection, disorder, disease and the like. And Western Medicine Doctors make a fortune prescribing chemicals for chemically driven health problems, and the commercials for the drugs on TV are for the complete IDIOCRACY DEMOCRACY, which is really a pharmaceutical tyranny leading the zombies, and is as ridiculous as the movie “idiocracy.”

America has a blueprint plan, and it’s not to build anything, but to destroy everything you know about food and medicine. Behind closed doors, in labs, scientists are frantically working to create superbugs, not defeat them. Behind closed doors, in labs, scientists are frantically working to put chemicals in the DNA of food, all food, rather than take chemicals out of food to help people live. Behind closed doors the American Government plans new ways to pollute food and medicine, while the news tells you about a drug that will suppress the new symptoms. Nothing to worry about here!

Rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs an ‘apocalyptic threat’ to humanity, say experts
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America has a blueprint plan, same one they’ve had since World War I and II. America has a blueprint plan to keep banging their heads against the same walls, with antibiotics and pesticide food, with fluoridated water and mercury vaccines. The cure for the disease is to die. You didn’t know? Mike Adams is exposing this 100 year farce called Western Medicine in a light you’ve never seen before. It all adds up so plain as day, you will never rely on a chemical for the cure to anything ever again.

100 Years of Medical lies revealed here:

Natural News is reporting the cure for failed ANTI-BIOTICS is obvious, PRO-BIOTICS, but that’s just the beginning.

“It is absolutely astonishing that modern medicine refuses to advocate probiotics, and it reveals how the entire system of modern medicine remains stuck in a 1940’s mentality where the body was a “battleground” and medicines were “weapons” to be unleashed against “the enemy.”
“Most of the pharmaceuticals being heavily pushed today (statin drugs, blood thinners, etc.) are at least partially designed to kill you before you can collect social security.”

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Start curing and protecting yourself!

Research nutrition, colloidal silver, garlic, and natural remedies so you can survive the “blueprint plan” the USA has for its victims.


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