Superfood Chlorella Contamination Alert: Chlorella from China was the most contaminated!

Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed: Natural News publishes metals contamination test results for world’s most famous superfood:

Chlorella from China was the most contaminated
We found that chlorella from China was consistently more contaminated with metals than any other source. The average metals contamination found in our lab tests across the three sources from China was:

• Aluminum: 29 ppm
• Arsenic: 0.89 ppm
• Cadmium: 0.17 ppm
• Lead: 0.27 ppm

Note that Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead are all under 1 ppm and therefore only “trace” levels. These do not concern me, as there is far more arsenic in apple juice, for example, and there’s probably more cadmium and lead in many types of seafood than in chlorella from China.

But the one number here that does concern me is the aluminum concentration. Given that aluminum intake is something most people seek to avoid, it seemed important to document the aluminum levels in various sources of chlorella.

Granted, there is aluminum in lots of other foods and supplements, but chlorella is specifically taken by people looking to remove metals from their bodies, not introduce yet more metals into their digestive tract. So this number of 29 ppm alarmed me, and I decided after seeing these results that I would never sell chlorella grown in China because I didn’t want my readers eating 29 ppm of aluminum.

This was a big decision because China-grown chlorella is by far the cheapest source on the market. Thus, it has the highest profit margins of all chlorella. And as I later discovered, it is precisely this China-grown chlorella that is being widely promoted by many health websites across the internet. It’s also used in many superfood formulations that have chlorella as one of their ingredients. More discussion on this later…


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